Which cryptocurrencies are going to be the ones to watch in 2023? What will the future bring?
Even though the cryptocurrency world has become quite democratized in recent decades, not all cryptocurrencies have the same financial potential. And given that the price of each crypto varies either up or down depending on several factors, having an idea of which crypto-currencies have high potential in 2023 proves to be essential. Watch this video all the way through to discover our top 3 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023. Please note that the list is in random order, and should in no way be taken as financial advice.
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Now, let's get started.
The very first crypto coin on the list of 3 cryptos to 3 million dollars is Stellar.
Stellar lumen is an influential cryptocurrency that was created to provide financial services to those underserved by the traditional banking system. By utilizing its cutting-edge blockchain technology, this innovative digital currency has been able to break down the boundaries that traditionally limit access to essential financial services.
Thanks to stellar lumens, millions of people around the globe now have more significant opportunities for pursuing their dreams and ambitions. Whether you need money for your business or want to send funds back home, stellar lumens has you covered. With rapid transaction speeds and ultra-low fees, it is quickly becoming the preferred payment method for those looking to bank the unbanked and enable economic growth worldwide.
However, its KYC feature truly sets it apart from its competitors. Unlike many other digital currencies, which anyone with an internet connection can use, stellar requires its users to go through a process to determine their identity and verify their transactions. This mechanism helps reduce fraud and increase security, making stellar a more trusted payment method for consumers and businesses. Furthermore, this feature gives stellar the potential to be integrated into existing banking infrastructures and financial systems, further enhancing its appeal as a payments currency. Overall, stellar's KYC features make it an attractive option as a future-forward payments solution.
With such strong capabilities and a massive dip in price, stellar is an undervalued altcoin set to explode in 2023.
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Now, another top cryptocurrency that could explode in 2023 is cosmos. Cosmos is a blockchain poised to make waves in the crypto space in the coming years. Unlike other chains, cosmos has been designed with interoperability in mind; its goal is to enable dApp developers to seamlessly create cross-chain products and services, opening up a whole new world of possibilities in the crypto realm. But why is this such an important feature?
Well, one of the most significant barriers confronting blockchain technology users today is the inability to access all dApps from a single platform. Because each project operates on its own chain, accessing multiple different platforms can be tricky and time-consuming, so creators are drastically limiting their potential user base by sticking with a single chain.
Cosmos's unique architecture makes it possible for developers to build flexible applications across multiple chains using interconnected hubs, thus reducing limitations and opening up exciting new opportunities for users and creators alike. Thanks to this innovative approach, cosmos will likely become one of the key players in this rapidly evolving space.
When building decentralized applications (dApps), the cosmos protocol is also one of the most advanced solutions. Not only does it provide developers with a robust framework for creating and managing their own blockchains, but it also allows them to come up with unique zones/sidechains that can connect. This gives them complete freedom to develop fully autonomous custom networks while still being able to take advantage of the many features of the central cosmos hub.
Moreover, this interconnectedness ensures that dApps integration can cut through different zones, leading to much higher levels of interoperability and functionality. Overall, the innovative design of the cosmos protocol gives developers everything they need to create cutting-edge apps that will truly revolutionize the world of blockchain technology.
With all these factors at play and cosmos currently trading at an over 70 percent discount, the odds are that the price will rebound. This makes ATOM a top cryptocurrency to explode in 2023.
Now, the last on our list of the best crypto to buy now is Dogecoin.
You probably know Dogecoin because of its big breakout in 2021, but the currency has been around since 2013. This currency was originally just a joke, but it has survived several cycles. In fact, Dogecoin seems to be gaining popularity every day. The currency is being embraced by celebrities like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg.
The price of Dogecoin is very volatile, which offers opportunities, but also risks. The price can rise sharply in a very short time, but it can also drop by half in a few days. Therefore, never invest more than you are willing to lose.
Now, why is Dogecoin one of the best cryptocurrencies in 2023? Well, first of all, because it is a favorite on social media, and has a vibrant community.
Now, according to analysts, Dogecoin will smash the psychological barrier of $1 for the first time in 2023. In the following years, the currency will rise steadily to reach a value of $1.56 in 2025. That's why you should definitely have this crypto in your wallet.
Now, do you think that these projects will be successful in the years to come? As always, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below. And if you're looking for a way to turn $1k into $100k in crypto, be sure to check out this video that will appear on the end screen.
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