Breaking news! After two long years of anticipation, the day we've been waiting for has finally arrived. PulseChain, the latest and most eagerly awaited project from Richard Heart, has finally gone live. And the excitement around it is palpable. In fact, within just 14 hours of its launch, the PLSX tokens have already been burned and valued at over $1 million. That's right - $1 million! But that's not all. The volume is already over $12.35B, and liquidity is over $69.40B in less than 24 hours. That's crazy! In today's video, we'll explore whether it's already possible to buy tokens on exchanges and how you can get your hands on free tokens. So make sure to tune in and join us as we dive deep into the world of PulseChain.
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Now, let's get started.
In the last 14 hours since Richard Heart announced that PulseChain and PulseX are now live, there has been a significant surge in trading volume on PulseX. Although it is only the first day, the buy and burn function has already led to over 12.86 billion plsx tokens being burned according to the website.
However, the reported value of one plsx being worth $0.04893 is not accurate, as it does not seem to have strong backing. It would be wise to wait for the PulseChain bridge to launch to get a better understanding of the tokens' value. Richard Heart announced on twitter that, traders should be careful setting their slippage limits to avoid being affected by sandwich bots and other risks. Despite the lack of clarity on the tokens' value, it is estimated that $1,286,000 worth of plsx tokens have been burned in the last 14 hours, based on the current price of the sacrifice points. This equates to more than $91,000 being burned every hour.
Guys, as you can see, so far in 14 hours we have burned through over 12.86 billion plsx tokens.
It is important to note that this has occurred with only a small number of users trading so far. If the price of plsx is 10 times the sacrifice points, the burning would amount to an astounding $12,860,000. This is a remarkable development for the future of pls and plsx tokens.
The Richard Heart ecosystem has reached a significant milestone, and this is just the beginning. With over 12.86 billion plsx tokens burned in less than 24 hours, it promises to be an exciting time. Let's wait and see when the projects will start to launch on PulseChain, as they will bring liquidity to the blockchain. It wouldn't be surprising to see PulseChain become the most important blockchain in the coming years, with many people wanting to launch their projects on it. At the time of this recording, more than 137 projects are about to launch on PulseChain, and one of these revolutionary projects with incredible potential is called Poolsea, which we've discussed multiple times on this channel.
PoolSea is a new project built on the PulseChain blockchain, offering a DEX, staking pool, NFT marketplace, and stablecoin all in one place. Deposits on PoolSea Swap are free, but withdrawal fees can vary from 25% to 0.01%. With concentrated liquidity, LPs can use their capital more effectively, with utilization rates surpassing 100%.
One of the features of PoolSea is AquaPool, which is a staking pool that offers a return on investment for staked tokens. Early adopters of stPLS can earn up to 20-30% APY, similar to early ETH adopters. When investors unstake their tokens, a fee of up to 3.1618% will be charged.
PoolSea's tokenomics aim for a 10,000X return, and the project is still in the sacrifice phase, meaning that early investors can expect high returns.
Overall, PoolSea aims to provide a comprehensive DeFi platform on the PulseChain blockchain, offering a variety of features in one place. With concentrated liquidity and high returns for early adopters, PoolSea has the potential to be a lucrative investment opportunity. That's why you should take a look at  poolsea if you are looking for a project with massive potential.
Now, let's get back to the main topic of this video.
To better understand the current state of PulseChain trading, let's take a closer look at the ratio between Pls and Pls X. As of this recording, one Pls is worth around 3.03 plsx, and the trading ratio has been fluctuating between three and four to one for the past several hours.
However, before jumping into ratio trading, it's important to exercise extreme caution. It's worth repeating that this is not financial advice, but rather a reminder that PulseChain only launches once, and getting it right is crucial. The last thing anyone wants is to get wrecked. In fact, the launch of PulseChain has caused some of us to feel under the weather.
Despite the risks involved, it's hard to deny the potential opportunities offered by the world of cryptocurrency. As we previously mentioned, the trading ratio between Pls and Pls X has undergone significant changes since the launch of PulseChain. In the beginning, it was possible to exchange 10,000 pls for approximately 55 million plsx, resulting in an exchange rate of one dollar worth of sacrifice point for $5,500 worth of sacrifice points. This is truly staggering.
Nowadays, PulseChain is conducting around 120 transactions per 10-second block, which equates to an impressive 1,036,800 transactions per day. It's clear that PulseChain is making waves in the world of cryptocurrency trading, and it will be interesting to see how things continue to evolve in the coming days and weeks.
Make sure to explore this new network as there may be free tokens waiting in your wallet for you to claim. To test out PulseChain for free, simply add the network to your wallet. If you did not hold any assets during the fork or if they were held by a centralized exchange, you may want to consider using the faucet. You can obtain free PLS tokens by clicking a button and connecting an empty wallet to the website to collect tokens every hour. The link to the faucet is provided in the description. This incentivizes people to test PulseChain for themselves and see if it lives up to the hype.
But, keep in mind that the faucet may take a week or two to go live after launch. If you want to avoid gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain, you can transfer the value of your tokens to PulseChain through the Pulse Ramp bridge by converting them into a wrapped version that retains the same value. PulseChain can become the home for all of your tokens, and you can provide liquidity by pairing the wrapped tokens with their free versions to earn fees. However, this is a more advanced strategy with serious risks involved, such as impermanent loss, especially in the early stages of PulseChain when volatility is high.
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