What Is The Value Prop Of The HEX, PulseChain, PulseX Ecosystem? Why do people care about these coins? Why have people given them billions of dollars? And why is the HEX community one of the biggest crypto communities? In this video, we'll explore all these questions in detail. You'll finally understand why thousands of people around the world are literally excited about these coins. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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When Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin, his goal was to create a completely parallel financial system, without intermediaries, that would not be tied to a physical currency or economy, so that the price would simply reflect global demand rather than inflation.
Bitcoin was a major innovation in that it created digital scarcity. But then Ethereum came along and gave rise to an explosion of innovations in the crypto space. While most crypto and even more than 95% of the 21,000+ cryptos currently available are scams, there are obviously a lot of things that are true innovations on Ethereum, and DeFI was the next big innovation in the crypto-currency landscape that allowed us to build smart contracts. 
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Now back to the main topic, every Altcoin in the crypto space is a smart contract, but not all smart contracts are Altcoins. Now, Bitcoin is a store of value. Bitcoin is digital gold, which is why bitcoin is so valuable. There are too few coins for too many people. The last bitcoin will be mined sometime in the year 2140, and on April 1, 2022, bitcoin reached a new milestone. As an analysis of the blockchain shows, the network passed the 19 million coin mark. Out of a total of 21 million that will eventually be in circulation in 2140.
So you can see why bitcoin is so valuable. There will only be 21 million coins for everyone in a rapidly expanding space. So no matter what happens, bitcoin will still be able to continue to exist. Now, Ethereum is a great innovation because it can actually do things. You can run small programs on the Ethereum blockchain because it works more like a decentralized computer.  Ethereum came along and offered decentralized finance. The goal of Ethereum was to replace all the corrupt middlemen who charge customers exorbitant amounts of money and even replace their banking services completely. So, Ethereum has more work to do than Bitcoin.
Ethereum offers savings accounts, certificates of deposit, lending protocols, leverage protocols, and more.
So Ethereum has a lot of good stuff in it, even though over 90% of it is a scam. Almost 90% of DeFi projects are listed on the Ethereum network. This has created a huge load for the blockchain.
This means that so many people are using the Ethereum blockchain today that it is overflowing. Even in a bear market, it still costs a lot of dollars just for a small transaction. That shouldn't be the case. And it wasn't always the case. In the very beginning, when Ethereum was created, there weren't that many blockchains. And the more projects were built on Ethereum, the more its load increased with transaction fees. And this affects all other projects built on the Ethereum blockchain. HEX included.
So, due to these changes on the Ethereum network, the cost of running code for smart contracts like HEX has increased to the point of negatively impacting the HEX ecosystem. Rather than sit back, Richard Heart chose to take matters into his own hands and create an improved version of the Ethereum network that will be faster and cheaper than the original Ethereum network. In doing so, the PulseChain network will be compatible with Ethereum and will be able to use many existing tools and infrastructure developed for the Ethereum network. Of course, Richard Heart has taken into account that many projects will be built on PulseChain and that the blockchain will evolve. So his goal is to create a better Ethereum. Not a version that will just work for a few years and then start doing what Ethereum is currently doing.
So, Pulsechain is a new blockchain network with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, on which Pulse (PLS) is the original coin. The blockchain is expected to launch soon as an Ethereum hard fork. Hard-fork means it is a copy of the Ethereum network.
This is not just a copy of Ethereum’s code, but a copy of the entire network, including all tokens and NFTs currently on the Ethereum network. Ethereum’s original code is being modified to have its own terms and rules.
The consensus mechanism on the blockchain is being adapted from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. This means that the Pulsechain blockchain is drastically less burdensome for the environment.
Moreover, copying the entire network means that all holders of coins in a decentralized wallet like MetaMask get all their belongings one more time, but on the Pulsechain network. However, the value of these coins will not be the same as on the Ethereum network, but will again be determined by the traders from the Pulsechain community.
Richard Heart will be launching his blockchain PulseChain as well as many other innovative projects such as PulseX and another token whose name is not yet known. 
PulseX is PulseChain’s native DeFi exchange application, allowing users to exchange tokens with each other on PulseChain.
PulseX stands for PulseChain Exchange and is the most liquid AMM on PulseChain.  Its goal is to provide users with the best possible trading experience and yield farming capabilities. Automated market makers allow the automated trading of digital assets using smart contracts and liquidity pools instead of traditional buyer-seller markets. This decentralized exchange enables users to exchange PRC20 on PulseChain, which functions similarly to Pancake Swap on Ethereum. PRC20 functions similarly to ERC20 except they reside on PulseChain. Liquidity pool providers are rewarded with the fees charged for executing trades.
When you airdrop PLSX, they will be worthless. You don't pay any tax for this airdrop. Although price discovery will happen very quickly, no one knows what the price of PLSX will be after the first trade, although there are some predictions in the community!
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