Are you ready to discover a groundbreaking new platform that combines the excitement of poker with the advantages of the cryptocurrency world? If so, you're in luck, because in this video we're delving into the world of Pulse Valley, the exclusive poker club built on PulseChain that promises a guaranteed 5X return at launch. But how is this possible? Stick around until the end to uncover the secrets behind Pulse Valley's unique approach and learn how you can potentially earn big through this innovative investment opportunity. We also have some important updates about this project to share with you. 
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Now, let's get started.
We've discussed this project on our channel numerous times, and we have an important update to share with you today. If you visit, you'll notice a countdown timer indicating the number of days left for the sacrifice phase. Initially, the end date was scheduled for after the official launch of PulseChain, but according to their recent statement on Twitter, the date has been set. They said: “Since we are almost done with the development of both our Poker and iGaming platform and we are also approaching the release of PulseChain's Mainnet, PulseValley's Sacrifice Phase will officially end on March 10, 2023."
With the end of the sacrifice phase, the Pulse Valley team will shift their focus toward other aspects of project development. If you navigate to the sacrifice section of the website, you'll find the sacrifice address. We won't go into the details of the sacrifice in this video because we've covered it in previous videos and encourage you to watch those for a comprehensive understanding. The price of the sacrifice is $0.0005 per VP token, and the sacrifice phase will end on March 10th.
When the tokens are listed, the price will be $0.0025 per PV token, resulting in an instant profit of 5x for early investors. At the time of this recording, Pulse Valley has created a collection of 1000 NFTs already available on the Opensea marketplace.
Initially, they planned to limit the poker platform to NFT holders only, but then they wanted everyone to benefit from it. However, NFT holders will have certain advantages over other investors, such as receiving a percentage of the iGaming platform's revenue based on the club they are in.
It is important to note that the NFT sale will also end on March 10 and unsold NFTs will be burned and the allocated percentage of the iGaming platform revenue reserved for poker clubs will be shared among NFT holders, so for example 10% of the iGaming platform revenue is reserved for Jack's club so if 10 NFTs have been sold, the 10% will be shared between the 10 NFT holders, if 100 NFTs have been sold, the 10% will be shared between the 100 NFT holders (and the same user can get a higher percentage of the revenue allocated to him if he holds several NFTs). That's pretty cool!
Now, Concretely, for those who have just discovered this project, what does it consist of?
Pulse Valley is a revolutionary platform that merges the excitement of poker with the benefits of the cryptocurrency space. This poker club operates on the PulseChain and is the brainchild of a group of investors from Hex, PulseChain, and PulseX. Pulse Valley is the first exclusive poker club built on PulseChain, making it a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind experience for its members.
The platform offers several benefits for its members. Firstly, it leverages the security and efficiency of blockchain technology to ensure safe, transparent, and instant transactions. Unlike traditional poker clubs, where players may have to wait for days to cash out their winnings, members of Pulse Valley can receive their winnings in real-time.
Additionally, Pulse Valley offers a unique cryptocurrency-based reward system, whereby members can earn rewards for participation and loyalty. These rewards can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, making it a profitable venture for avid poker players.
Moreover, Pulse Valley provides a level playing field for all members, irrespective of their geographic location or bankroll size. This is because the platform allows for seamless and affordable cross-border transactions, enabling players from all over the world to participate in exclusive games and tournaments.
In summary, Pulse Valley is a groundbreaking platform that provides a secure, efficient, and rewarding poker experience for its members, making it a must-try for avid poker players.
It is a first-of-its-kind online poker platform that utilizes cryptocurrency technology to offer players unique gameplay experiences. At the heart of Pulse Valley's economy is the deflationary PV token, which serves as the main in-game currency.
When players participate in games on Pulse Valley, they can lose PV tokens, which increases demand for the currency and drives up its value. To further increase the value of PV tokens, a portion of tokens is burned from each winning hand, continually reducing the overall supply of PV tokens.
In addition to PV tokens, Pulse Valley offers a variety of NFTs, which provide unique perks and benefits to players. These include exclusive access to high-stakes games, early access to new features and events, and a variety of other benefits.
One example of a real-life situation where people could benefit from Pulse Valley is if they are avid poker players who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency. By joining Pulse Valley, they can participate in high-stakes poker games while also leveraging the potential growth of the deflationary PV token.
As they engage in the games, they may lose tokens, which in turn increases demand and drives up the value of the token. They may also benefit from the unique perks associated with owning NFTs, which can include access to exclusive tournaments or other in-game benefits.
In addition, by participating in Pulse Valley, players can potentially profit from the growth of the PV token. As the token supply decreases due to the burning of tokens from winning hands, the value of the remaining tokens may increase over time.
Pulse Valley is a unique platform that offers various opportunities for individuals to earn through the platform, both actively and passively. One of the ways to earn is by participating in the various tournaments that Pulse Valley hosts. These tournaments are designed to not only provide a thrilling experience but also an opportunity to earn while contributing to the scarcity and value of PV tokens.
Unlike other platforms that offer generic tournaments, Pulse Valley's tournaments are designed to be unique, and exciting, and offer substantial prize pools. For example, one of their recent tournaments was the Crypto Poker Cup, where participants competed for a grand prize of 100,000 PV tokens. With tournaments like these, players can earn more than just bragging rights.
Another way to earn through Pulse Valley is by holding NFTs. Pulse Valley offers various types of NFTs, each with unique perks that provide opportunities to earn. For example, some NFTs offer an opportunity for holders to receive a share of the profits generated from, Pulse Valley's iGaming platform. Monthly dividends are paid out to their NFT holders, providing them with a passive income stream.
What sets Pulse Valley apart from other platforms that offer NFTs is the exclusivity and limited number of players and NFTs available. This exclusivity creates scarcity, which can contribute to the value of PV tokens. Additionally, Pulse Valley's NFTs come with unique perks that provide value beyond just the gaming experience.
That's it for this video guys. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comment section below and we will come back with another video.