The cryptocurrency market has witnessed growth over the past few years.
Whether you're an expert or a beginner, if you're looking for a way to multiply your money exponentially in crypto, the best way is to find the best small-cap crypto gems and invest in them before they explode.
This has become a profitable business model for many investors. So why not give it a try?
In this video, we will present you the best low-cap crypto gems to buy in 2022. 
So, let's take a quick look at some of these low-cap crypto assets to see which of them could be a good investment.
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Now, let's get started.
Low-cap assets present profitable opportunity for investors. They often start out undervalued, but their prices rise as their underlying projects see more adoption.
#1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)
The first low-cap crypto gem on our list is LBLOCK.
This is the native token for Lucky Block – an online gaming platform that leverages blockchain to promote credibility and transparency in the online gaming space.
At the time of this recording, LBLOCK has a market cap of $34 million.
Lucky Block offers access to various competitions within its ecosystem. The platform has ditched the traditional ticketing system, instead opting to use LBLOCK to grant players easy access to its platform. With LBLOCK, players will be able to enjoy all games available in the ecosystem and more perks.
LBLOCK was launched this January at a price of $0.0020. In less than a month after its launch, the coin saw a 65x increase and hit an all-time high of $0.0097. While market downturns have since caused it to dip, LBLOCK remains one of the most exciting coins in the market right now.
As should be with a low market cap crypto, LBLOCK has been seeing some significant updates recently. The asset’s developers have announced a number of brand ambassadors, including boxing legends Dillian Whyte and Florian Marku. Both athletes are expected to carry LBLOCK to new heights, using their reach and exposure to benefit Lucky Block significantly.
There is also growth in Lucky Block’s ecosystem. Less than four months since its launch, LBLOCK has notched 50,000 holders. With Lucky Block putting the final touches on its mobile applications, everything seems set for LBLOCK to explode once the market flips bullish.
#2: DeFi Coin (DEFC)
Another low-cap crypto gem that has been making waves in recent weeks is DeFi Coin. DeFi Coin (DEFC) is the native token of DeFi Swap – an exciting new decentralized exchange that offers a selection of services, including token swapping, staking, and yield farming. After some significant delays over the past year, the DeFi Swap exchange finally went live in early May, which was met with widespread acclaim from investors.
The launch of DeFi Swap had a hugely positive effect on the DeFi Coin price, which surged over 180% in just 24 hours. DEFC’s value increase is understandable, given the vital role it plays in the DeFi Swap ecosystem. Furthermore, with around $200 billion in total value locked (TVL) across the broader DeFi sector during Q1 2022, there’s scope for DEFC’s value to rise even further as the weeks progress.
One of the main reasons DeFi Coin is attracting so much attention is its innovative taxation process. Every time an investor buys or sells DEFC, a 10% tax is levied on the position. Half of this amount is distributed to other DEFC token holders as a sort of ‘dividend payment’ – enabling them to earn a passive income stream simply for holding the token.
This transactional tax has the added benefit of reducing intraday price swings, providing more stability to investors’ portfolios. Although DEFC is now listed on PancakeSwap and Bitmart, the development team are already looking at further exchange listings to boost liquidity and provide upwards price pressure. With the hype beginning to ramp up within the DeFi Coin Telegram group, now could be an excellent time to invest in DEFC before the token’s price takes off once more.
#3. Audius (AUDIO)
Next on our list is AUDIO – one of the most interesting low market cap crypto options for those interested in music. AUDIO powers Audius – a decentralized music sharing and streaming service that is looking to disrupt a $25 billion industry.
The Audius valuation is growing steadily, with the platform already boasting 4.5 million unique monthly users.
We selected AUDIO as a low market cap crypto to watch as the Audius platform has high potential. Of course, this is just our opinion.  Musicians are starting to work against the trend of using centralized streaming platforms and explore other avenues to make money and distribute their content. Audius grants higher streaming revenues to artists, while also incentivizing listeners and offering an opportunity for them to earn passive income through staking.
#4: Theta Fuel (TFUEL)
Next, we have TFUEL – the native token for the Theta Protocol. Launched in 2017, Theta protocol is operating a network of computers that will focus on improving the quality of video streaming and providing content to consumers across the world without restrictions.
Theta allows its global pool of users to relay videos by offering their spare bandwidth.
At the time of this recording, the digital asset’s market cap of $256 million.
Growth in the Theta Network is fueling a rise in the price of TFUEL. Weeks ago, Theta announced that BridgeTower Capital – a global blockchain infrastructure company – would be an enterprise validator on its network. Bridge Tower will join companies like Alphabet, Samsung, and Sony to work as validators on the network.
This is very good news because it will optimize the network and allow the token to increase.
#5: Holo (HOT)
The next low-cap crypto gem is Holo.
Holo is an innovative platform that is looking to change the way blockchains operate. The company founded Holochain – a blockchain platform looking to optimize throughput by allowing users to only store data that concerns them.
On the Holochain network, participants don’t store a copy of the entire blockchain ledger. Instead, they only store data that belongs to them. The Holochain developers launched HOT in 2018, with the digital token acting as a network asset and a form of incentivizing participants.
While there isn’t much fundamental news on it currently, Homochain’s ability to segment data storage makes it an interesting blockchain platform. As blockchains continue to grow in prominence, we expect to see the platform grow as well. Thus, HOT is one of the best low market cap crypto options right now.
#6: Compound (COMP)
And the last low-cap crypto gem on our list is Compound.
Compound is a leading lending protocol in DeFi that allows people to access ready funds and pay interest on their loans. The protocol’s COMP token can be used for governance and paying liquidity rewards.
The digital asset has already made waves in the DeFi market. Compound is one of the top lending protocols, and its token is sure to see gains once the market flips bullish. COMP’s continued expansion of its influence will only help to ensure this.
Last month, popular retail investment platform Robinhood added COMP to its catalog, along with several other coins. This is sure to garner more investment from the millions of retail traders using Robinhood.
And for that reason, we believe that this crypto has every chance of increasing in value.
However, you should not take what we say as investment advice. You should always do your own research before you decide to buy any crypto.
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