Hey guys, in today's video we're going to tell you if PulseChain will be able to make 10,000X, and more importantly when it will make it.
So, as usual, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
When will Pulse token do 10,000X? Well, let's examine that.
The total supply of Pulse tokens is over 100 trillion coins.
Those who got the token by sacrificing themselves did so at $1 for 10,000 coins. That equates to $0.0001 per Pulse token.
So, to reach our goal of 10,000 X, that means we would have to mint a dollar, meaning we would have to reach a fully diluted market cap of 100 trillion.
Now, let's assume that we start the launch with about $0.001 per Pulse token. So for us to reach 10,000X, with our first launch price, we will have $10 worth of Pulse tokens. So, guys, is this possible? Well, the answer is YES! And we'll tell you why.
PulseChain statistics show us that 140,000 people have sacrificed. And if we look at the number of daily users on Ethereum, it's 500,000 people. But the people who hold the Eth tokens are much more numerous. And, the number of daily users on the Binance Smart Chain is 10 million. There is obviously a difference because, even though there are more users on the Binance smart chain, Ethereum still has more value exchanged daily than on the Binance smart chain. It's simple, Ethereum holders have more money than Binance Smart Chain users. And PulseChain is forking Ethereum, the blockchain with the most whales. So more liquidity is on the Ethereum blockchain. And as we just said, PulseChain is forking that. So, we have the opportunity to get all these big whales on PulseChain. And since then, they all get free coins. They will definitely be forked to use Pulsechain at least once to take a look at their coins or at least to sell some of their coins. In short, PulseChain is a must for these Whales because their goal is to make as much money as possible and pay as few transaction fees as possible. So some of these people will look at the system and like it and they will start buying pls coins and they can't buy any more sacrifice coins because it's already finished.
As a result, they are forced to do it after the launch of PulseChain. Another big factor to consider is Richard Heart.
As we always say, this guy knows what he's doing, he's an expert and everything he touches turns to gold.
He is not a player. He is not a player in the space in terms of trading, moving coins, or dumping. He is not a player in anything. He is normally just relaxing. He moves coins mainly between his wallets. So, anyone who wants coins will have to get them from the market. It's a 10 trillion supply. That 10 trillion supply that's in the hands of the community, that's where people will have to get it if they want it. So, the community is going to play a very big role here. So, that 10,000X is possible. But we have to think that we are in a bear market right now. Cryptocurrencies that go into a bear market do not perform well. But the reason is simple, they depreciate sharply, so they start from a lower valuation. This is what happened to many cryptos. And since then, developers have understood the principle. They've figured out how it works. 
And we think that's the main reason why Richard Heart is waiting to launch PulseChain. He waits for the right timing.
Holders were very excited about the launch of HEX, which was in a bear market. Obviously, if you go to Coinmarketcap, you the first few days of Hex, the trading volume was extremely low, about 10,000, 15,000. They only went up to $50,000 and $100,000 a day after a while when the bear market ended.  But the market capitalization was still tiny at that time. The valuation started slowly. And Richard Heart probably considered that when launching PulseChain.
But we know that PulseChain is going to start with a low market cap if we just consider the amount of sacrifice. That amount is still small compared to other blockchains like Matic.
Although it hasn't launched, PLS is already attracting a lot of buying pressure. Investors on social networks are asking Heart to release the crypto soon and thousands of people are hoping to pour their money in on the first day of its launch.
Investors believe that Heart has a Midas touch and is capable of giving investors the same experience.
At this time, there is no data to show whether PulseChain will be the key to wealth. PLS hasn't launched yet. However, the sentiment in the market shows that there could be a possibility that it will be the next HEX or more.
Nonetheless, we will have to wait until after its release if it does provide investors with generational wealth.
But then, when will our 10,000X goal happen? Before we tell you about that, if enjoying the video, let us know by leaving us a "Like" and sharing this video if you haven't yet. Now, let's continue.
Well, we are still in a bear market. And following a long wait, Richard Heart could launch this token. It's going to happen maybe in the next few months, and if it happens in this bear market, we'll bottom out in 2022 and later in 2023, the price will start to gradually go up. So, if it launches in this bear market, we'll go through an accumulation phase first, which will probably last for an unknown amount of time, but nevertheless, by 2024, our 10,000X target would be reached.
Now, that may seem like a long way off, but it's worth the wait to get rich. Crypto is the only place where you can put in $1,000 and make $1M. And with PulseChain, it will be possible.
It's already happened to other blockchains, and it will continue.
But remember, this is not financial advice. This is just our opinion. You have to do your research and come to your own conclusions.
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