What's up, guys? What is the next 100X project?  In this video, we will reveal an upcoming crypto project with enormous potential for success. What's even better is that it will be launched on PulseChain, a blockchain that is fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Currently, their NFT collection is available for purchase on OpenSea, and we will guide you on how to purchase these NFTs at a discounted price and profit from the upside when the project officially launches. Don't miss out on any details by watching this video until the very end.
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Now, let's get started.
In our previous video, we discussed the project known as Pulse Valley, and today, we'll be focusing on their IGaming platform. If you're new here, let us give you a brief overview of the project. Pulse Valley is an exclusive, limited-access Poker Club running on PulseChain. Developed by an ambitious team of Hex, PulseChain, and PulseX investors, Pulse Valley is a revolutionary platform that uses a deflationary PV token as the main in-game currency, offering all benefits of the crypto world alongside.
The project has a clearly defined roadmap, and thus far, everything is progressing smoothly. One of their commitments was to create an Igaming platform, which is currently in the final stages of development and goes by the name Pulsevalley.io. This platform is presently in live demo mode, and what is particularly noteworthy is that all NFT holders will receive a monthly share of the platform's revenue. Naturally, your earnings will be determined by various factors such as the value of your NFT and the number of NFTs you own. If you desire to win big, it's advisable to purchase your NFTs now, as the total supply has already been produced and is available for purchase on OpenSea at a significantly low cost. This price will increase significantly upon the project's official launch.
If you're aiming for substantial profits upon the platform's official launch, it's advisable to purchase NFTs at a lower price point now. The Igaming platform has already launched 17 games that are operating efficiently, with almost all of the games that you'd find in the finest casinos worldwide. The good news is that everything is accessible online, eliminating the need to visit a casino and risk being turned away for lack of a ticket. As previously stated, there are 17 games currently available on the platform, including Wheel, Dice, Rook, Blackjack, Roulette, Limbo, and others. These games' principles are well-known, and there's no need to elaborate on how they operate. Let's try the Wheel game and see what happens. You can choose the amount of money you want to play with, select a color, and click Play. This game has several modes, as you can see.
You can select the automatic mode in which you can specify the number of rounds you want to play. Additionally, you can customize the automatic mode settings to increase or reset your bet after each win or loss. Furthermore, you can make the game stop after a win. The same rules apply to all the other games available on the platform. If you're new to any of these games, you'll easily learn how to play them in a matter of minutes. This is precisely what the platform is all about. It's worth noting that the team intends to introduce additional games in the future. Once they've finished developing all the web3 features such as metamask, registration and login funds, deposits, and withdrawals, the platform will be fully operational. The Igaming platform's internal currency will be the pvc Pulse Valley Coins.
In their Igaming platform, there are two currencies in play. The first one is the pvc Pulse Valley Coins, which are valued at $1 and can be used to play games. Users can also withdraw it in stablecoins. The second currency is the pv token, which will be published as a token on PulseChain and will have a deflationary nature. The pv token will be exclusively used for poker games and can be exchanged like any other token or cryptocurrency.
One interesting feature is that only pv tokens on PulseChain's Mainnet will be supported for poker games, with burned tokens ensuring that the pv tokens retain their deflationary nature.
Basically, the deflationary nature of the PV token means that as more players use it to play poker games, the total number of tokens in circulation will decrease over time. This has the potential to increase the value of the remaining tokens, as they become scarcer and more valuable.
As players lose their chips in poker games, they will need to buy more to continue playing. This demand for PV tokens could potentially drive up their value even further. Additionally, the platform will burn 2% of the chips, further reducing the overall supply of PV tokens.
The poker platform will also offer various tournaments for players to compete in, including weekly, monthly, and yearly events. These tournaments will provide additional opportunities for players to win PV tokens and contribute to the overall ecosystem.
Overall, the combination of the deflationary nature of the PV token, the burning of chips, and the various tournaments offered on the igaming platform have the potential to create a vibrant and lucrative ecosystem for players and investors alike.
Additionally, once the project is launched, Pulse Value will be available as an Android and iOS app. This is great news as many people prefer using apps as they are less cumbersome, and all you need is your phone to access it. That's pretty good because that will likely increase adoption due to the ease of use of mobile applications.
Their website indicates that investing in Pulse Valley tokens and PVs doesn't require membership or playing. Additionally, funds raised will be allocated to advertising while player numbers remain unchanged.
Now, players who want to join the tournament will be required to purchase entry tickets using stablecoins. The collected amount will form the prize pool, which will be used to purchase PV tokens. The platform will burn 15% of the purchased tokens, which will decrease the number of tokens in circulation, and 85% will be used as rewards for the winners. Even if the winners sell their rewards, the deflationary nature of the PV tokens will still be reinforced, thus ensuring their long-term value.
The sacrifice phase for the PV tokens is currently ongoing with a price set at $0.0005 per token. This phase, along with the NFT sale, will end on March 10. After this, the listing price for the pv tokens will be $0.0025 per token, which represents an instant profit of five times the sacrifice price.
So, If you invest $500 during the sacrifice phase, you will get 1,000,000 PV tokens.
After the sacrifice phase ends and the PV tokens are listed at $0.0025 per token, your 1,000,000 PV tokens will be worth $2,500 (1,000,000 x $0.0025 = $2,500).
This represents a profit of $2,000 ($2,500 - $500 = $2,000), which is a 400% return on investment. That's huge guys.
Additionally, it is worth noting that NFT holders will receive a share of the revenue generated from the iGaming platform. As this is the final opportunity to obtain an NFT, any unsold items will be burned after the sacrifice phase concludes.
Please note that the information provided here does not constitute investment advice. We strongly recommend conducting your own research and investing only what you can afford to lose. However, we believe that this project has enormous potential for growth and profit. Therefore, we suggest not missing out on this opportunity to invest in a promising project.
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