Hey guys, we have an update on the PulseFinity project, a new project that will be launched on PulseChain with 100X potential. They recently launched their launchpad frontend, and in this video, we'll go over this platform and see what it looks like. We'll also tell you what you need to do to double your earnings. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
So, we've already talked about this project in our previous videos. Actually, for newcomers, PulseFinity offers a world-class launchpad for promising PulseChain projects. This platform features only innovative and safe projects that have huge potential on a global scale.
They apply a rigorous evaluation and verification process when reviewing a project to ensure the best quality and future potential. They offer a service unmatched in the market that will incubate and guide projects from an early stage to the top of the crypto charts.
So, this exclusive launchpad offers PulseFinity holders the lucrative opportunity to invest in projects with enormous potential at the presale.
Basically, PulseFinity offers multiple features to help you in the overall launch of tokens, such as: Automatically registering your token on PulseX, while giving you the ability to lock your LP and add customizations for your token such as acquisition, audits, whitelisting, and branding.
In the last video, we mentioned the fact that the Launchpad user interface would be available soon. The good news today is that it's done. Here's what the Launchpad interface looks like. To start using it, you need to connect your wallet and set it up to the PulseChain reseller on your wallet. If you don't know how to do this, we invite you to watch our previous videos on how to connect to PusleChain's Testnet v2b. It will be almost the same for the mainnet when PulseChain is officially launched. Now back to the main topic.
In our opinion it is not yet final, there are obviously improvements to come, but you can already see how it will look like. As you can see on the front page, some projects are launched. There's this Crypto Unicorn, there's iTrain, 88 Token, and more. Of course, as we just mentioned, this is to let you see how it's going to work. But you probably already knew that, because the interface is pretty much the same as most launch platforms. But what's really interesting about this platform is that even though it has a lot of features, it's still easy to use. The PulseFinity ecosystem caters to both Pulsechain investors and developers. For developers, this platform will allow them to launch their project to a large network of Pulsechain investors.
PulseFinity helps developers create their tokens and token sales in a few seconds and offers a project incubator that provides a suite of tools for project growth and security.
The platform allows you to easily create a custom token sale on PulseChain. Generate deflationary tokens with tax, private sales, and acquisition sales.
Add a custom logo, social links, description, and listing on PulseFinity.
You can also use this platform to promote your project to thousands of buyers on PulseFinity or lock your liquidity on PulseX after the IDO.
They will have easy access to KYC audits and verifications. And they will be able to customize their sale, create whitelists, and private or acquired sales. They will also be able to develop their projects with PulseFinity's star rating system. We also explained how this rating system works in the previous video.
Now, with this platform, developers will be able to access growth hacking and influencers to have a greater presence. You can find this functionality on this incubation button.
Actually, this PulseFinity platform offers total support for your project until its launch and even beyond. 
Then there is a part for investors, where they can look at the projects, whether they are upcoming IDOs, those that are in progress, or projects that have already been launched. 
In order to access sales, staking PulseFinity Token is required. Depending on the amount staked will determine the amount one can buy and the likelihood of winning an IDO allocation. There is no cool-down period for participation in PulseFinity IDOs immediately after staking a minimum of $100 PulseFinity Token. The minimum staking duration is 30 days.
The maximum staking duration is 1095 days. For the first 15 days, the stakes are fixed. Allocations will range from $100 worth of PulseFinity staked being the lowest and $10000+ worth of PulseFinity staked as the highest for IDO allocation.
Staking features are accessible via the dashboard and provide services depending on the staking tier. The staking tier also grants access to different staking pools that include yields in PLF, PLS, HEX, and PLSX.
In short, the PulseFinity platform offers investors flexible staking with lucrative rewards in PLF, PLS, HEX, and PLSX. Access to IDO sales with earning potential ranging from 2x to over 100x. And every project launched on PulseFinity will go through a thorough vetting process to provide the best possible experience for every investor.
PulseFinity will play a very important role in the PulseChain ecosystem. Many projects will be launched on PulseChain once it is up and running. In our opinion, most, if not all, gaming projects will go through this platform.
PulseFinity provides four flows of income into the venture yield pool which is then distributed between stakers, the yield amounts depend on the user staking tier.
PulseFinity staking offers guaranteed IDO allocations in top-tier projects, with revenue-based royalties in PLF, PLS, HEX, and PLSX. Unlike common models that reward stakers using tokens printed out of thin air or using investment practices that often lead to losses, PulseFinity's staking model gives stakers control of their tokens with no inflationary or high-risk practices. So, all their staking rewards derive from the natural functions of their ecosystem.
To participate in this project, it's simple.
There is a sacrifice phase going on right now. This is the best way to participate in a crypto project. You’re really going to be the early investor, and you're going to get the most out of it because you're going to buy it before it's listed on the exchanges for a wider audience. This sacrifice phase is the best chance for you to multiply your money exponentially. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity, because you're going to buy it before it's listed on the exchanges for a wider audience. This sacrifice phase is the best chance for you to multiply your money exponentially.
So don't hesitate to jump in now. You can do this by sending your tokens to the address listed on their website. There is one important thing you should know. You should not send your chips from an exchange, because if you do that, you will lose your entire investment. Instead, do it with decentralized exchanges to make sure you receive your tokens once the project is launched.  PulseFinity's sacrifice phase will end in January 2023. And the good news is that they have decided to give more to the investors, and they have also increased the multiplayer sacrifice.
Let's finish this video with a very important thing you should know. Actually, PulseFinity has been successfully KYC by Assure. KYC is privately identifying project teams with a thorough and secure KYC provider. A full dox with the provision of an official ID has been registered. You can find details on that KYC on their website.
Now, do you think this project can do 100X? As usual, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.
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