PulseChain will no longer be launched this month.
In today's video, we're going to share with you some updates related to PulseChain, Hex, and one of the biggest upcoming projects, MOVEZ.
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
On May 22, Richard Heart posted that PulseChain will not launch this month. It doesn't look like that is going to happen.
He will continue his outrage marketing and the metrics look very good so far. He also tweeted, by the way, that some people like the idea of launching at the bottom of a bear market. So, for those people, they'll probably love the delays. Unfortunately, this news didn't go over well with many people, who sold their Hex like crazy to get ready for the launch. 
This isn't something new with crypto-currencies. These new speculative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, are very risky and high-paying. And by the way, there's a Twitter account called “Hex WhaleBot”, which has decided to track whale sales. He showed in one of his Tweets how many of these whales are selling their Hex. And in these tweets, you can see that there is one whale that sold almost $7 million worth of Hex. And that's not the only whale that did this, in fact, several other whales did the same thing to secure their assets, which significantly affected the price of HEX. 
And the current price of Hex at the time of this recording is $0.07, which is absolutely insane. Literally down over 85% right now. And deep in the red on Coingecko and many other platforms.
So Hex is down 85% from its all-time high of $0.51. It's not a pretty sight.
And it's almost the same thing happening on many other cryptos. Bitcoin is back to 28,900, but in our opinion, we could have a rally to around $40,000. Some of the altcoins are going to rally and from there we could go even lower, down to $19 or $20,000. Of course, as we just said, this is just our opinion. Many of you may not agree, which is why you need to do more research.
However, we should expect a short-term rebound that could potentially bring us back up.  Indeed, right now, with Pulsechain lagging, the collapse of the Hex price, and the collapse of all the other altcoins could well be an excellent opportunity for anyone to add their crypto numbers. Of course, not all of these cryptos will succeed, but one thing is for sure, some of them will succeed and will cover the losses caused by other altcoins. 
So, this drop in the market may be a good opportunity.
Now, of course, nobody knows where the bottom is, but if we look at our daily Hex stats, we haven't been this low in a long, long time.
And what still seems crazy about Hex is that everyone who bought those chips early on when it was launched is still in profit. Imagine if you bought it at $0.004, and since we're currently at $0.07, that's still almost 20 times higher. What we're trying to say here is that it's always a good thing to buy a token at its lowest price. 
Now we also have to share an update on MOVEZ, a very large project that will be launched soon. But before we tell you about that, if you like what we do, let us know by leaving a like and sharing this video.
Let's keep going.
We've already made several videos on MOVEZ. 
And it looks like the launch has also been delayed. They delayed it until early June due to market conditions and sentiment. But the pre-sales sold out very quickly and this cryptocurrency has huge potential. This will be the first deflationary Move-to-Earn.
Powered by BlueZilla, MoveZ seeks to solve some of the problems encountered by previous iterations with a unique set of features.
First off, boost zones let you participate in local social fitness events and earn boosted rewards. There are also organizational accounts, which allow workplaces, groups, and communities to set up their own subaccounts and share access to NFTs. Plus, there’s NFT lending and revenue sharing.
Further, the “burn to earn” concept lets you earn rewards for doing exercise. And since the system is deflationary, there will be upward pressure on price by the limiting of supply on the token.
The app also offers both competitive and relaxed options. If you’re the competitive type, you can use the local and global leaderboards to see how you stack up against other users. And if you just want to take it easy, you can still earn rewards by engaging in all types of physical activity, including jogging, running, swimming, and cycling, representing a massive improvement on the big players’ solutions. Plus, there are anti-cheat mechanisms in place to ensure that only genuine activity is rewarded.
MoveZ has blown up on social in the past few weeks, with over 150k combined followers on its Twitter and Telegram accounts. In the coming months, we can expect to see many non-crypto partners integrate with the app.
If you’re looking for a platform that pays you to get fit, MoveZ is definitely worth checking out.
However, as we mentioned in our previous videos, the IDO has already passed, so you have to wait for the launch in early June as they announced on Twitter.
On MoveZ, ALL forms of exercise can be rewarded, giving the platform a massive advantage over established platforms that provide limited forms of exercise for users. That could be swimming, cycling, jogging, running, being at the gym, or more.
With its unique set of features and a strong lineup of partners, MoveZ has a lot of potentials. And with a market cap of just $55,000, it has a lot of room to grow.
With a market cap of just $55,000, MoveZ has a lot of room for potential growth. This is especially true when you consider that BlueZilla has launched one-third of the best performing IDOs of all time – indicating that MoveZ has a lot of potentials.
We are looking forward to the launch of MOVEZ. We will keep you informed as soon as we know the exact launch date.
There will be more updates very soon. But for Hex, PulseX, and PulseChain, we will have to wait even longer. And you should know that the whole game of cryptocurrency is to buy the red and sell it when it's in the green.
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