How to Generate $500 a Day in Crypto Simply, Without Skills, and With Less Risk. Hey, it's Ben! In my previous videos, I showed you the best crypto arbitrage strategies to apply for substantial gains. However, these strategies required a minimum level of knowledge. In this video, I'm going to share with you how to automate these strategies with the help of bots. Simply invest and watch your portfolio thrive like never before. However, as with any investment, it's essential to acknowledge that there's no such thing as zero risk. Therefore, only invest an amount that you are willing to accept as a potential loss.
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That's why we've record this video to introduce our curated selection of the best crypto arbitrage bots, along with their key features. You can find their website links in the description below.
Bitsgap (Do not voice this)
The first arbitrage crypto bot on our list is Bitsgap, ideal for arbitrage trading on various crypto exchanges.
Bitsgap is a crypto arbitrage bot designed to facilitate the trading of your crypto assets. With the ability to analyze over 10,000 cryptocurrency pairs, it identifies coins with potential arbitrage gains. This trading bot is accessible without the need for downloading.
Bitsgap offers a range of bots, including Futures & Grid Bot, featuring Trailing Up & Down. It integrates with major exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and Huobi, providing extensive trading options.
Bitsgap boasts a comprehensive set of features that make it a standout choice in the realm of crypto arbitrage bots. Operating on a fully automated basis, it ensures continuous trading opportunities by running 24/7. Traders benefit from the ability to test parameters before finalizing investment decisions, contributing to a strategic and informed approach.
With a primary goal of achieving maximum profit, Bitsgap prioritizes the security of funds on the exchange. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the effortless creation of custom bot strategies through just a few clicks, empowering traders to tailor their approaches. The platform provides a visual trading experience through charts, offering over 12 different chart options and a rich assortment of more than 100 technical indicators for swift cryptocurrency research.
However, it's important to note that Bitsgap lacks a native mobile application, which may be a consideration for traders who prefer mobile access. In terms of pricing, Bitsgap caters to different trading needs with three subscription options: 'Basic' at $29/month, 'Advanced' at $69/month, and 'PRO' for experienced traders at $149/month. Notably, all Bitsgap subscriptions include a free 7-day PRO trial, allowing users to explore the platform without requiring a credit card.
Pionex (Do not voice this)
The second arbitrage crypto bot on our list is Pionex, an ideal crypto trading arbitrage platform for both beginners and advanced users.
Pionex is a cryptocurrency trading bot that stands out by providing free integrated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bots. This Bitcoin arbitrage bot combines liquidity from Huobi Global and Binance, two leading brokers in the cryptocurrency market. The trading fee for this bot is 0.05% for both maker and taker.
Pionex offers a diverse range of bots, including Grid Trading, Rebalancing, Spot-Futures Arbitrage, and Martingale. It further distinguishes itself by offering mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, enhancing accessibility for users.
Pionex caters to retail investors with a diverse offering of over 16 free trading bots, including the Leveraged Grid Bot with up to 5x leverage, empowering users to generate low-risk passive income. Notably, Pionex distinguishes itself with the lowest trading fees compared to most major exchanges and provides an intelligent trading terminal for users to efficiently set stop-loss, take profits, and track transactions in a unified interface.
While Pionex has many advantages, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks. For instance, there might be limitations on the number of supported exchanges and trading pairs compared to other platforms. Additionally, it's crucial to stay informed about the specific features offered by Pionex and evaluate their alignment with your trading preferences and goals.
In terms of pricing, Pionex offers a transparent fee structure and a straightforward model, making it an attractive option for traders seeking simplicity and cost-effectiveness.
Trality (Do not voice this)
And the next one on this list is Trality, the best marketplace for arbitrage bots.
Trality stands out by offering arbitrage bots in two convenient ways: users can either swiftly rent profitable arbitrage bots from its Marketplace or harness the power of their Python code editor to create, test, and optimize custom arbitrage bots.
Featuring market-leading bots accessible through its Marketplace and a versatile code editor, Trality is compatible with Android and iOS apps, supporting exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro.
Trality distinguishes itself with features such as a profitable bot marketplace catering to crypto creators and investors, a diverse range of bots covering Arbitrage, Margin, Grid, Intraday, and Index-tracking strategies, automated trend-following and reversion strategies, a powerful backtester with a proprietary optimizer, utilization of the world's most advanced Python bot creation tools, Binance-backed Trality portfolio, and accessibility through a mobile application available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Trality offers users different pricing levels to choose from. The "Pawn" level is available free of charge, while the "Knight" level is priced at €9.99. For more advanced features, the "Rook" level costs €39.99, and the premium "Queen" level is available for €59.99.
3Commas (Do not voice this)
The next up is 3Commas.
3Commas is ideal for traders on a tight budget and stands out as one of the top three crypto bots in the market. Offering a range of features from Smart & Copy trading to the renowned 1-click copy bots, a 3Commas arbitrage bot is designed to assist traders with limited funds and time in consistently accumulating cryptocurrencies.
3Commas provides versatile trading bots, including DCA, HODL, and GRID, with accessibility on both iOS and Android platforms. It supports exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and more.
The features of 3Commas include access to bot models and strategies through the marketplace, a cloud platform for seamless operation, a user-friendly interface, responsive customer support, a wide range of automated bots, a well-explained knowledge base, FAQs, and the opportunity to launch your first DCA bot for free.
3Commas offers several pricing levels to cater to different needs: a free lifetime basic package for beginners, a Beginner package for $5 per month, a pro option for $49, and an expert package for $79 per month with an annual payment options available for more discounts.
WunderTrading (Do not voice this)
And the last one on this list is WunderTrading, ideal for copy trading.
WunderTrading is a leading trading bot platform that empowers traders to automate their trades effortlessly, facilitating the creation of passive crypto income. Notably, it features a social trading network, allowing users to copy strategies from professional traders.
Accessible on iOS and Android, WunderTrading offers a variety of bots, including DCA, Copy Trading, and Arbitrage. The platform supports exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Kraken, and more.
WunderTrading offers a range of powerful features to enhance the trading experience. The Smart Terminal includes easy-to-use options like multiple Take Profit targets, Trailing Stop, Swing Trading, DCA, and Move Stop Loss to breakeven. With TradingView integration, users can automate complex strategies 24/7. The platform supports Copy Trading, allowing replication of strategies with a few clicks. Traders can efficiently manage multiple accounts via API, engage in Forward Spread Trading, utilize Arbitrage Trading strategies, and benefit from an automatic Crypto Portfolio Tracker for balance monitoring.
WunderTrading offers tiered pricing to accommodate various user needs. The starter package is priced $4.95 per month, a Basic package is priced at $19.95, the Pro version at $39.95, and the Premium level at $89.95.
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