Why was the launch of PulseChain delayed?
Richard Heart recently did a Livestream in which he revealed the reasons that affected the launch of PulseChain. In this video, we'll discuss them with you.  Watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
The crypto-currency landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. While some have consolidated their dominant position, others have deviated, while promising new projects have emerged. The year 2022 will definitely transform the crypto-currency ecosystem as we know it.
The web3 revolution is underway, NFTs are gaining popularity and DeFi promises to fundamentally change the way individuals manage their wealth. As a result, some projects could see dramatic growth. That's exactly what PulseChain will do. PulseChain is the most anticipated crypto-currency project of the moment. Even though it's taking a long time to launch, there are many valid reasons for the delay and we're going to explore them in this video. Actually, in a Livestream a few weeks ago, Richard Heart announced that once these things are done, PulseChain will be launched and there is no doubt about that. But what are these things he's talking about? We will present them to you in a few moments.
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Now, let's go back to the main subject of the video.
So, what are those things that delayed the launch of PulseChain? The first is network security.
Richard Heart wants to make sure that there will never be a security issue with the PulseChain blockchain. This can only be guaranteed by rigorously testing the code, which takes time. For Richard Heart, HEX's greatest achievement is that it continues to work and has never faced security flaws, unlike BSc, which was recently taken offline due to an attack. And it's not the only blockchain that has been taken offline. Think about other blockchains like Solana. If it weren't for the security breaches on the Solana blockchain, it would certainly have become much more prominent than it is now. This is exactly what Richard Heart wants for PulseChain. A solid and flawless blockchain.
Richard Heart believes that blockchains should never be taken offline or shut down because that would ruin the whole concept behind them. Richard Heart and his developers have been testing the code by splitting it into two teams, the red team, and the blue team, for several months now. Both teams are responsible for finding flaws in the other's work, and by now the developers should have enough data to ensure that all flaws are fixed and adjusted.
The second reason that Richard Heart says is causing the delay in PulseChain's launch is the forking of Ethereum 2.0. This is the most important element that impacts the launch of PulseChain.
Heart made it clear that it would fork Ethereum 2.0 rather than Ethereum 1.0, as forking Ethereum 2.0 has more advantages than forking Ethereum 1.0, as it allows PulseChain to get all the latest updates from Ethereum 2.0. In addition, Ethereum 2.0 is more secure.
Thus, Richard Heart and his team are improving PulseChain and it takes a lot of time and effort. However, he stated that it is almost finished and PulseChain will be launched at any time.
This brings us to the third reason why the launch of PulseChain has been delayed, which is the launch of testnet V3 which will be the final version of PulseChain. 
If all goes well, the main network will be launched right after.
The other most discussed reason for the delay of the PulseChain launch is the timing of the market. Everyone thinks this is the best time for Richard Heart to launch PulseChain at the bottom, as some investors are taking advantage of this price drop so they can buy back in at the bottom to maximize their profits if the market goes up. Thus, according to many, PulseChain should be launched in this bear market and especially at a time when markets are expected to turn bullish.
While Heart did not elaborate on his intentions for the strategy, he did suggest that bitcoin would experience a decline of more than 85 percent, which is less than his previous prediction and equates to a drop in bitcoin's price below $10,000 to around $8,000 or less. According to Heart, this can only happen because everything in the market keeps falling. Real estate prices are down, currencies are down and stocks are down. So it makes sense that the price of bitcoin would fall even more.
And if that's true, and Richard Heart wants to capitalize on that, it means that PulseChain's launch could be weeks away, because in the Livestream he also predicted that the market bottom is only weeks away.
Richard Heart is building something sustainable and solving some of the most important problems facing the crypto world today. This is not going to be a pump-and-dump system to earn maximum profits, you have to put in the time, just like you would with real estate. And slowly, once the demand for PulseChain increases, the results will start to appear and all the winners in the crypto world know that this is the only way for you to extract value from your crypto investments.
PulseChain will have a better blockchain, better security, higher throughput, and lower fees. So, if everything goes according to the promises and its white paper, it will lead to its massive adaptation, which will also be triggered because of the intelligence and the way investors reward innovation in the crypto world have become. As soon as they realize that a project has more and better to offer, they immediately get interested.
Now, do you think PulseChain can make 1000X or 10,000X in two years? As always, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.
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