What's up, everyone? today, we're going to share with you another very promising project on PulseChain. This time it's a launchpad called PulseFinity. A crypto launchpad is a decentralized exchange-based platform for launching new coins, tokens, and blockchain or crypto projects. It differs from other fundraising platforms in that it offers investors the opportunity to invest in crypto projects at an early stage before they go public. So, in this, we're going to look at this project, and we're going to look at its potential for success. And the best part is that right now there is a 4X sacrifice bonus. There is a lot of interest in this project. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
If you haven't heard before, we've made it our goal to explore the most promising projects on PulseChain. We already have videos on several of them. We've talked about Love.io, we've talked about Hedron, we've talked about Khaos verse, Powercity, and many others like Pulsevalley that we saw recently. So, for today, we're going to focus on PulseFinity: A Launchpad that will be launched on PulseChain.
PulseFinity creates the ideal platform for venture capital investments in Pulsechain shares and tokens. Venture capital investment is a form of equity financing that is provided by venture capital firms or funds to startups, early-stage companies, and emerging companies that have been deemed to have high growth potential. Most of the crypto-currencies currently available are launched on launch pads. But it can be difficult to target the best ones. Some Launchpads don't really take the time to analyze a project before launching it. That's why there are a lot of projects that launch on them and fall off a few weeks or months later. Others, on the other hand, have done very well. For example, BSCPad and Seedify have launched many tokens that have done well. And in our opinion, PulseFinity will do the same. Don't worry, we'll tell you why in a moment. The first thing that proves the legitimacy of this project is the fact that it has been KYC verified.
You can go to assuredefi.com and click on the projects, you will see that PulseFinity is the latest project they have verified. And likewise, PulseFinity will only launch projects that are also KYC verified so you can feel more confident in your investments when using the platform. This will significantly reduce fraud in the crypto space.
There is a need for more accountability in a space where there has been none until now.
Providing low-risk participation frameworks to reach individuals around the world with venture capital is critical to the success of cryptos, as most retail investors can't afford to risk much of their money.
By providing the opportunity for ordinary people to safely grow their own capital, PulseFinity aims to improve the quality of life for millions of people while simultaneously enabling a new source of funding for blockchain innovation around the world. It sounds a bit vague but thinks of it as a reliable launchpad that will offer everyone the opportunity to take part in promising future projects. Super launch pads like BSCpad are not available to everyone. In order to participate in the projects, you need to hold a certain number of tokens, and currently, the minimum you need to hold in order to have a guaranteed allocation is 10,000 tokens, which is over $1,200 at the time of this recording. That's actually cheaper than when the tokens hit the ATH. It took about $65,000 to get a guaranteed allocation. That's a lot of money. The advantage here with PulseFinity is that the project is brand new, so you have the opportunity to buy the token before it explodes. Of course, we don't have the details on its tiered system yet, but either way, PulseFinity is the future of PulseChain Launchpads.
PulseFinity will only launch innovative and safe projects that have huge potential on a global scale.
To ensure success, PulseFinity rigorously evaluates and vets projects before approving them to ensure the highest quality and future potential.
This exclusive launch pad offers PulseFinity holders the lucrative opportunity to invest in projects with huge potential during the presale.
And since we already know that the projects on PulseChain are going to be magical for the most part, you'll be able to access PulseFinity incubation and the best projects on PulseChain before they hit the market.
Like most launchpads, to participate in IDO sales, you'll need to stake your claim. But keep in mind that the PulseFinity tokens will be very lucrative to put into play as they have promised to offer the highest yield on the PulseChain blockchain. Currently, HEX has the highest yield, which is around 40% per year. Let's wait and see what the PulseFinity team will do.
There is a total supply of 50 billion PulseFinity tokens.
The ongoing supply at launch will be determined by the total amount of sacrifices. Currently, the sacrifice phase is underway. The sacrifice price will be $1 per 100 Finity points. There is of course a volume bonus for the first to sacrifice. The sooner you do it, the more money you will receive.
The minimum sacrifice is $50 at the time of sacrifice. And they said they only accept ETH, HEX, USDC, USDT, BNB, and BUSD. All other cryptocurrencies sacrificed at the address will not receive Finity points.  By sacrificing your crypto-currency, you earn Finity points which will then be converted into PulseFinity (PLF) 1:1 token on PulseFinity's PulseChain deployment only.
They have already released the whitepaper. The roadmap is well detailed there. And you can see that they followed everything they said on the roadmap. As for the token metric,
According to the whitepaper, the total supply of PulseFinity Token is 50 billion.
Circulating supply at launch is determined by total sacrifices.
50% of PulseFinity Token is distributed as points in the sacrifice phase only. Remaining unsold points of the 50% token supply is burned.
When sacrifice phase ends 40% of PulseFinity Token is burned and 10% is distributed to team development.
PulseFinity Token transaction fees 8%. The PulseFinity tokens will have no value when PulseFinity is launched on PulseChain.
Another thing we found interesting about this project is that PulseFinity incorporates 2 separate buybacks though tokenomics and the Venture Yield contract to reward PulseFinity stakers.
4% fee after every transaction using PulseFinity this fee buys back PulseFinity Token.
10% fee when a staker wins an IDO allocation this fee buys back PulseFinity Token on DEX via Venture Yield Contract. The PulseFinity model guarantees infinite returns.
In addition, there will be airdrops. PulseFinity Airdrop is a revolutionary utility introduced in the PulseFinity token. This platform offers lucrative passive income to loyal PulseFinity holders who lock their PulseFinity tokens. Investors can lock their tokens for 6-24 months and in return earn daily drops from all the different crypto-currency projects participating in PulseFinity. They build the largest drop pool in the entire crypto space and incorporate tokens into the pool at a given time, which will be shared with all investors who lock.
Also, PulseFinity helps developers create their own tokens and token sales in seconds.
So, to summarize, PulseFinity ensures safe investing for pulse users to access IDO sales. All projects on PulseFinity are vetted and contract approved by one or more of the following auditing companies: Certik, Hacken, Muon, PeckShield, Smartstate, and Zokyo. GitHub for each IDO project will be made publicly available for PulseFinity users. Tokens on PulseFinity will be verified, audited, and published on Pulse testnet. This guarantees a safe IDO investment for Pulse investors. We invite you to go through the whitepaper for more information on this project.
Now, do you think this project can explode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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