What are the best Move-To-Earn projects of the year 2023?
After the rise of play-to-earn crypto games reached mainstream adoption in 2021 – kicked off by the explosive bull run of Axie Infinity (AXS) – move to earn crypto projects (M2E) and apps have also entered the market. Gamers loved earning free Bitcoin – or native tokens that could be converted into BTC – and the 'move-to-earn' crypto craze opened up that way to invest even more, now to fitness enthusiasts. Many moves to earn crypto coins have crashed in value though in 2023. What went wrong?  In this video, we will cover some of the biggest names in the move to earn cryptocurrency world, what happened to them, and some upcoming M2E crypto projects to watch that may perform well this year thanks to better tokenomics. Watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything.
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Move to earn is one of the newest areas of cryptocurrency, and has attracted a lot of attention – although many moves to earn crypto apps and their native tokens have underperformed in 2022. Many altcoins were affected across all other sectors such as DeFi however during the 2022 ‘crypto winter’ and bear market correction.
Some moves to earn crypto coins also faced issues due to their infinite supply, inflation rate, and other tokenomics issues. Many also became overvalued initially after their first hype cycle. However, Move-2-Earn crypto could potentially be a good investment as the crypto markets are beginning to show signs of recovery.
The first Move-To-Earn you should keep on your watch list this year is RobotEra.
TARO is not strictly a move to earn crypto tokens but one that enables players to earn more tokens in a variety of ways, including staking, buying metaverse plots of land, NFT trading, and much more.
It’s the native token of play to earn game RobotEra and is currently available on presale, with TARO currently available for just $0.025.
Investors wanting to lock in the best crypto prices should participate in TARO’s presale while the coin is in the second stage – As TARO enters the different stages of the presale, it increases in value.
The third stage will see tokens sell for $0.032 in the final stage, giving early investors an asset that has already appreciated up to 60% by the time it reaches exchanges.
RobotEra has allocated only 15% of the 1.8 billion capped supply to the presale, meaning the coin becomes even more scarce once it’s listed on exchanges.
RobotEra enables players to earn tokens by monetizing their land through billboard rental, mining minerals, and adding activities – such as museums or concerts – to their parcels, as well as having the ability to sell them.
One of the key ways players rebuild the destroyed planet Taro is by staking coins but also by participating in concerts and hosting events, with various activities rewarded.
The game’s multiverse ecosystem enables players to explore other worlds by connecting to them and building a new metaverse platform with other NFT communities.
Players can also build, customize and upgrade robot companions, which can then be sold on the market as NFTs.
The RobotEra whitepaper provides a comprehensive guide about how to TARO tokens, while players can also receive more information via the game’s Telegram channel.
Now is the best time to buy TARO tokens because RobotEra has allocated only 3% of the capped supply to exchange liquidity, while presale tokens have no vesting period.
Battle Infinity is another promising new crypto project that sold out its presale early after high demand and has since pumped after listing on exchanges.
With the ambitious goal to create a ‘multiverse of metaverse’ with various types of Battle Arenas, players will be able to take part wearing virtual reality headsets giving the game a physical component as well as non-physical – so Battle Infinity will incorporate some move-to-earn mechanics.
The game themes will range from futuristic battles to fantasy sports matches to compete with other international teams crafted by players, for league rankings. Players then earn an IBAT token as a P2E rewards token with some M2E aspects.
This project isn’t 100% focuses on the move-to-earn niche but could be rated in the 10 best cryptos related to that category due to their being new.
The best way to invest in move to earn or any cryptocurrency, in general, is to buy low and sell high.
Battle Infinity has been making headlines in a wide range of crypto industry publications such as Bitcoinist, BeinCrypto, CryptoPotato, CryptoNews.com, and more – as well as Yahoo Finance. All this could increase the hype around it.
The next Move-2-Earn project is STEPN.
STEPN has crashed in price since its all-time high but despite that still has the highest market capitalization of any move to earn crypto on the market.
GMT’s market cap today is $154 million – also placing it within the top 150 cryptos in any niche – and GMT is the governance token of the move-to-earn platform. GMT reached a market cap as high as $2 billion during its explosive bull cycle hitting an ATH of $4.18 on Binance.
StepN and its main token GMT  are also still the most popular move to earn crypto games and coins in terms of social engagement, Google trends, and LunarCrush data. They’ve seen investment from major crypto venture capital firms including Binance Labs and Alameda Research.
To use this move to earn app players first buy NFT sneakers which recently have dropped in floor price from 14 SOL to as low as 1.35 SOL currently on Magic Eden. That makes the STEPN move to earn ecosystem potentially a good investment now with the low prices for those that believe it will recover in the long term.
One reason for its crash was China banning STEPN as many move-to-earn crypto games players are based in Asia, who enjoy earning free crypto while running, jogging, or walking. STEPN's chief marketing officer is still confident their M2E app will succeed, stating 'NFTs are the future of fitness'.
Now, the last Move-2-Earn crypto on this list is Genopets.
Genopets is an upcoming move-to-earn game with an RPG (or role-playing game) theme – similar to Battle Infinity being the first of its kind with fantasy sports, this is also an industry first.
No exact Genopets release date has been set yet (sometime in 2023) but the Genopets.me website does allow some whitelisted users early access to its M2E game.
This move to earn crypto project’s native token, GENE, has been launched, however – in late 2021 and had a several hundred percent bull run initially.
An impressive line-up of crypto VCs are backing Genopets however, such as Pantera Capital and Anomica Brands – who helped build the Otherside metaverse game with Yuga Labs. The native token of that ecosystem, ApeCoin, is also a potentially good investment as Yuga Labs as a company has been valued at over $5 billion. Either way, this is a project to keep on your watch list.
Now, do you think that investing in these projects can be profitable? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.
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