Pulsechain has become one of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies and people have been waiting for it to launch. This is a very new cryptocurrency ecosystem that is also blockchain-based. Pulsechain is also thought to be more improved than Ethereum. Some of the reasons for this claim is that Pulsechain is faster, a lot more energy efficient as compared to Ethereum and also cheaper. So if you are wondering whether Pulsechain has a potential then yes it does. But let’s find out more about Pulsechain.


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A lot of people refer to Pulsechain as an eradicator of Ethereum, but this only indicates the anticipated success of Pulsechain. Essentially Ethereum is seen as a platform that can be used to build blockchain apps. The problem which arises is that Ethereum charges high fees and users experience very slow transactions. This is why a lot of projects have been developed and one of them is Pulsechain. This project was initiated by Richard Heart and he is known for contributing to the HEX project.


So Pulsechain is a hard-fork for Ethereum blockchain. This means that it will copy ECR-20 tokens that are present in Ethereum blockchain and use it for Pulsechain.

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 Now you may be wondering how we can be sure of Pulsechain’s potential success, well in short one of the reasons is the use of dapps. Essentially Pulsechain is expected to use the decentralised applications that suffer under Ethereum and energise them. For instance, there have been many blockchain games on Ethereum that have suffered as a result of high gas fees, but with Pulsechain they could restart. Not only would the fees be reduced but the transactions would also be quicker.


Overwatch Partners Inc. is a major shareholder and has contributed to the Pulsechain initiative by taking charge of the sacrificial period and has collected around $31 million. Till now more than $700 million have been promised to Pulsechain and there are around 40,000 participants. Pulsechain is also expected to be one of the biggest airdrops in the entire blockchain history. Christain Rishel, a partner of Overwatch, has also advocated for Richard Heart and Pulsechain.


If you are looking for the process for buying a token, the first thing you need to know is that Pulse is the native token. It belongs to the Pulsechain and the symbol of it is PLS. This token can be purchased on the Pulsechain and Ethereum platforms but only when the sacrificial time is over. For those of you interested in selling this token you can also access the same platforms. The sacrificial time is a period which lasts 30 days and it ended on August 2nd 2021. Now that the sacrificial time has ended the Pulsechain can launch once everything is ready. The launch date is expected to be November 2nd 2021. But one cannot be sure because delays always occur. For instance HEX launch date kept on getting delayed for nearly a year and a half.


As of right now Pulsechain has not launched which is why trading the token is not possible currently. But when it does launch then the token will be available on some exchanges, and it will also be introduced on huge platforms like Coinbase. So for now, you guys have to be aware and stay away from any type of frauds or scams, yet stay updated! But when it will be launched, then you can buy or sell Pulsechain with just one click. Don’t be confused! It is as simple as trading any other cryptocurrency in the market. All you have to do is reach out to one of the platforms that offer Pulsechain transactions, and convert your FIAT currency with Pulsechain, and you are set to go.




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