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Nuklai is a layer 1 blockchain infrastructure provider for data economies. It brings together  the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of some of the most successful modern businesses to empower next-generation AI and LLMs.
Nuklai's goal is to unlock the dormant potential of global data through their collaborative smart data network. To accomplish this, they are forming partnerships that will provide the community with high-quality data sources.
As part of their Hypergrowth Phase, they just formed another partnership, this time with Xplorisk, a Web3 crypto risk management and mitigation platform. Xplorisk uses cutting-edge technologies and extensive understanding of the Web3 environment to continuously  assess the risks of crypto organizations, infrastructure, and their relationships.
The NAI token serves multiple purposes in the network. It makes it easier to pay transaction fees, run validator nodes to ensure network security, and distribute rewards and computing resources. It promotes a balanced environment in which data and computing resources are efficiently shared and used. It is critical that this new coin  acknowledges and appreciates the ongoing efforts of AllianceBlock, its community, and NXRA token holders. Want to know how Nuklai is like a global brain trust? You can visit their website for that.
ELNA is a community-driven decentralized AI agent creation platform that bridges the gap between the development, creation and monetisation of AI agents on the blockchain.
ELNA's strength lies in its configuration tools, prompt engine, and integration tools. These components, along with an external memory and knowledge base, collectively drive the design, instruction, and behaviour of AI agents. ELNA ensures seamless integration with external platforms  - personal websites, social media, official platforms etc., providing versatility in how you can make life easier using these AI agents.
ELNA allocates 2,500,000 tokens for airdrop campaigns. Airdrops are an effective way to distribute tokens to the community, raising awareness and encouraging early user engagement. ELNA has received support from investors since its inception.
With elna, you can upload your own data to train unique machine learning models that focus on niche topics and applications. Our goal is to make advanced conversational  AI accessible for personal and professional use cases.
In the future, the ELNA DAO will require funding for its development activities. To facilitate this, development teams may propose to the SNS for ICP allocations to support continuous funding. For example, they might  propose bi-annually at first, with the goal of shifting towards a quarterly reporting and funding schedule. If you are following us in the video, make sure to like and subscribe. Unto the next one guys.
The Gensyn Protocol is a layer-1 trustless protocol for deep learning computation that directly and immediately rewards supply-side participants for pledging  their compute time to the network and performing ML tasks. The U.K.-based company's protocol allows developers to build AI systems on smaller data centers, personal gaming computers, and other connected gear while paying on demand. Gensysn employs a cryptographic verification network that, without the need for intermediaries, enables users to assess whether  machine learning work done over the protocol has been completed correctly.
Gensyn is being developed in three phases: testnet, canary net, and mainnet. It is integrated into Polkadot and intends to facilitate machine learning activities while lowering deep learning training expenses through smart contracts.
Gensyn's mission is to democratize AI, but it faces hurdles from existing cloud services and liquidity issues in the cryptocurrency market. With significant capital market interest, it represents the "AI + Blockchain" framework.
A project aimed at combining two of the venture world's most anticipated technologies has raised $6.3 million in a seed round, led by Variant and 1kx.
Modulus was designed to use zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptography approach that allows the certification of something's integrity without revealing any extra underlying raw information. To celebrate this milestone, the project has initiated the Modulus Early Access Program, which can be accessed by filling out an application
Indeed, Modulus is establishing its market presence as the line between real and generative artificial intelligence blurs, with recent headlines highlighting the use of deepfakes to influence public opinion on Israel's and Hamas' ongoing Middle East conflict. Modulus, in particular, will  leverage ZK-proofs, notably zkML, to provide consumers with assurance that AI queries are not altered or tampered with, paving the way for a wider range of web3 apps to use AI.
The project has garnered a lot of attention for its potential.
It can be used for NFT marketplaces to better cater to the individual wallet owner, based on the NFTs they currently own," according to the website. "It can be utilized as an automated, trustworthy Oracle to validate off-chain data. Most excitingly for us, it has the potential to enable new use cases that would have been unthinkable without on-chain AI assistance. This project is amazing with great use cases, let us know in the comments if you would check them out.
Nimble makes its spectacular debut on Sei Network, signaling a huge advancement in decentralized artificial intelligence. This agreement brings Nimble's cutting-edge AI capabilities to Sei's developer community, beginning with the upcoming V2 Devnet.
Furthermore, Nimble underlines the need for scalable and efficient infrastructure to enable AI's real-world applications, ranging from SocialFi to DeFi. Partnering with Sei ensures faster and more cost-effective AI inferences, which improves the user experience.
Additionally, this partnership emphasizes the need of community-driven development in the next wave of AI-powered decentralized applications (dApps). Because of Sei's EVM compatibility, Nimble's AI  conclusions will be accessible to a greater range of applications, ushering in a new era of blockchain innovation.
Ritual is building the first crypto-economic AI coprocessor to unlock a new generation of AI-enabled smart DApps. We are extremely excited to partner with this innovative team to bring Ethereum staking security to this nascent space  and enable EigenLayer stakers and operators to help power a more decentralized, transparent AI ecosystem.
EigenLayer, the largest restaking protocol on Ethereum in terms of total value locked (TVL), has teamed with Ritual, a community-owned artificial intelligence (AI)  network, to develop AI-powered decentralized apps (DApps).
The alliance comes as interest in AI crypto solutions grows following Vitalik Buterin's Feb. 18 X article explaining the Ethereum co-founder's excitement about AI-powered smart contract auditing, which has the potential to correct flawed code. Buterin identifies flaws as the "biggest technical risk" to the Ethereum network. We are gradually coming to a close, drop some thoughts on the projects we have discussed so far.
Shinkai is an open, privacy-focused AI Agent OS that unlocks the potential of LLMs beyond mere chat UI, from crypto wallets/DeFi to navigating the web for you.
With deep AI Agent crypto integration, Shinkai will be one step ahead of Megacorp rivals from the start. AI can never effortlessly integrate into the legacy banking stack, therefore our agents must be designed to work with blockchains from the start.
Shinkai is the sole project attempting to defeat the looming Megacorp AI dystopia by developing an incentivized open-source AI Agent OS/ecosystem that natively integrates cryptocurrency. This will allow ordi nary people to have a genuine voice in their digital lives.
EIGHTH is an AI and machine learning platform built on the blockchain. focuses on automating corporate processes  including data processing and trading. The network's transactions are paid for with its native money, FET.
FET was valued at $US0.72 in January 2024, down from its September 2021 peak of $1.19.
With the latest bullish push, the FET price has reached the upper resistance of the rising wedge, which is considered bullish but can be broken  with excessive buying pressure.
The long-term forecast remains bullish and hence the AGIX price is expected to maintain a healthy upswing and achieve a new milestone above $2. Let us know in the comments which one of these projects you would check out.
In our exploration of the relationship between artificial intelligence and blockchain, we've highlighted the significant potential within projects like the ones in this video, these initiatives not only showcase the innovative melding of AI with cryptocurrency but also represent the forefront of a transformative movement in digital finance and technology.
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