PulseChain will make at least 100X from the sac price on the first day of launch. If you want to know why be sure to watch this video to the end because we have some important information to share with you today.
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Now, let's get started.
Before we tell you why we believe PulseChain can make 100X on day one, let us first share with you a great opportunity to earn free crypto that you should not miss.
Right now, there is an airdrop on a project called Hpx in progress. If you own or have sacrificed for HEX, Pulsechain Hedron, Maxi, PulseX, Phiat, LiquidLoans, Icosa, or Hurricash, you will receive a $Hpx when the PulseChain main network goes live. Hpx is an NFT marketplace on Pulsechain with a native deflationary token designed to increase in value. Due to their efforts, they have made the best tokenomics on Pulsechain.
A lot of people don’t like NFTs, and you're probably one of them but you know that there are months where OpenSea made more from commission fees than Uniswap?
You can today become one of them by staking their token. By staking $Hpx you’re becoming automatically kinda like a shareholder of their NFT marketplace because 100% of their commission fees are going back to their token holders.
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Now, let's get back to the main topic of this video.
So, let's see why we believe PulseChain will make at least 100X from the sac price on the first day of launch. PulseChain is arguably the most anticipated blockchain and investors are eagerly awaiting its release. Reports state that more than 135 projects have lined up to build their products on the layer-1 blockchain. Its governing token PLS is the talk of the town even before its release, as investors believe it could mirror Hex’s phenomenal returns.
Hex was launched by Richard Heart in December 2019 and the crypto doubled in price approximately every 48 days.
Twitter handle Pulsechain News & Talk, which extensively covers PLS developments has predicted PulseChain’s outcome on day 1 when it is launched. According to the commentator, PLS could be among the top traded tokens in the market within a few days of its release.
"PLS and PLSX will be the top coins traded, with huge swings up and down. We'll then see every PulseChain project announce its launch on the network and those who were keeping a close eye on them will drag in other eyes. Within 24 hours, adoption on PulseChain will skyrocket."
As of today, there will be over 150 projects/coins or NFTs trading and branding, contributing to the deflationary mechanisms of PLS. PulseX will see the largest first-day volume for any DEX. We will see many doubters FOMO into not only PLS, and PLSX, but most of the projects.
Heart’s new project, PulseChain does not yet have a release date. However, via a Tweet, Heart shared a quick update with fans and users. Heart said that PLS is currently undergoing auditing and the developers are fixing all that needs to be fixed.
Even though PulseChain has yet to be released, it is already seeing strong demand. On social media, investors are pleading with Heart to issue the cryptocurrency quickly, and hundreds of individuals are hoping to invest on the first day of its availability.
Additionally, a documentary called “The Highest of Stakes” is scheduled to be released on Amazon’s PrimeVideo as well as Netflix. The documentary follows HEX’s journey and the lives it has impacted. The release may drive attention to Heart’s other projects as well.
So, the documentary could play a significant role in which direction PulseChain would go, as it would open the floodgates to thousands of people to know about HEX and PLS. Both the cryptos are expected to attract heavy buying pressure when the documentary is out. The cryptos would attract buying pressure because the film will highlight how average people made millions by investing in them.
The Highest of Stakes will show private jets, luxury cars, and expensive mansions which was purchased by average people. In conclusion, HEX and PulseChain might have a better future as it shows the lifestyle that everyone truly wants and desires. So hopefully it will be a big hit and attract more potential investors.
The PulseChain Testnet is now on its second version, which includes validator rotation, registration, and staking. Heart says that he will most likely have a better time frame over the next few days.
Heart also posted a follow-up tweet saying that once he knows when things move forward, so will the community. He too, he says, is waiting on a time estimate.
Heart has been a poster boy for many individuals who have turned into millionaires with his HEX project. Early investors saw incredible gains, creating generational wealth. Many who were skeptical about the project were proven wrong as HEX is now one of the most successful and popular projects out there.
Now people who missed the HEX bandwagon are eagerly lining up for PulseChain in hopes of similar wins.
Now, the main reason we believe PulseChain will achieve that 100X goal on day one is the community that supports the project.
There is no one better than Richard Heart to understand the importance of building a community. He knows that the reason for HEX's success is not only due to better market fundamentals, but more importantly, the community he has been steadily building, as it will also translate into the success of PulseChain. That's why he's constantly giving interviews, spreading the word, and inviting people to be a part of something revolutionary.
Richard Heart recently appeared on Michael Sartain's podcast.
In the podcast, after talking about his past, Richard Heart explains why it's so important for people to use crypto-currencies because, unlike fiat, governments don't control your assets, as crypto-currencies don't belong to anyone. People need to understand the value of having power over their assets. No matter what happens, crypto-currencies will be there, giving users a safe place to keep their savings and money. According to Heart, the main power behind crypto-currencies is the resistance to censorship and the fact that no one has the power to print more money like the feds do around the world, which only takes away the value of money.
In a way, crypto-currencies are also inflation resistant. The devaluation of money is not only unfair to people, but it's criminal and it's only crypto that solves that, not stocks, gold, or the SP 500. Heart says. With these things in mind, it's just enough to keep us motivated about the future of crypto-currencies and that of PulseChain in particular.
Now, do you think PulseChain can do 100X on day one? As usual, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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