The three projects we're going to introduce today have huge growth potential. Two of them are among the most undervalued cryptos on the market, and the third one has not yet been launched. We'll tell you everything you need to know about these projects.
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#1: Student Coin 
Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows everyone to easily design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens. You’d be able to proceed with the creation of your token even if you don’t have any previous experience in blockchain or coding.
Using the STC ecosystem, everyone can easily create any kind of token and develop it in the long run. Student Coin allows for tokenizing people, firms, and organizations, as well as managing token utilities, performing crowdfunding, and easily listing new projects.
The community of the project already counts more than 290,000 members from over 36 countries.
The principle of operation of the Student Coin platform is simple. Any user wishing to create a token must follow certain steps like, name the token to create, choose the type of coin, characterize the utility of the coin, and define how the token will be supplied.
Once you have completed these steps, your token will be automatically generated from the student coin network.
The $STC token is a native token based on ERC-20.
It is among the top 800 cryptos on CoinMarketCap, and its current MarketCap is $20,000,000.
The token is already listed on several exchanges, and Coinbase recently considered Student Coin on its list of potentially listed tokens.
That's the first reason we think this token will explode soon.
Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, so when the $STC token is listed on Coinbase, there will be massive purchases from all over the world, which will drive up the price of the token.
Another point that shows Student coin may have a bright future is the current uptrend. In fact, over the last 24 hours from the time of this recording, $STC is up 2.56%.
The same is true for the previous week when this crypto performs +2.95%. Even going back to the last month, we realize that Student coin has grown by more than 2.44%.
This rising trend that is being confirmed is, therefore, something that shows that Student coin has a chance to succeed in the future.
We can also take into account the youth of Student de coin as an indicator of a bright future. Indeed, this token is only in its second year of existence. So, it has plenty of time to grow.
As for the sale of the tokens created on the site, it is done through a system of participatory financing called Crowdfunding. This concept consists in getting several people to finance specific projects.
Moreover, two months ago Student Coin launched its own news source called The revenue from the platform would be distributed to buy back STC tokens and Flexible staking.
Considering all these elements, our opinion of Student coin is positive on the question of its functioning.
You can buy $STC tokens directly on their platform right now.
All you have to do is:
-Log in to your STC Wallet.
-Go to and press the "Buy Student Coins" button.
-Then choose the method of purchase:
If you want to pay with crypto-currencies, use the Coinbase method.
And if you want to pay with fiat currency, use a credit card. Then, proceed with the payment. After proceeding with the payment, you will be able to see the purchased tokens on your STC wallet.
After purchasing you’ll be able to stake your tokens and receive the awards for staking. This option will be available on your STC wallet.
The next Altcoin project is called Kadena.
Kadena was launched in June 2020, and in one year it has reached its ATH making almost 100X since its listing price.
Kadena is one of the most optimistic projects on the market, and despite the bear market, it is still in the green.
Are you curious to know why? Well, Kadena is a proof-of-work blockchain that combines the PoW consensus mechanism from Bitcoin with directed acyclic graph (DAG) principles to offer a scalable version of Bitcoin. Kadena claims it can provide the security of Bitcoin while being able to offer unparalleled throughput that makes the blockchain usable to enterprises and entrepreneurs alike. Kadena's unique infrastructure is decentralized and built for mass adoption because of its multi-chain approach.
Kadena promises industrial scalability that can support global financial systems and can be scaled as necessary. It also vows to remain energy-efficient at scale and deliver more transactions with the same energy input, another difference from Bitcoin. Moreover, Kadena offers crypto gas stations, which allow businesses to pay for their customers' gas fees and remove a massive pain point in adopting blockchains for business.
Kadena has already scaled its network from 10 to 20 blockchains and can do so again in the future, if necessary. This final addition to Kadena was its private Kuro layer-two blockchain, which supports up to 8,000 transactions per second across 500 nodes.
Kadena is gaining followers every day and at the time of this recording, they already have a community of over 222k followers on Twitter.
The current price of Kadena is $1.75, and its ATH is $25. So, it will make over 14X just by going back to its ATH. And it will be soon because the project is more and more adopted in various use cases. That's why you should consider buying Kadena now.
The last project will really captivate you, and it hasn't been launched yet. So, you have every chance to make a lot of money. But before we talk about that, be sure to leave us a like and share this video if you haven't already. Now, let's get on with it. 
The latest project is called
FOTA is Triple-A MOBA Gaming Project that prioritizes player experience in the Metaverse. To do so, FOTA incorporates Microsoft Mesh - a Microsoft Corporation platform pioneering in creating the most immersive Metaverse experience. Developed by Meta DJINN PTE. LTD, FOTA is a breath of fresh air within the GameFi industry as the project offers high-quality graphics, outstanding variations of game modes, and the most solid, supportive communities.
The World of FOTA is more than a fantasy-themed adventure. Races from various universes battle to become the Emperor of all realms. In FOTA, investors/players own Heroes as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). They can interact with the NFTs in the real world and have absolute ownership over their digital assets.
FOTA maximizes both Play-4-fun and Play-2-earn features to ensure players will have the utmost pleasure in Playing and Earning from FOTA.
In addition, NFTs in FOTA are extremely valuable with such limited quantities and versatility. Heroes have a significant role in progressing throughout the game. Each Hero comes from different races and classes, thus creating rich biodiversity within the FOTA universe. NFT holders can make a passive income with their spare NFTs, such as Heroes or Items, via the Rent-2-Play mechanism. The NFT rental feature will be most likely suitable for beginners who need to use Heroes or Items with a high level but do not want to spend too much time or money on upgrading the above NFT components. Therefore, Rent-2-Play is a remarkable feature for both newcomers and advanced players.
In FOTA Universe, players with high rankings will access a completely different gaming universe with unique experience and gameplay. Therefore, FOTA will launch the Cross-NFT Feature to benefit players, and they can freely bring their NFTs to another universe without making multiple purchases.
The last project on our list is going to be ArthSwap.
ArthSwap is a one-stop Defi protocol that aspires to be the main DEX on the Astar Network. Since its successful launch in January 2022, ArthSwap has already become the DEX with the highest TVL in the entire Polkadot ecosystem. ArthSwap has accumulated more than 120K followers on Twitter and has one of the largest and most active communities on Polkadot within three months after its launch. ArthSwap's primary functions include trading, staking, and liquidity mining, with ArthSwap itself being an IDO launchpad as well. ArthSwap also has its own Acceleration Program which is very similar in function to the Incubation Program and it is called "ArthShot"!
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