In this video, we discuss the 4 high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrencies to buy right now.
The crypto industry is one that has always been volatile. However, lately, that volatility seems to have skyrocketed. Last year, this sector saw an incredible rise, followed by a year-end decline, which continued from January 2022 to June 2022. In July, however, the tide began to turn, with an impressive rebound in the making.
As a result, if like most investors today, you're wondering which crypto to invest in for a huge gain, you need to watch this video all the way through.
Having said that, these four crypto-currencies that we are going to present in this video, are tokens that we believe have a huge potential to be long-term winners. Let's take a look at why these tokens deserve investors' attention right now.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: Velas
So, the very first high-risk, high-reward coin to buy right now is Velas.
Velas is trying to become bigger, better, and faster than Solana. It is simply the fastest EVM chain compared to the upcoming ETH 2.0. It is the fork of Solana, the mainnet that was launched in 2019. They have a growing community, and they offer instant transactions, with the lowest fees in the crypto space.
This is exactly the place where you can easily double your money. Plus, the market cap is under $100 million. That's really crazy.
Velas went from its All-time-low of $0.018 to its All-Time-High of $0.54 in 3 years. The race to the top really started in September 2021, when more Dapps emerged on the Ethereum blockchain.
Ethereum showed us that the blockchain could also store code, which led to the creation of smart contracts, and through them, dApps, DeFi protocols, metaverses, non-fungible tokens, stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, and much more. However, Ethereum has not "aged well," meaning that its ecosystem has grown too large for the Ethereum network to handle. Almost every move in its entire ecosystem requires some sort of transaction or microtransaction, and all of them must be processed, which Ethereum simply cannot do in real-time.
This has led to high gas fees in order to process urgent transactions first, and average fees for transactions, in general, have skyrocketed, causing many people to leave it for other, more scalable chains.
Of course, the Ethereum ecosystem is still rich with smart contracts, dApps, and other blockchain products that users want to stay connected with, which is why EVM blockchains - chains that support Ethereum-based smart contracts and dApps - that are more scalable have become very valuable, and Velas is among the best in this regard.
Velas is, in our opinion, one of the most underrated cryptos in the space. That's why we say if you're looking for high-risk, high-reward crypto, Velas is definitely what you need. 
#2: MoveZ
Next up on the list is MoveZ.
MoveZ is a very young project. If you take a look at the graph, MoveZ is down 55% from its All-Time-High at the time of this recording. And it's still more than 26X off its presale price. That is why you should pay great attention to this project.
MoveZ's market cap is $13M, they have already launched the Beta version of their App, their Staking platform, and many other things. So, their roadmap goes out to Q1 of 2023.
MoveZ is a crypto that takes us beyond the Move-To-Earn. Like video game’s play-to-earn crypto model employed by Axie Infinity and Decentraland, MoveZ will reward folks for being active. But it’s also rolling out a unique burn-to-earn concept. This boils down to choosing to burn tokens in exchange for doing some exercise.
Beyond earning and burning crypto from exercise, MoveZ also plans to feature what it calls "boost zones." These social fitness events where users can see a boosted reward rate for working out. This aspect will also allow for organizations to arrange group accounts. This could be a good way to get gyms to get onboard with the MoveZ crypto project. The idea is that if two gyms cost the same people might be more likely to join one with a boost zone.
With all this, MoveZ is more than just a cryptographic project. It is essentially based on solid foundations. That's why we've added it to our list of high-risk, high-reward cryptos.
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#3: Ripple (XRP)
The third high-risk, high-reward crypto project is XRP.
Just like the previous projects, XRP has had an incredible run. It was launched in 2013 at $0.0056. Its price was almost the same for over 5 years. And then, things started to get interesting in May 2017, when its price reached $0.47. Then, it kept increasing until January 2018 when its price reached $3.5.
However, with the legal problems it has encountered, its price has fallen dramatically. But the most interesting thing here is that it has maintained a certain level. Indeed, despite this drop, XRP has remained strong. Moreover, multiple problems it has faced have been resolved.
At the time of this recording, XRP is sitting at $0.33, and guess what? XRP is on the way up again, and may well exceed $1 before the end of 2022.
The reason is that XRP is one of the cryptos that have significant utility in space.
Transactions within the XRP ledger can be completed within 3-5 seconds. This is opposed to the Bitcoin blockchain where mining fees are high before transactions can be completed due to its adoption of the proof-of-work mechanism.
Ripple node validators include banks, universities, individuals, private payment providers, and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Now that we have an idea about XRP, do you think XRP will be profitable crypto in 2022? Let us know in the comments.
#4: Hex
And the last high-risk, high-reward crypto project on this list is HEX.
If you've been following us for a while, you probably already know that this is one of our favorites.
We have already talked about it in several videos on this channel.
The reason we keep coming back to it is that HEX has a very big potential. 
The reason we keep talking about it is that HEX has a very big potential. 
HEX was launched in December 2019 by Richard Schueler – better known as Richard Heart.
According to HEX’s official website, the project is designed to become the first certificate of deposit (CD) in the cryptocurrency world. In traditional banking, a CD is a product that yields a return slightly higher than the average savings account for the customer after the customer agrees to lock up the invested funds for a fixed period.
A HEX CD works in the same way as in traditional banking since it pays a return to investors who decide to lock up their HEX holdings for a set period of one day to several years.
At the moment, HEX offers an average annual percentage yield (APY) of 40%, depending on the length of the holding period.
Interestingly, the HEX share price increased more than 10000 times since the launch date. The token also has low inflation — not more than 3,69% after the first year of launch. It is supported by the MetaMask wallet and listed on 202 exchanges.
If you look at the chart, HEX literally exploded in July 2021, when PulseChain's sacrifice period began. It even reached $0.5, which is absolutely insane.
At the time of this recording, HEX is sitting at $0.040, and in our opinion, it will explode again when PulseChain's mainnet goes live. So, this is a good time to buy it, that way you get it at a low price. It might even outperform its ATH, which would make it more than 12X its current price.
That's why we think HEX is high-risk, high-reward crypto to keep on your watch list.
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