What is the latest promising project built on the PulseChain Blockchain? If you're a crypto enthusiast searching for the next big thing, you won't want to miss Pulselorian. This project offers unique features like BSKR and LBSKR tokens, NFT staking, and a sustainable earning model. In this video, we'll explore these features in depth and learn about Pulselorian's plans for the future, including how to earn a substantial incomes with their staking platforms. But be warned, after discovering the potential benefits of Pulselorian, you might not be able to resist joining the community. So, join us for an exciting journey into the future of cryptocurrency. And keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrency carries risks, and it's important to conduct your own research and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.
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The Pulselorian Guild is a lineage of loyal crypto investors. It was created with the goal of providing a platform for individuals to collaborate and contribute to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects.
One of the defining characteristics of the Pulselorian Guild is its focus on sacrifice. The community believes that by sacrificing short-term gains, they can achieve greater long-term success. This philosophy is reflected in the way the group operates, as members work together to build innovative projects that have the potential to revolutionize the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
The BSKR token is the native cryptocurrency of the Pulselorian Guild ecosystem. It is a ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, which will soon be launched on PulseChain.
The BSKR token is designed with several key features that make it unique in the world of cryptocurrencies.
One of the most significant features of BSKR is the burn mechanism. Each transaction of BSKR tokens incurs a small burn fee, which reduces the overall supply of BSKR tokens over time. This creates a deflationary effect, making each BSKR token more valuable as the supply decreases.
Another feature of BSKR is the auto-staking mechanism. This means that every time a BSKR holder receives a transaction, a percentage of the transaction is automatically staked to the holder's balance. This incentivizes BSKR holders to hold onto their tokens for longer periods, as they can earn additional BSKR tokens simply by holding onto them.
Auto-liquidity is another feature of BSKR that benefits holders. Every time a transaction is made, a percentage of the transaction is added to the liquidity pool. This creates a price floor for BSKR tokens, making them more stable and less susceptible to sudden price drops.
Holding BSKR tokens comes with several benefits, such as receiving a copy of the tokens on PulseChain during a fork. This ensures that BSKR holders can continue to benefit from the same features on both the Ethereum network and PulseChain. Additionally, the initial distribution of BSKR tokens was done fairly, with no pre-sale or ICO, ensuring that everyone had an equal chance to acquire them.
To ensure the security of the BSKR token, the contract has been audited by Solidity Finance, a leading smart contract auditing firm. Additionally, the code is available on a public GitHub repository, making it transparent and open for review by anyone. The team behind BSKR has also been doxxed, with interviews available on YouTube by Corey Costa / Magic Carpet Ride.
Finally, it is important to note that BSKR has a fixed supply, making it a hyper-deflationary token. As the supply of BSKR decreases over time due to the burn mechanism, the value of each token increases, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits long-term holders.
Now, the LBSKR token is a derivative of the BSKR token, designed to provide a different staking experience and benefits for holders. The key difference between BSKR and LBSKR is the staking mechanism. While BSKR offers auto-staking, LBSKR requires manual staking. In other words, holders of LBSKR tokens need to actively stake their tokens to earn rewards.
In addition to manual staking, LBSKR also includes penalties for early unstaking. This is designed to encourage holders to remain staked and committed to the project for a longer period of time. The longer a holder remains staked, the higher the rewards they will earn.
One unique feature of LBSKR is the ability to stake NFTs. This provides an additional incentive for holders to participate in the staking process and can potentially increase the value of their NFTs.
The benefits of staking LBSKR tokens include a higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield) compared to BSKR, ranging from 40% to 200% depending on the number of people staked. Additionally, staking LBSKR tokens removes BSKR supply from circulation by locking it up, which can potentially lead to a decrease in the circulating supply and an increase in the token's value.
LBSKR also includes a sustainable inflation model and a burn mechanism. The inflation rate is set at a fixed percentage and is designed to encourage staking and reward long-term holders. The burn mechanism is activated when tokens are unstaked, and a portion of the tokens are burned, reducing the total supply of LBSKR tokens in circulation. This mechanism is designed to promote scarcity and increase the value of the remaining tokens.
Pulselorian NFTs are unique digital assets available at pulseloriannft.art. These NFTs are linked to the LBSKR token and offer additional yield to holders.
All of these NFTs are available for purchase with BSKR, and holding them allows the holder to receive additional LBSKR yield on top of their staking rewards. Overall, these NFTs offer a unique way for BSKR and LBSKR holders to earn additional yield and potentially increase their investment value.
Now, Pulselorian has exciting plans for the future, including the launch of two platforms where users can stake tokens or NFTs to earn rewards.
Pulselorian remains committed to its sustainable inflation model and focus on long-term growth. The team understands that the success of the project depends on the trust of its community, which is why they have implemented measures such as the burn mechanism and sustainable inflation model to ensure the long-term viability of the project.
Overall, Pulselorian's future plans are exciting and demonstrate the team's commitment to delivering value to its community. By launching new tokens and platforms, Pulselorian is creating new opportunities for users to earn rewards and be part of the project's success.
And the Pulselorian team had their BSKR, LBSKR, and NFTStaking contracts audited by Solidity Finance, a reputable third-party auditor specializing in smart contract security. The audit covered several aspects, including the codebase's design, functionality, and security vulnerabilities. Solidity Finance identified some minor issues that the Pulselorian team promptly addressed to ensure that their contracts were secure and reliable.
Contract audits are crucial in the cryptocurrency space as they help identify potential security issues and vulnerabilities that could compromise users' funds. They also promote transparency, as the audit reports are usually made available to the public, ensuring that investors have access to accurate and up-to-date information about the projects they invest in.
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