Hey, it's Ben! Ready to kick your crypto game up a notch? Well, buckle up because today, we're delving into coins that could supercharge your gains – think 5X, 10X, and maybe even hitting those sweet 25X and 50X milestones! I'm not just here to shoot the breeze; we're digging deep into the details of the current top 6 crypto coins with insane potential for multiplication. So, smash that like button, and let's dive into the enchanting world of crypto together!
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My first pick for today’s altcoins is a project with a top 10 spot by market cap. It’s the brainchild of Charles Hoskinson. He’s one of the original co-founders of Ethereum. The Cardano development began already back in 2015.
It’s a real OG project and has come a long way. It offers a wide variety of use cases. For example,
In Ethiopia, the government uses Cardano for school IDs. It allows them to record and track their performance.
Veritree uses Cardano to store information about the trees they plant. They are a global reforestation company.
Dish Network is listed on the Nasdaq. It uses Cardano to provide digital IDs to its customers.
Their Voltaire era is coming. This will lead Cardano from private to public network control.
The ADA coin performed well during last month, with a price increase of 23%. However, if we look at the year-to-date price, it declined by 20.7%. Still, I expect ADA to do well during the coming bull run and beyond.
My next pick in this lineup of altcoins is Solana. At the beginning of this year, the token looked down and out. It even dropped under the $10 mark. So, Solana was recovering from the general bull-run downturn. However, that’s when the crypto market crashed. Luna and all later issues took their toll. The FTX collapse dealt another blow to SolanaBut, talking about resilience!
SOL bounced back in a big way. So, what’s happening at Solana? Well, actually a lot. Here are some news:
Their Breakpoint meeting finished just a few days ago in Amsterdam.
The chain didn’t have an outage this year, except for a small hick-up in February. Let’s see if the chain can keep this record during a busy bull run.
Now, we have so many new partnerships, for example, with:
Visa, for stablecoin settlements.
Shopify, the e-commerce giant, introduced Solana Pay.
MakerDAO migrates from Ethereum to Solana. We always enjoy news like this.
So, Solana is bustling with activity. It’s the fourth-ranking chain for # of developers. The future looks bright again for Solana.
Arweave is my next pick of today’s altcoins. This project is all about decentralized storage. In today’s world, we all need digital storage space. Well, Arweave has plenty of that and some more.
Arweave also offers some unique features. It’s different compared to other storage providers, like Filecoin or Storj. Arweave is the only one that offers permanent storage. Well, that is, if you consider 200 years to be permanent. That’s on their Permaweb. It’s a one-time fee and you’re done.
For example, the Solana chain stores its data on Arweave. Arbitrum and Polygon are integrated with the platform’s network. Now, if you would like to join Arweave in mining, you only need 8 GB RAM with a Linux system. Arweave offers a few different tech solutions for their storage.
At the core is Blockweave. That’s their storage system. There’s also a ranking algorithm, named Wildfire. 7 Blockshadow is their cost-effective transit information feature. For example, it keeps gas fees consistent.
The next crypto is XRP.
XRP has been on a tear recently, gaining 26% in the last week, hitting its highest price level since July and overtaking BNB in market capitalization. Although this could mean that XRP is overextended and due for a price correction, it’s important to keep in mind that the current rally comes on the heels of several positive developments related to Ripple and XRP.
In October, the SEC dropped claims against top Rippleand Chris Larsen, even though the regulator’s legal battle against the Ripple company itself continues.
In other news, Ripple has partnered with the National Bank of Georgia to provide the technology powering a pilot for a central bank digital currency. The Digital Lari pilot project will be based on the Ripple CBDC Platform.
XRP has also recently been recognized by the Dubai Financial Services Authority and approved for use in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
With all this and more, I can see XRP making at least 5 to 10X in the next two years.
The next on our list is none other than BNB.
The 25th quarterly BNB coin burn has been enacted, with 2.13 million BNB coins being permanently removed from circulation, which translates to 1.38% of the BNB supply. At the time of this recording, the value of the burned coins is around $454 million.
This token burn was conducted through the BNB Auto-Burn mechanism, which determines the amount of tokens to burn based on the price of BNB and the number of blocks produced on the BNB chain blockchain in the designated time period.
The goal of the BNB burn program is to eventually reduce the circulating supply of BNB to 100 million coins. The coin launched with a supply of 200 million coins, which has since been reduced to 151 million through quarterly burns.
Recently, we’ve also seen a spike in demand for BNB thanks to Binance adding a new project to its Binance Launchpool platform. With many new projects coming onto the platform, we can see BNB continuing to grow over the years.
This brings me to my last pick of today’s altcoins, the Secret Network. It’s one of my favorite Cosmos Hub projects. That’s also what I like about Cosmos. It has various good projects in various fields. I also like Injective and Akash. So, Secret is different, it’s all about privacy. It offers private smart contracts. There were some recent leadership changes. This brought new ideas and options to the table.
The big news is inside their 2023 roadmap. This roadmap has three main focus points. The end goal is to position Secret as a leader in web3 confidentiality. Here are some improvements:
Confidential Computing Hub: Connectivity between Secret and other ecosystems. Most important is the interoperability with EVM chains. As a result, Secret has recently been visiting various Ethereum conventions. 
Network Infrastructure: All things related to the network itself.
Community: Public goods, SCRT allocations, business development, and more.
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