PulseChain and PulseX: Who will be launched first?
In this video, we'll share our thoughts, tell you which one will launch first, and most importantly, why you should stay focused when it comes to PulseChain and PulseX.
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Many people have asked us in the comments if PulseChain is really going to launch.
It has been a few months since the launch was announced and then postponed till a later date. And many people have finally lost patience. So, if you're one of the people wondering if PulseChain will launch soon, rest assured. In our opinion, the answer is YES. PulseChain will be launched soon. We don't know the date yet, but we are sure it will be launched soon. The sacrifice has been made, the testing has been done, and almost everything has been done. So, what is missing for it to be launched?
Well, Richard Heart has done the smartest thing possible and we're glad he did. Once again, thinking ahead, he decided to fix some bugs and implement some features they were originally going to do after launch, instead of launching now, having a short pump only to be dragged into the crypto abyss by endless bad news in a bear market. Richard likes charts that go up to the right. Instead, he spends time optimizing, bug testing, and implementing new features, THEN he will launch the product at the most appropriate time.
 Richard Heart is a great strategist. The performance of HEX shows that.
When he thinks everything is ok, he will do it. And in our opinion, that's soon.
And it will be the best listing of the year. Because, in our opinion, from day one, the price will explode exponentially. We have already talked about this in other videos. So, if you want to know how, we invite you to visit our playlist dedicated to PulseChain. The link is in the description. 
Now, back to the question of the day.
PulseChain and PulseX: who will launch first? Again, the answer is YES.
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So obviously, we're in our testnet phase right now. And the only way that it makes sense when it comes to PulseChain and when it comes to PulseX is that they have to launch at the same time. Now, why is that? Well, PulseChain is the blockchain. It's its own blockchain. This means that there are so many different projects that will be launched immediately after the mainnet launch. Probably within minutes. So PulseX will probably be the first one to be launched. 
There are so many different projects that are actually going to be launched at the same time as PulseChain. So once PulseChain goes live, all these other crypto-currency projects that are built on top of PulseChain will also go live.
And the only way to technically buy PulseChain or the only way to buy any of these projects that are on the PulseChain blockchain is through PulseX. So once PulseChain goes live, the next one will be PulseX. And that's going to happen only a few minutes later, to allow all these other projects to be launched.
So, in our opinion, PulseChain and PulseX will be launched almost at the same time because who knows, maybe Richard Heart really wants to pump up PulseChain. And PulseX will be open for everyone to exchange it. But then again, you'd have to make sure that the blockchain is 100% secure before the launch of PulseX. So, obviously, PulseChain will be launched first, and PulseX in our opinion will launch the same day. Probably a few minutes after, but either way, they'll launch at the same time. And as we just said here, there will be many other projects that will be launched on the same day. That's what's going to be crazy about it. And that's why we think that on the first day, PulseChain's price will go up like crazy. The price will explode, which is exactly why we said in our previous videos to be careful when it comes to PulseChain and PulseX.
That's what we need to stay focused on because we're going to have a lot of these tokens. A lot of these unknown tokens are going to be launched as soon as PulseChain and PulseX are launched. A lot of them are going to be launched probably on the exact same day that a lot of people can buy all these other tokens.
What we can say now is that there must be a pair of liquidity at the launch of Pulsechain, which will allow you to buy and hold for a few months before taking profits.
On the first day of launch, you need to make sure you have at least the Pls and PlsX tokens.
In our opinion, PulseChain will become the largest blockchain in the crypto space. Likewise, PulseX will become the largest DEX. PulseX will take over the exchanges and become the number #1 in the crypto space, just like AMAZON is for e-commerce sites.
PulseX will enable you to exchange tokens PRC 20s on PulseChain for one another. This will work very similarly to swapping on Ethereum bridges and will also let people trade cryptocurrencies from one chain to the other onto PulseX.
PulseX liquidity providers earn a fee in rewards users could also bridge in their free ERC 20s and pair them with their free PRC 20s in order to provide liquidity and earn these fees. This will provide great usability to PulseX.
Interestingly, PulseX will have copies (PRC20s) of practically all token pairings that currently exist on the Ethereum DEX's with the added benefit that each pair's liquidity will be sourced through the removal of those very tokens from the other copied DEX's liquidity into PulseX.
Therefore, PulseX will be the most liquid Automated Market Maker (AMM) not only on PulseChain but possibly in the whole crypto space in terms of variety and depth of tokens.
With PulseChain live the first phase is to arm PulseX with maximum liquidity as explained early. This will be carried out by an Automated Market Maker fixer bot. As PLS is the ETH equivalent on this chain but with a much higher token supply (10000:1) the bot will mint enough PLS to correct the ratios. According to PulseChain.com, this means about 2.5% of the supply will be minted. It is important to note that all ETH holders on Ethereum will only receive 1, yes 1 PLS for each ETH - so they will be massively diluted and will need to trade after go-live to receive an equivalent value or many PLS if they wish to pursue a competitive DEX.
Perhaps the most popular initial use case on PulseChain is for users to generate yield accumulated through fees for providing liquidity. That is, you deposit a pair of PRC20 tokens into PulseX providing liquidity, and receive a percentage of the fee charged every time someone swaps one token for another.
As with any project launch there are always possibilities for bugs – and while the chances are quite small given the underlying code is extremely similar to Ethereum, one should not completely ignore this risk when considering transacting on it. That said if Richard Heart's HEX token is anything to go by then the risk is probably a lot lower than competing chains.
Needless to say, if all of the above functions with minimal issues to build a thriving ecosystem, then it will only be a matter of time before many other projects make the switch from Ethereum to PulseChain unlocking limitless possibilities. PulseChain can certainly be the new beginning so many communities in the crypto space have been looking for.
We covered some other concerns in my previous videos on PulseChain if you would like to look further.
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