What's up, everyone? We have another very interesting project to share with you in this video.
This is another crypto project that will be launched on PulseChain. The project is called PulseFinity, it is a crypto launch platform that offers many benefits to all investors. The most interesting is that you will be able to create your own token on the PulseChain blockchain with the PulseFinity platform. PulseChain is a future-proof blockchain. So many interesting projects will be created on it. And PulseFinity will be an important part of it. There are many interesting things to share about this project. As usual, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
Innovation starts here with the Launch protocol for PulseChain. PulseFinity is a safe space for PulseChain investors. We'll be able to access PulseFinity incubation and best-of-breed projects on PulseChain before they hit the market.
PulseFinity ensures safe investing for pulse users to access IDO sales. According to their website, all projects on PulseFinity are verified and approved by one or more auditing companies such as Certik, Hacken, Muon, PeckShield, Smartstate, and Zokyo. For now, the project is still very young, but in our opinion, it could become very interesting in the near future. This platform will only feature innovative and safe projects that have tremendous potential on a global scale.
PulseFinity is not just a launchpad.  PulseFinity offers token holders the lucrative opportunity to invest in projects with huge potential during the pre-sale. PulseFinity provides the perfect platform for pulse developers and first-time innovators who want to create a PulseChain project. They provide a variety of token creation tools making Defi on PulseChain available for the masses.
Actually, what's most impressive here is that you'll have access to projects on PulseChain before they hit the market. And to participate, you have to stake a certain amount of tokens.
PulseFinity IDO listings will be shown when the PulseFinity launchpad goes live around the PulseChain network's launch. No registration is necessary. No personal information is necessary to participate in the transaction, simply a wallet and funds. This renders it accessible to all sorts of users. Additionally, there is no requirement to comply with KYC or AML verification procedures.
In order to access sales, you must stake PulseFinity Token. Depending on the amount staked will determine the amount you can buy and likelihood of winning an IDO allocation.
There is no cool-down period, you can participate in PulseFinity IDOs immediately after staking a minimum of TBA PulseFinity Token. The minimum staking duration is 30 days. The maximum staking duration is 1095 days. Stakes are locked for the first 15 days.
Staking Tiers for IDO allocations will be released closer to launch. Allocations will range from $100 worth of PulseFinity staked being the lowest and $10000 worth of PulseFinity staked as the highest for IDO allocation.
At the time of this recording, the PulseFinity sacrifice phase is underway. Participating in this sacrifice phase now will benefit you as you will be able to access PulseFinity tokens early and at the best rates. It could also be a worthwhile investment because you are the first to own the token. And as the community grows, the value of the token will increase. So don't hesitate to participate in this sacrifice phase now. You can do so by sending your tokens to the address listed on their website. There is one important thing you should know. You must not send your tokens from an Exchange. This is how most sacrifices are made. You must avoid exchanges to ensure that you receive your tokens once the project is launched.  The tokens that are considered here are BUSD, ETH, BNB, and USDT. The minimum value of the sacrifice is 50 US dollars at the time of the sacrifice. The price of the sacrifice will be 1 dollar per 100 Finity points with a rather interesting volume bonus.
And there is an Investment Bonus to reward those who sacrifice first. The bonus starts at 5x Finity Points for the first 50 wallets that sacrifice and decreases by 1x for every 50 wallets sacrificed.  So, the first 50 wallets will receive 5x the sacrifice amount. Then, from 51 to 100 will receive 4x and so on until the end of the sacrifice phase. By sacrificing your cryptocurrency, you earn Finity Points which later will be converted to PulseFinity (PLF) Tokens 1:1 on the PulseChain deployment of PulseFinity only. By participating in the Sacrifice Phase, you will receive a volume bonus in Finity Points depending on your time of sacrifice. Finity Points have no value. PulseFinity tokens will have no value at the launch of PulseFinity on PulseChain.
We suggest you to check their official website if you want to have more information about this sacrifice. The sacrifice phase of PulseFinity will end in January 2023. And the project will be launched at the same time as PulseChain itself.
As for the price Discovery of PulseFinity Token at launch, Participants will deposit tokens into a smart contract: Pulsechain (to buy) and PLF (to sell for Pulsechain). Based on the amount of Pulsechain and PLF deposited in the smart contract at the end of this stage, the Pulsechain/PLF ratio is established.
At the end of the period, those who deposited Pulsechain get locked-PLF tokens, and those who deposited PLF get locked-Pulsechain tokens. Everyone will have swapped observing the same price, that was “discovered” in this stage.
The locking mechanism is applied to the resulting tokens for 2 days post listing, to reduce the incentives for speculators, and create a much stronger priority for long-term contributors.
As the amount of tokens in the smart contract changes, the new price is updated, based on the Pulsechain/PLF ratio.
Owners of the newly locked-PLF and locked-Pulsechain tokens, as well as owners of regular PLF and Pulsechain, can deposit liquidity at the Pulsechain/PLF ratio established.
Providing liquidity after the price discovery greatly reduces impermanent loss for initial liquidity providers, and provides a more solid starting point for the token to make its trading debut.
What makes this project even more interesting is that not only can you stake your PulseFinity tokens, but you can also get a high return on the farm and claim tokens for a large number of projects.
Staking is more than essential when it comes to Launchpads.
Staking is a process of locking in cryptocurrencies to secure a blockchain. In exchange, the investor receives rewards in the form of tokens as well as governance power within the community. This is similar to an investment in a company with returns. The shareholder receives dividends and a say in important decisions. From a technical point of view, however, it is completely different.
The concept of staking here is directly related to the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus and its many variants. The primary goal of this consensus mechanism is to significantly reduce the energy costs of maintaining one's blockchain while ensuring acceptable security and improved scalability. Thus, staking can be compared to mining in proof-of-work blockchains: So, basically, you are rewarded for securing the network. Basically, their staking system ensures a stable value for the PulseFinity Token and gives users easy accessibility to IDO allocations and airdrops. The goal of PulseFinity is to incorporate developers, investors, and projects into a safe investing space on PulseChain.
So now, what do you think about this project? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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