What's up guys, we're back with another video about Pulse and PulseX.
In today's video, we're going to share some IMPORTANT updates on Pulse and PulseX.
We'll tell you everything you need to know about PulseX. We'll also discuss why we're so bullish when it comes to PulseX. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
PulseX is the coin that will make many people millionaires and very rich very quickly.
Certainly, faster than any other coin. It is deflationary, the burning mechanism is very fast, it can burn a lot and if it does, the coin will be rarer, which will literally boost the price.
As soon as it launches, you'll be able to bridge it with your ERC20 tokens. But in the meantime, if you sacrificed for PulseX, you just have to do one-sided staking to get a token and probably buy more PulseX because, the best way to go about it here is to buy, or find a way to get more tokens, maybe by staking, and hold on until it does 1000, or 10,000 X. Then you can sell half that way. Then you can sell half as well, depending on your goals.
Here, you need to have clear goals. Without a doubt, PulseX is going to be a huge success, but you have to set a price limit that you want to reach. For example, when you've made 100X or 500X, you might want to sell half of your chips and then wait for the rest to make a profit. We explained in one of our previous videos how to invest in crypto, and what we're talking about in today's video is one of the strategies to apply.
In fact, what we're trying to get across is that you should always set a price limit at which you can liquidate part of your position. But not all of it. Just a portion, it could be 25% or even 50%.
So, if you participated in the PulseX sacrifice, you probably already know the amount of PulseX tokens you will receive.
You can connect directly to the testnet (in case you haven't already) to see how many PulseX tokens you have. Then you can stake them to earn rewards.
The goal is to get more PlsX tokens. We recently made a video explaining why we think PulseX is going to make 10,000X. We invite you to watch it in case you haven't yet. Again, PulseX is the crypto that will transform the lives of many people. It will provide many people with that life-changing wealth.
If you want life-changing wealth, there's only one way to get it, and it's not trading, it's not betting. It's buying a coin when it first comes out.
Keep it, build it up and sell it at some point when you get the X's you're looking for. And that coin needs to have a solid foundation. As far as PulseX is concerned, there's a real use for it. If you've been following us for a while, you probably know what we're talking about. The benefits of PulseX are so numerous that one video can't cover them all.
First, there's the fact that it's the fork of Uniswap, and more importantly, the fact that it's the DEX of PulseChain. In our opinion, PulseChain will be the largest blockchain in the world. PulseChain is the fork of Ethereum, so it is designed to do everything Ethereum does, but better. PulseChain's transaction speed will be high (nearly 4 times that of Ethereum) and, on top of that, transaction fees will be reduced. This will drive many other projects to want to launch on the PulseChain blockchain. Because it's fast and cheaper. And PulseX will certainly be the first DEX to welcome these projects.
PulseX enables users to exchange tokens on PulseChain for one another. Its goal is to provide PulseChain users with the best possible trading experience and yield farm with a strong focus on incentivizing ERC-20 holders to bridge in and back the value of their free PRC-20s.
In our opinion, there will probably be more liquidity on PulseX than on other DEX. That's what will make the PlsX token important. And then there's also the buy and burn that's going to reduce the supply of PulseX, so the token is going to get rarer, and that's going to drive the price of the token up. One highly unique feature of PulseX is the “buy and burn” function. To understand this let’s juxtapose it with the SushiSwap protocol. In SushiSwap, the protocol takes a 0.3% fee on every trade. 0.25% of this is given to LPs to reward them. But the remaining 0.05% is used to buy up SUSHI tokens on the market. That’s right – the protocol actually buys SUSHI tokens, contributing to token demand. However, those SUSHI tokens are then distributed to existing SUSHI holders, who could sell or hold them.
PulseX is different. Not only is it going to buy up PLSX tokens in the same way that SushiSwap does, but it's also actually going to burn them! In other words, the protocol will not only add demand to the native token but will also reduce supply. Think of it like someone buying up Picasso paintings and destroying them. Yes, that would be very sad – but what would it do to the remaining Picassos? It would make them even rare, and so it would likely help to make them even more valuable. These, in our opinion, are very bullish tokenomics. So, we are looking for at least 10,000X.
Imagine you invest $1000, and sell some of your tokens when you reach your goals. You'll get rich very quickly. So, if you're looking for an opportunity, you shouldn't miss PulseX.
With PulseX, you're finally going to be able to leave your job and do something else in life and maybe start a business, that's what could happen. And there are going to be life-changing riches in PulseX and in our opinion when PulseX launches, it is going to take off very quickly.  It's a game to watch and you definitely need to have a game plan to invest in it when it comes out because there's a huge community and a huge demand for it.
We've recently received comments like "Oh, a billion dollars was sacrificed for PulseX, so it can't be worth anything because the market cap is going to be crap." And "PulseX is going to do over 15X, then fall back like most cryptos in the space."
Forget about these comments because they're insane. While it's true that a billion dollars were sacrificed for PulseX, it's not going to impact it.
No one knows the price of PulseX when it comes out. 
So, there is no price until launch and then there will be price discovery. So, in our view, that $1 billion that was sacrificed doesn't matter as they say. What matters is what Richard Heart and the community agree on. And there's no price for a PulseX yet. So, there's a chance for everyone to participate, everyone to win money.
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