PulseChain will be launched soon. For now, the date is still unknown, Richard Heart said he will keep us posted. However, it will probably be at the end of the Bear Market. But before it goes live, there is some important information you should know. We are aware of the fact that PulseChain is brand new, and some things about it are sometimes confusing, which is exactly why we get questions asking for clarifications about PulseChain. So, we decided to make this video so that you can better understand how PulseChain will work.
So, in today's video, we're going to explain what exactly will happen during the PulseChain Airdrop. So, we will explain everything you should do to not miss this airdrop, and especially how to make the most of it.
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
Any token participants currently hold on the Ethereum network will be automatically represented on PulseChain. Users don’t need to do anything to take part in this airdrop. Just be aware of the moment PulseChain mainnet launches, connect your wallet to the new network and enjoy the ride!
People who did not participate in the sacrifice phase will be airdropped PLS directly to their Ethereum address for every 1 ETH held at snapshot time.
On the day that PulseChain launches, all ERC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain shall be copied over and duplicated to PulseChain. PulseChain will be an exact replica of the Ethereum system state, a “hard-fork”, and anything you hold in your wallet on the Ethereum network will appear in the same wallet on the PulseChain network!
If you currently have 10k Hex, 0.5UNI, and a couple of NFTs they are currently stored on the Ethereum blockchain. On day 1 Pulsechain MainNet launch you shall have another 10k Hex, 0.5UNI, and a couple of NFTs on the PulseChain network. Switching between networks is easy and it can be done in a few clicks and copy/pastes on the most popular wallets. In addition to that, you’ll be able to trade tokens on the Ethereum network and the PulseChain network independently.  Even tokens locked up in a liquidity pool or another smart contract will be forked over to PulseChain.
Actually, the mirrored tokens on PulseChain are not backed 1:1 by the native tokens on other blockchains and instead function as a fork of these other assets. The value of these mirrored tokens will not follow the value of the native assets and will be based on supply and demand. On PulseChain, 1 UNI will not have the value of 1UNI on the Ethereum network.
Now, how to participate to this Airdrop?
First of all, you must keep your crypto on the Ethereum network on a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask. Don't hold it on an exchange such as Binance or other.
Then, get notified when PulseChain mainnet launches.
When it launches connect your wallet to PulseChain.
Keep in mind that your assets are not physically located in a "wallet", such as MetaMask, Fortmatic, or a physical wallet. Your assets never leave the blockchain. Your hardware wallet or MetaMask wallet simply generates a passphrase and a public address and provides a nice way to view your cryptocurrency wallet.
The public address is the long string of letters and numbers used to receive and send tokens. Therefore, when the fork happens and your assets are duplicated, you will simply add PulseChain Network to your Metamask wallet and your duplicate assets are there, waiting for you.
Other ERC tokens shall retain their original name. So, ETH becomes PLS; but HEX or SHIB on Ethereum remains HEX and SHIB on PulseChain. For sake of comprehensiveness, it is common to add the prefixes “e” (for Ethereum) and “p” (for PulseChain) when speaking about these airdropped tokens. For example, people often speak of eHEX and pHEX. But really, they will both be HEX and, after launch, we will refer to HEX (on Pulse) simply as “HEX.” as well as HEX on Ethereum.
And of course, if you have tokens currently being staked on the Ethereum blockchain, those will also be duplicated over to the PulseChain.
Please note that the PLS tokens you will be airdropped in accordance with your ETH holdings are referred to as “freemium PLS.”
But now, how about other networks such as Cardano, Solana, Fantom, etc.?
Well, the tokens being copied over must be on the Ethereum mainnet. Any tokens on other chains, such as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, or the ones mentioned above will not be taken into account during the airdrop. Coins on Mt Gox and some spam coins will also be excluded. So, you better bridge over your assets to Ethereum before it’s too late!
Not your keys, not your coins…
This is a very important concept to understand!
The tokens must be in your own wallet for which you control your own private keys. If you don’t control the keys, the centralized exchange or wallet provider will receive the airdrop, not you.
Just like a network fork, the duplication of the HEX smart contract may or may not be contentious, depending on the social consensus of all HEX users, we may end up with two working HEX smart contracts, one on the original network and one on the new PulseChain network.
However, the current thinking is that the PulseChain network will be far superior and will take with it the majority of user support, the existing infrastructure already built, and the value contained in the HEX ecosystem built to date.
There is no way to know how much the legacy HEX will be worth on the PulseChain network. If there is enough support to continue to run this smart contract on the original network, it may retain some value.
History suggests that in circumstances such as this when there is broad community support for the new channel, the value of the old smart contract may be reduced to zero. Ultimately, the value of HEX on the PulseChain network will be determined by the market.
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Now, are you looking for where to buy PulseChain? Or, are you trying to figure out how to buy PulseChain? Well, the truth is...you can't buy PulseChain yet at the time of this recording.
The people trying to sell you PulseChain (PLS) right now are all scammers. There are multiple ERC-20 scam tokens named PLS. Don't buy them!
No one knows what will be the price of PLS tokens 1 week after launch. Once the mainnet launches, you will be able to buy PLS on the Uniswap fork native to PulseChain. It’s unknown on which exchanges PLS will be traded first. There will be a bridge from Ethereum to Pulse.
Do not believe anyone trying to show you how or where to buy PulseChain.
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