What are the best Pulsechain projects that are flying under the radar of all investors? As we've already seen, there are over 137 projects currently in development on the PulseChain blockchain. Although it hasn't launched yet, Pulsechain has proven one thing, once it goes live, it will have one of the most diverse ecosystems available. In this video, we'll go over the top 3 PulseChain projects that are trying to solve some of the problems this space might face after a few years. The best part is that all of these projects have crazy potential. And smart investors have already added them to their watch list.
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Now, let's get started.
The very first PulseChain project that is flying under the radar of all investors and bringing real value is going to be HPX.
HPX is one of the PoolSea projects. We've talked about it in our previous videos. PoolSea is a new optimal solution for PulseChain that includes a DEX, NFT marketplace, and a Staking pool & stablecoin that will allow you to earn daily returns with liquid PLS. Briefly, let's focus strictly on HPX.
So, Hpx is a marketplace for NFT trading based on the PulseChain Network. You can make profits from owning $Hpx as one of the shareholders of the venture. This makes PulseChain increase in value and helps it go viral.
HPX is the core of popularizing PulseChain. They increase the value of the entire network by providing a stable tool for exchanging value and helping populate the Pulse network in the NFT space.
Hpx will have an auto swap system where users can buy their favorite nft listed for PulseChain (or pHex, PLSX, and USDL) using their cryptocurrency, $Hpx, and benefit by skipping their 2.22% commission. If person X
decides to put his nft up for sale for 10,000,000 PLS person Y will be able to buy it back with our $Hpx token using 0% commission. The savings on this transaction - are 222,222 PLS. And will be subject to a commission of 0.29% through the PulseX system. This is crazy because all Ethereum NFT collections will be in one place. And all of your favorite NFT collections including BAYC, Crypto Punks, Doodles, etc... will be available on Hpx. That's why this project is so valuable to investors.
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Now, let’s get back to the main topic.
The next PulseChain project that is flying under the radar of all investors and bringing real value is Love.io. This is one of our favorites.
They mention the possibility of monetizing social media using likes, dislikes, shares, and more. They mention them as intangible assets but don't go into detail about how this system works. What they do make clear is that the blockchain technology infrastructure offered by the Love.io protocol creates a peer-to-peer crypto-currency ecosystem monetizing "LOVE" energy.
In its main use cases, the LOVE crypto-currency will be used for incentivization, engagement, cross-promotion, partnerships, micro-payments, referral fees, etc., across multiple social media channels.
From what we can gather, this project will incorporate their currency to be used in social media posts and interactions. They also have a portfolio in development called Lovefy where you can send LOVE and 87 other digital assets.
Love.io on PulseChain seems to retain many HEX and PulseChain qualities such as "Proof of Stake" technology and being ability to use MetaMask to interact with Love.io with "Freemium PLS". Interesting wording there. In addition to other similar elements, there is an improved game theory, although they don't go into detail about what exactly this game theory is that they will be implementing.
To begin with, Love.io starts on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token during their sacrifice phase. Once their sacrifice phase is complete, LOVE tokens will be deposited into the PulseChain wallets of those who sacrificed themselves.
So, about their sacrifice phase which is currently live, 500 BILLION LOVE tokens in total will be distributed after their sacrifice phase is over.
There are 7 sacrifice phases and it started on October 25, 2021, and will run until the PulseChain mainnet goes live.
If you would like more details on the sacrifice phase, feel free to check out their website. We will put the link in the description of this video as well as the link to all the other projects we will mention in this video. Also, note that most of these projects are currently in the sacrifice phase, which makes you an early investor.
And the last PulseChain project on today's list is going to be POWERCITY.
POWERCITY can be thought of as a “toolbox” for DeFi projects launching on PulseChain and because of their Transformer Bridge, Avalanche and Fantom also can tour the city. Not-too-far-away plans also strive to include Polygon and BNB Smart Chain. At the heart of the city lies its Core. A downtown of sorts where all the hustle and bustle of the busy DeFi streets come to congregate to pump life into the city. The Core will contribute to the socializing, developing, marketing, and launching of new dapps, services, and protocols which all help to pump life into POWERCITY.
One of the most important roles of the Core is to help attract new users to PulseChain and thus increase the native token’s ($WATT) value for its holders. As the treasury grows in value, the Core rewards stakers similar to how OlympusDAO operates, which POWERCITY is based on.
The Core is grown by both investing in other DeFi projects and by selling discounted tokens in exchange for assets needed by the treasury, otherwise known as bonding. The Core will also periodically buy back and burn tokens, ultimately counterbalancing the inflation of tokens paid to stakers.
So, the POWERCITY ecosystem offers many different DeFi-oriented tools outside of just the Core.
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