What's the reason behind the delay in PulseChain's launch? And what does the community think about PulseChain's delayed launch? In this video, we'll go over all of this, and we'll also share with you the latest updates about PulseChain. Watch this video till the end, so you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
In one of his many streams, Richard Heart said that 14 devs are working on it and that it is done when it is done. Just impossible to give a timeframe for this. But he rests assured that it will be ready and that he wants this thing launched already more than anyone else.
He also says: "I think that getting out earlier is better than trying to like the time a bottom or anything like that. Earlier is better. So as soon as it's ready we do it. I'm not waiting for some price point and any other thing that. I'm not doing that. Getting to market faster is better. I mean it is convenient to launch in bear markets because your price chart looks better because you launch lower and then it's easier to go higher. So, for price chart bragging it is nicer to launch during bear markets. But it's even nicer still to get to market quicker and on-ramp more users. So, I would prefer to launch as soon as is safe to do so rather than trying market time."
Actually, according to Richard Heart, a lot of people are posting negative stuff because they didn't sacrifice for PulseChain and want to get in it and not miss the run-up. They want it to go down so they can get it cheaper. They are interested. This happens on every finance-related board. Nobody wastes their time creating calculated negative threads/fud on something they have no interest in investing in.
Some of these people are genuine though, and they post to clear up their objections before investing. Some are outright trying to manipulate it downward so they can try to get a deal but that's usually not how it works but many think it does. Usually, you will find that is their motivation and after it is released and they are invested in it, suddenly they switch to being bullish and hyping it. Thus, a large portion of investors is likely to become bullish proponents. Sentiments can change very quickly when they are proven wrong.
There are so many crypto coins with absolutely no utilization, no marketing, and no community, that endlessly mints new coins with no cap on total supply at all, and they still went up and made a lot of people wealthy. When you look at what PulseChain has going for it, it seems pretty obvious the upside potential. If you think it had upside potential during the sacrifice phase, actually, it's significantly more now. All you have to do is look at the data.
People need to realize that people have been holding it for over a year now. That's over a year of development on projects that did not even exist during the PulseChain sacrifice phase like PulseX, Mintra, and LiquidLoans. There was no documentary back then. That's over a year of marketing and awareness growth. There was no PulseX when the PulseChain sacrifice happened and now there is an exchange for people to trade their Pulse cloned coins like pSHIB, pHex, etc. Who knows what else is going on behind the scenes or what exchange deals are being worked on? There is a significant amount of time value that has built up that is not factored into the original sacrifice prices. There is a much stronger ecosystem than the original sacrifice prices when there was no ecosystem at all. There is a lot more here now.
Richard Heart has went on a YouTube interview tour on a lot of channels and done a lot of interviews and these relationships are ones he can go back to and do follow-up interviews on once PulseChain launches. It's like he pushed pause on the price action and said let us first build up more hype and then when he hits play and it launches, it's going to get really interesting really fast. People that are betting on it going down are ignoring all that progress and how different things are now. Things are a lot different and you're going to find that out after launch.
Although focused on sharing the burden of Ethereum. PulseChain may well win the race. One of the things that could make PulseChain the best layer one project is that the community is strong. The project has already achieved the impossible. Users will have the largest AirDrop in the history of Airdrops. Better tokenomics and the list goes on, so saying no to PulseChain is a mistake that many people made with Hex but don't want to repeat now. Getting back to our main question, why was the launch of PulseChain delayed?
Well, in a recent tweet. Heart mentioned a PulseChain update in which he talks about the security audit of the red team versus the blue team, where a bot attacks the code for a lot. This is not something very new as Heart has mentioned it several times before. More clearly, PulseChain's development strategy is to split its team of devs into two teams. While working on the same goal. These two teams must compete with each other. The result is a better product and a well-trained team of devs who will be the future guardians of PulseChain once it goes live. There is no doubt that this strategy is one of the best and will ensure that PulseChain will work optimally at release, which is exactly what the community wants. This strategy is also the reason why PulseChain is delayed. On the one hand, software and blockchain development is a complex task in itself and requires a lot of time. On the other hand, every time there is a bug that the team can effectively fix.
Anyway, if PulseChain hasn't launched yet even after a year, there's a good reason for that. But let's look at the bright side. In fact, the PulseChain community is still growing. 
Even the number of followers of Richard Heart is increasing. What's impressive is it has more than doubled in a year from 102k to 255k+. And that is after doubling from the previous year of around 50k to 100k+. He's doubling it each year so far. If 255k goes from 500k to 1 million it will be incredible. Why this matter is a lot of actors are cast in movies based on their social media following to help get the word out on projects.
 Richard Heart based on his following has lined himself up to be able to now get on a lot more podcasts. So, it could reach a wider audience, which will without doubt be good for PulseChain.
So far, the PulseChain and PulseX launches seem to be mirroring Hex’s launch. Despite all the questions raised, Hex has made a lot of people big money. The coin is up tremendously since its launch.
Regardless of everything , there is a rabid community of Richard Heart supporters. Because of which, PulseChain and PulseX could gain traction, and become a successful side chains. There are alternative chains right now, that have massive market caps despite not even working, and ghost chains out there with a value, despite being abandoned. If PulseChain can find support, this hard fork could create value for a lot of people.
So what do you think? Do you think the launch of PulseChain was delayed for the right reasons? Share your thoughts and opinions with us down in the comments.
And if you are new to the pulse ecosystem, and want to know more about the pulsechain, hex, or pulse X, we have curated a huge playlist, with all possible questions in peoples minds, it has more than 140 videos as of now. go check them out for more detailed information on this ecosystem, the link is in the description!
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