With a competitive market where fame plays a determining role, the biggest blockchains naturally dictate their law within the crypto sphere. Less publicized than the behemoth Ethereum, some blockchains such as Telos still manage to make their mark. Telos has better performance in some areas such as transaction throughput. This prowess will undoubtedly not have escaped the eyes of the big brands which are now numerous to solicit the services of Telos to create blockchain applications for them. This makes it one of the most promising blockchains in the crypto space with 100X potential.   In this video, we will review the Telos blockchain. We'll look at its growth potential and its new form of staking that offers a huge earnings potential. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
The main strength of the Telos blockchain is that it offers several features that other ecosystems cannot. Its recipe is to combine the best services of these ecosystems and add other benefits they hadn't thought of. By supporting eosio C++ smart contracts for high-speed decentralized apps, Telos makes it easy to migrate apps from the EOS blockchain, for example. As a direct consequence, it will now be possible for coders to deploy Ethereum DApps on eosio. This will have a huge impact on decentralized finance, which will benefit from the influx of new capital.
Telos is a blockchain platform, its tokens are used for DeFi, games, and social media for smart contracts, NFTs and Dapps.
Developers can create blockchain apps on the TELOS network, with a user experience similar to traditional apps. The crypto network also gives app developers 0.5 seconds of block time (which is 24 times faster than Ethereum), over 10,000 transaction per second, and free transactions.
Where other blockchains focus primarily on cryptocurrency users, Telos focuses more on solving development problems. This philosophy has been particularly appreciated on the side of big brands that want to use blockchain technology to launch their apps. This includes Zalando, Siemens, Microsoft, and Cisco, who have already collaborated with blockchain showing the way for other companies to follow. As a major hackathon platform, Taikai has sought Telos' expertise for next-generation open innovation events.
While it is true that Telos is relatively young within the blockchain universe, its strong performance should normally be enough to propel it among the most sought-after in the market.
Unfortunately, it has to settle for remaining in the shadow of Polkadot, Tezos, Cardano, and Ethereum. With native tokens that come with a much higher market capitalization than TLOS, the latter are naturally the most prominent on the market.
However, they have to deal with significant technical issues like Ethereum, which still hasn't finished solving the scalability issue. While Polkadot and Cardano have promised the arrival of several revolutionary features, these are still under development. While the gap with these dominant blockchains is already large, there is still a card to play for alternative ecosystems like Telos.
Long before the big brands, the real estate industry had already approached Telos to implement property tokenization. Last September, the dApp development platform Katalyo used blockchain to launch this revolution in the Croatian real estate market. This is already a big step for this blockchain which until now has been underrated. At the time of this recording, the TLOS token is trading at $0.16, which represents a drop of at least 10X since it touched its ATH. Its current market capitalization is $44 million, which is ridiculously low compared to what a blockchain can have. So, the growth potential is huge.
Furthermore, the TLOS token is marketed as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency and is part of a sustainable world.
Since the launch of the main network, launching without ICOs or venture capital funding has helped the blockchain network grow in a decentralized manner. The crypto-currency founders received 18 million tokens at launch and the Telos Foundation received 6 million. The total supply is 355 million TLOS, with 270 million TLOS in circulation. You can buy coins from KuCoin, Gate.io, Uniswap, MEXC, and Bitfinex.
You can take a look at the platforms to see the Dapps that have already been created. Currently, hundreds of projects have already integrated Telos. There are EVM projects and Native projects. The crazy thing is that all these apps are commonly used by almost all users. One of the apps built on Telos that we commonly use is AreaXNFT. It's a popular NFT marketplace on Telos Native, now on EVM. There is also Robinos which is a token prediction platform, and YieldHub Finance which is a yield optimizer that allows its users to automatically compound rewards for their deposited assets. As for native Apps, there's Swap Telos which allows for the simple exchange of Telos-based assets, Telos Wallet which allows for sending, buying, and collecting cryptos, and finally, tDrive which is a simple and easy on-demand storage that's perfect for you. We recommend you to go through the projects of the Telos ecosystem. You will find there are a lot of interesting projects.
The Telos blockchain rewards users for staking their TLOS by paying them additional TLOS for each day they stake. Think of the Telos blockchain as a very good neighborhood, and the TLOS token as a property in that neighborhood. You can use your TLOS to get resources (CPU, NET) or you can rent your TLOS to developers. All TLOS put into play are for the Telos Resource Exchange (T-REX) program, which allows TLOS holders to rent their TLOS to developers to power their applications.
You can stake TLOS tokens that are liquid or already staked for resources. Tokens staked for REX will receive REX tokens in exchange for TLOS. There is an initial 4-day curation period before REX can be exchanged for TLOS. However, REX tokens will continue to accrue rewards until they are redeemed. The price of REX tokens can only go up. You will be able to track your tokens from your block explorer or your favorite REX-enabled wallet.
Actually, they recently released a new liquid staking solution sTLOS based on ERC-4626, and now available on Telos EVM. sTLOS adds a critical missing piece of the puzzle and is part of a larger initiative to strengthen the DeFi ecosystem, help increase the total locked-in value of their EVM and attract new developers and users.
Previously, staking rewards were a benefit exclusively enjoyed by users who staked their TLOS on the Telos Native Channel Resource Exchange (REX). In addition to voting privileges to participate in Telos governance decisions, these users receive a 13% APY*, made possible by inputs from TLOS reserves without inflationary impact.
The team behind the project is very reliable, And so far, everything that has been said about the roadmap has been met, but many changes are still to come, including the launch of a stable piece and which is actually one of the important success factors for almost all successful blockchains. According to the roadmap, there is also the Telos Location that will be launched soon. With this product, anyone will be able to verify that they were at a specific location at a specific time. This product opens many possibilities for dApps, DAOs, and other decentralized initiatives. Telos Location is a long-term development goal and is not expected to be completed by 2022.
With all these improvements, we won't be surprised to see Telos being one of the Top 10 blockchains in the space.
So, what do you say? Do you think Telos can achieve this goal? As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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