If you're familiar with Axie Infinity, Decentraland, or Gala, you might already know that investing in gaming coins can lead to incredible returns. In fact, if you had invested just $1000 in any of these coins at their All Time Low and sold them at their All Time High, you could have turned that $1000 into over $100,000, or even more! But which gaming coins are worth your investment? In this video, we'll reveal our top 5 picks for gaming coins that have the potential to take you to the moon and beyond.
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Now, let's get started.
The first gaming coin for the moon on this list is Gods Unchained.
Gods Unchained is an immersive and strategic card game that is completely free to play. What sets this game apart is that players have complete ownership of their in-game items, which is made possible through the game's token, GODS. This token is currently among the top crypto gaming coins on the market.
Players will enjoy the competitive gameplay, which requires them to think tactically and create decks that can counter their opponents' tactics. GODS is an ERC20 token, serving as the native token asset of the ecosystem that is used to create NFTs, make in-game purchases, and distribute rewards.
Exciting news for Gods Unchained fans - the game has recently launched a new set of powerful trading cards, available for purchase through the Gods Unchained store. The Mortal Judgement cards pack offers players the ability to master their gameplay and outsmart their foes.
By acquiring the Mortal Judgement cards, players gain access to new creatures that are directly linked to the cards. These creatures possess the power to control the game and give players a whole new level of strategic advantage.
Gods Unchained's market capitalization is extremely low, at about $48 million at the time of this recording. But in our opinion, this is one of the most ambitious projects in the gaming industry. So, we won't be surprised to see it increase in the next Bull run.
The last one on this list of promising gaming coins is Swords of Blood. Unlike Gods Unchained, this one has not yet been launched and is currently in the presale phase.
Swords of Blood is a unique and engaging hack-and-slash RPG game that offers players an exciting and immersive gaming experience in Web 3.0. This award-winning game has already attracted over 4 million players, thanks to its multiple game modes, including main campaign dungeons, monster hunt dungeons, boss fortress, and daily dungeons.
Under the new ownership of Hit Box Games LLC, Swords of Blood promises to deliver a balance between entertainment and earning potential. The game will introduce play-to-own and play-to-win opportunities while avoiding unsustainable play-to-earn mechanics. The game's premise, set in the aftermath of the tragic collapse of the World of Ezura, sets the stage for an intriguing gaming experience.
Swords of Blood is also set to introduce a host of new features, including PVP modes, e-sport micro tournaments, and native utility NFTs. Additionally, the game will offer a 50-hour expansion pack written by industry veterans. With CEO James Seaman and COO Jeremy Brown leading the way, the team aims to build a community-centric MMORPG that appeals to a broad range of gamers.
While the new features won't be available until Q3 2023, the presale of $SWDTKN, the game's native cryptocurrency, offers investors a gateway to invest in Swords of Blood. The presale will be split into three rounds, with the price gradually increasing. Investors who purchase early will get a better deal and exclusive benefits, including access to the game's closed beta, automatic whitelisting to future NFT sales, and phygital giveaways.
Swords of Blood has already raised over $1.2 million in its presale, and SWDTKN tokens are currently on sale for $0.07 in stage 2, with the price rising to $0.08 in stage 3. If you're looking for a high-quality gaming coin to add to your portfolio, Swords of Blood is definitely worth considering.
The next up is Securedverse.
Securedverse is a blockchain-powered, low-cap cryptocurrency project that has generated significant market interest and has the potential to be a sleeper hit in 2023. The game is a First Person Shooter (FPS) being developed by Portsea Games, a company with a history of creating VR games with a variety of features. With new features being added to the game, it is expected to generate even more interest in the coming months.
The game's play-to-earn model incentivizes users to play and receive rewards for doing so, while still providing an exciting and immersive combat experience with simple controls. Players will have access to a variety of heroes and maps, enabling them to strategize and collaborate with fellow players. The development team is committed to cultivating an active and engaged community around the game by providing frequent updates, hosting events, and incorporating player feedback and suggestions when appropriate.
Securedverse will enable players to earn SVC by showcasing their skills in battles, with a leaderboard system recognizing top performers. Casual players will also have opportunities to earn rewards through various game modes suited to their playstyle. After introducing certain heroes, maps, and game modes, players will be able to stake their SVC tokens, and future stages of development will focus on implementing the staking feature, enhancing the user experience (UX/UI), and hosting exclusive events.
And there are rumors that Binance is going to list its tokens. This proves the reliability of this project, as Binance is only interested in projects with high potential.
The presale for SVC tokens is currently in progress, with the token being sold at its stage 1 lowest price of 0.0143 USDT. The team hopes to raise slightly over $500,000 from the presale, and a total of 273 million SVC tokens are available for purchase during this period. Those interested in play-to-earn games should consider exploring Securedverse, a promising low-cap cryptocurrency project being developed by an experienced team with a track record of success in the gaming industry.
The next one is Immutable X.
Immutable X is a crypto token that powers an NFT protocol designed to address the limitations of the Ethereum blockchain. While Ethereum serves as the foundation for most NFTs, its scalability, speed, and fees have been a challenge. Immutable X provides a layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum that aims to overcome these issues.
With Immutable X, users can benefit from instant trade confirmation, low gas fees for minting and trading NFTs, and enhanced asset security. Given the importance of NFTs in the GameFi space, Immutable X has become one of the most promising crypto projects for high growth potential.
The platform's native token, IMX, functions as both a utility and governance coin within its ecosystem. IMX incentivizes users on Immutable X, serves as a means of payment for transactions, and allows those who hold it to earn rewards through staking.
We strongly believe in the potential of this coin and we think it will do a lot of X in the next Bull run.
And the last one on this Gaming Coin list with a huge potential is Splinterlands.
Splinterlands is a well-known NFT trading card game that operates on the Hive blockchain. It features a variety of decentralized apps, blockchain games, and wallets. The game is influenced by old trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering and has helped to bridge the gap between mainstream gamers and crypto gaming.
Players can win trading cards, which can be converted into ERC-721 tokens and sold on NFT marketplaces for profit, depending on their rarity. The gameplay is sophisticated, with each battle featuring a different combination of combat rules, a Mana system, and a high level of strategy.
Splinterlands is one of the best play-to-earn crypto games for Android, and it is also available on iOS and desktop devices. The game uses DEC, but players can also use the Basic Attention Token (BAT) for in-game purchases.
Although the token has fallen significantly due to the bear market, we believe this project has the potential to outperform its previous high during the next bull run. And that’s all for this video.
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