The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. Yes, it’s even open at midnight on New Year’s Eve. So, let's pretend you got $1,000 to invest and you want to up game in the wonderful and crazy world of crypto. Maybe you feel you've got enough Bitcoin to sink a battleship and need to diversify. Where do you go? Investing in cryptocurrency projects today is a lot like picking stocks. Bitcoin is one thing. But there are the big blockchain protocols, led by Ethereum, and the newcomers who want to compete with Ethereum on price and transaction time. Then there are the hot sectors of 2021-22, like decentralized finance projects – best known as DeFi. (But you all know that, right?). In 2022, it was the NFT market.
Once referred to simply as “altcoins” – cryptocurrencies are spread out across a diversity of specialty sectors. But then, where do you put your money, if you had just one sector to pick?
In this video, we're going to tell you where you can invest your money if you have $1000 to invest, and what strategies you need to apply to be profitable. Watch this video till the end, so that you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
f you want to invest $1,000 and not a penny more, then I think you may need to reframe your expectations. If you want to invest that $1,000 in a few different pieces or projects, forget about it for a few years, and make tons and tons of money, well, it's possible. Some people even get rich from very small investments. But it's extremely unlikely. You could, of course, concentrate all your $1,000 on a very risky project and hope for the best, hoping for a 100,000% return. But that's a gamble. And again, it probably won't end up in your favor. So, what do we suggest? Well, first of all, you need to make decisions for yourself. This video is not investment advice. We're just here to help you better understand how it works, and you're free to make your own decisions.
If you have $1000 to invest in crypto, the first strategy we suggest is DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging).
This is a tool used by investors to build wealth over time while minimizing the impact of short- and long-term volatility.
In other words, investors use this method to invest fixed amounts in an asset at regular intervals, regardless of its price.
Investors may not always buy the asset at the best possible price, but a laddering strategy eliminates much of the complex work of trying to predict the market.
DCA can be particularly useful when investing in crypto-currencies, a historically volatile asset class that trades 24/7 in global markets.
For example, someone who invested in bitcoin by buying $5 per week in 2020 would have accumulated $692 on a total investment of $275, a return of more than 160%.
While this method did not yield the largest profit, it does provide a hedge against investing at a time when the price of bitcoin is high.
Repeated investment is much more likely to earn your life-changing money.
Let's say you follow this idea. You save $1,000, invest it, and do it again and again. Where should you invest that money? Well, the first thing you can do before you even spend that money is to spend time learning and educating yourself. If you understand what you are buying and why you are buying it, creating wealth from those purchases will be 100 times easier.
You get the idea. The first investment must be in yourself to educate yourself, to learn from it. You can join forums, or newsgroups and ask all your questions about crypto-currencies. You can also learn by watching the videos here on YouTube.
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Once you have some knowledge, you can get started. What should you invest in? Well, in our opinion, bitcoin. Of course, you may think that bitcoin is no longer profitable and that you won't become a millionaire by buying bitcoins. Well, in our opinion, bitcoin is the safest place to be.
It's been 13 years since bitcoin was created. And it's been making noise for all that time. In 2018, Bitcoin was under $3300, yet a few years later it was over $69,000 before dropping to its current value. Regardless, bitcoin is also profitable for investors who apply the right investment strategies, such as Dollar-cost averaging.
As for other things that are also less risky or safer, you could potentially consider investing in Ethereum as well.
For a safe investment plan, you can invest 100% in bitcoin, that is, invest all of your $1,000 in bitcoin by applying DCA, or you can invest 50-50 in bitcoin and Ethereum or in different percentages or different combinations, whichever is more convenient for you.
However, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.
First of all, when it comes to advantages, this approach has the least chance of losing money in the long run. If you buy bitcoin, you are buying the best-performing asset of the last decade. And if you invest in bitcoin and/or Ethereum using dollar cost averaging, it's a completely "set it and forget it" investment. As for the downsides, the first on the list is that you may miss out on the astronomical and explosive growth of other crypto projects. With this strategy, you're going to have to wait a very long time to benefit. This would be the slowest path to wealth, but that's relative because it's still very fast compared to traditional finance.
Now, do you want to know another strategy that requires less time? Well, this is an immediate and diversified investment strategy. Basically, 50% of your $1,000 is invested in bitcoin, 40% in other high-potential crypto projects, and 10% in Yolo products.
So that could potentially look like $250 in bitcoin, $250 in Ethereum, whatever combination you want, and then $400 in two to four different projects that are low to medium risk or even a little bit higher risk like Avalanche or Kadena, and then your remaining $100 goes into the Yolo category. This could be things like dogecoin or Shiba inu if you want to bet on long-standing memes because memes have power.
What are the benefits of this balanced approach? First of all, it gives you a little more access to potentially higher returns. It's also a more diversified portfolio, so there's perhaps some safety in numbers. Also, this approach is more interesting because there is more to learn, understand and allocate your money.
Now, the downsides to this approach are also the same. There is a lot here, it requires some analysis beforehand. Also, you will be overloaded if you build a hyper-diversified portfolio. You'll be exposing yourself to thousands of potential chips, and if you're not careful, you'll probably run into scams.
In any case, no matter what strategy you apply, you'll face advantages and disadvantages. You just have to choose the one you think is best.
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