What's up, everyone? What are the latest updates of PulseChain and PulseX? Has Richard Heart finally revealed the launch date of PulseChain? In today's video, we'll see where we are currently with PulseChain and if that means we are finally close to launch or not.
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PulseChain is arguably the most anticipated project of the moment, and thanks to Richard Heart, the excitement is higher than ever. What's even more interesting is that even though the community is a bit disappointed by the delays they've experienced, it hasn't ended their anticipation, but rather increased it.
We are still in a bear market. The crypto space has already lost billions of dollars. July 2022 saw the second crypto-currency crash since the beginning of the year. Last May, the Terra Luna collapse wiped out $500 billion from the cryptocurrency market. To date, as of August 2022, nearly $400 billion has left crypto, while the industry's market capitalization has fallen below $1 trillion for the first time since January 2021.
Thankfully, Richard Heart didn't throw PulseChain into this disaster.
Nevertheless, thanks to Richard Heart, who is successfully using this fear to get people's attention on PulseChain. And yes, it works. And to top it all off, thanks to Hex, a project described as controversial by many but standing up to this heat against all odds. The same thing is happening with PulseChain. The more its community grows and the more people get to know it, the more optimistic they become. This is not only because of the maximum profits they can make from it but also because of PulseChain's fundamental purpose of being extremely fast and very cheap, which makes it a better alternative to Ethereum. This will allow a lot of businesses and SMEs to move to blockchain technology, as they will benefit from having the network security of a blockchain.
It's awesome. As for today's question, what are the latest updates to PulseChain, PulseX, and Hex? And are we any closer to a launch than before? First of all, development is proceeding as it should, which has been verified by many industry leaders and voices, as well as Richard Heart himself.  Although the main network has been delayed, the testnet has been there and running smoothly for months, building the necessary trust. However, Richard Heart didn't reveal too much about PulseChain's progress in the interview and instead spoke about the overall crypto market in general terms. In any case, while Richard Heart didn't reveal much, others did.
In a recent interview with Walrus, he revealed that the reason PulseChain has been delayed is that Richard Heart wants to give his users the best thing they can ask for. And to do that, we want to work as hard as we can and test the code as rigorously as the team can to catch bugs. That takes time, and that's the main reason why, even though we're in the middle of 2022, we still haven't seen PulseChain or Pulse X.
Another very interesting thing that Walrus talked about was the practicality of NFT on PulseChain. In fact, he thinks that since the price to trade NFT on PulseChain will be almost zero, it could very well allow PulseChain to take the lead, making it the best choice for NFT developers, artists and traders.
As for other news on PulseChain and PulseX, 57 billion PulseX were burned on the Testnet, which is 0.0033% of the total supply.
PulseChain's core network security is being tested again. And to further test the security issues of the main network, Richard Hear has divided two teams to examine the main network, which will only make it stronger and more effective to prevent attacks in the future.
Now, if you look at the other chain, Ethereum did 16,000x. Solana did 1200x. FTM did 2,100x. PulseChain with over 120 projects launching from DEXs, NFTs, staking, DeFi, 530 validators, lowest gas fees in crypto, can beat all of them. PulseChain, at launch, will be the most complete Layer 1 network.
Another very important news to know is about Hex.  Actually, in the last 7 days, Hex is up 27.5%. That's very good what we're seeing right now and remember this is all happening in a bear market. Now, HEX is superior to every other Staking product.
Another interesting point is that Richard Heart's success has made him the fashion icon in the crypto space. He's making the rounds on Twitter; everyone is talking about him all over the world. And HEX and PulseChain users have taken over Twitter and are making sure it becomes even more popular than ever. Meanwhile, PulseChain has also announced that the new wallet for its network is under development, and it will be a safer, more secure, and faster version than the existing one. Gone are the restrictions imposed by UniSwap and others. Everyone will be able to use this new wallet without any restrictions.
As we mentioned earlier, the total number of projects built on PulseChain has increased by more than 20% since the release of the last testnet version.
This simply means that many people trust PulseChain. We've talked about some of these projects in our previous videos. We talked about Love.io, Liquid Loans, and many other projects.
There are also rumors in the community that Vitalik Buterin has also invested in PulseChain and may very well be one of the whales.
He is one of the co-creators of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Unlike the latter, whose creator has remained anonymous, Vitalik is one of the few people to embody the crypto asset market, sometimes being dubbed the "Prince of Cryptos" or the "Master of NFTs."
We're not sure and can't verify if he actually invested in PulseChain unless Vitalik himself admits it.
But since PulseChain will be sharing the burden of Ethereum, giving PulseChain support only makes sense if there is something else.
And if this is true and Vitalik Buterin has invested in PulseChain, PulseChain's success will come sooner than expected. Let's not forget that Vitalik Buterin is on the list of the 40 most influential people under 40 in the business world. A single tweet from him can completely change the direction of a crypto's price. Anyway, we are waiting for him to tell us whether he has invested in PulseChain or not. This may result in a big wave of whales investing in PulseChain. Even those who have not yet decided to invest in it. Nevertheless, we have to be very careful not to miss it. This could be the perfect opportunity to become the millionaire you've always dreamed of being.
While we don't have a launch date for PulseChain or PulseX, we do know that the team is working hard to ensure that when it comes out, it will become the best layer 1 crypto on the market.  And since good things take time, we can assume that the same will be true for PulseChain.
All we can do now is to continue to develop the community. That way, we'll see something incredibly massive that we couldn't even imagine.
So, do you think PulseChain will be a good investment? And do you think Vitalik Buterin is also optimistic about PulseChain or not? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.
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