Hello everyone, and welcome back to this channel! It's been almost a week since the remarkable launch of PulseChain's Mainnet, and the bridge. The outcomes thus far have been truly impressive! We've received numerous questions from our engaged community, all wondering about the progress and potential returns with PulseChain. That's precisely why we've put together this video for you. It's essential to watch until the end to ensure you don't miss a single detail. Get ready for a comprehensive exploration of PulseChain's latest developments. Let's delve into the exciting world of PulseChain together!
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Now, let's get started.
PulseChain has been up and running for five days now, and the initial results are truly remarkable. The platform has seen substantial growth and engagement since its launch. Let's dive into the key statistics that highlight the impressive progress made by PulseChain:
In terms of token burn, PulseChain has witnessed remarkable activity. A staggering 16 billion PLSX tokens have been burned, signifying the commitment to reducing the token supply and enhancing the value proposition for token holders. Additionally, 890 million PLS tokens have been burned in gas fees, showcasing the utilization of the network and the demand for transactions.
To further emphasize the commitment to the ecosystem, 890 million PLS tokens were burned from the initial 4096 validators. This showcases the dedication to building a strong and sustainable network where participants actively contribute to the ecosystem's growth.
Excitingly, the eHEX and pHEX tokens are currently at parity, indicating a balanced market for investors. This equilibrium provides a fair and transparent trading environment, offering equal opportunities for participants to engage and benefit from the PulseChain ecosystem.
Lastly, the number of transactions conducted on PulseChain is consistently growing. In just a single day, there have been 312,448 transactions, reflecting the platform's increasing usage and the growing activity level within the ecosystem. This high transaction volume further solidifies PulseChain's position as a vibrant and dynamic network.
These remarkable achievements reflect the trust, interest, and engagement of the community, setting the stage for a promising future for PulseChain.
And that's not all. We have some breaking news to share with you.
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Now, SafeTrade Exchange has just made a groundbreaking announcement regarding the listing of PulseChain's native token, PLS. This news brings immense opportunities for the community. While we don't have all the specific details about SafeTrade Exchange, such as their fees, KYC requirements, or track record, this listing is still a significant milestone for PulseChain. Let's take a closer look at what they shared on their official Twitter account: "We are extremely pleased to offer the first $PLS/USDT listing for Pulsechain.Com."
This tweet clearly demonstrates the enthusiasm of SafeTrade Exchange to be a part of the PulseChain ecosystem. So, while we currently don't have comprehensive information about SafeTrade Exchange, we should approach this announcement with cautious optimism.
Exchange listings play a crucial role in expanding the reach and accessibility of a token, allowing it to be traded and accessed by a wider audience. With SafeTrade Exchange planning to list PLS, it opens up new avenues for investors and traders to engage with PulseChain's native token.
This exchange listing is an encouraging development for PulseChain and demonstrates the growing interest and recognition it is receiving within the cryptocurrency community. We will continue to monitor any further updates from SafeTrade Exchange and other potential exchanges interested in listing PLS, keeping you informed about the latest developments in the PulseChain ecosystem.
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Moving on, let's delve into the topic of the PulseChain Bridge. For those interested in bridging their assets to PulseChain, you can find the bridge link conveniently located in the video description below.
The current situation surrounding the purchase and use of PLS cryptocurrency is subject to various limitations. It appears that there is a chance to participate in gas transactions with just some few PLS, but the process is not clearly defined. You are encouraged to explore and experiment with different limits in order to increase the likelihood of getting filled on a gas transaction. However, success is not guaranteed, and there is a risk of failure.
As you may have noticed on the PulseChain Bridge, the token is WPLS.
Of course, it's the genuine wrapped PLS. If you scroll down and check, you'll see that you can indeed purchase it on Uniswap. It's listed there as actual PLS. So if you buy it, there's no need to worry; you can send it to the chain, and it will be successfully deposited. However, it cannot be unlocked for use.
Although it will appear with all the necessary icons and details, unlocking the PLS is not possible. To clarify, you cannot transfer PLS directly from PulseChain. You can only wrap it as WPLS. Unfortunately, when you bring it back into the system, you have to unwrap it. And this process incurs a gas cost of 120. We're uncertain if it's a viable option for you. It'll be amazing if someone is able to.
Despite these limitations, this is the nature of true decentralization, which PulseChain aims to achieve. Unlike other projects with established exchange listings and widespread support, PulseChain is still in its early stages. The absence of massive exchanges and venture capital involvement signifies an opportunity for early participants to witness and contribute to the project's growth.
The liquidity of PLS is very thin, indicating that trading volumes and available tokens are limited. Consequently, price fluctuations and significant market activity are not currently observed. You are not missing out on any significant developments or opportunities due to the restricted liquidity.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our informative video on the PulseChain Mainnet update and bridge explanation. We hope you found the content insightful and helpful in understanding the potential for remarkable returns within the PulseChain ecosystem.
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