Are you ready for the next big thing in the crypto space? PulseChain is here to shake things up with its unparalleled ease of use, cutting-edge game theory, and lightning-fast transactions. But that's not all - one project on PulseChain is about to take things to a whole new level. Introducing PoolSea, the ultimate solution for all your crypto needs. With its DEX, Staking pool, NFT marketplace, and Stablecoin, PoolSea is set to be the largest Airdrop for the PulseChain ecosystem. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity. Watch the video to discover how PoolSea is poised to revolutionize the industry and elevate your crypto experience to new heights. The best part is that he has built tokens with a 10,000X potential and you can get them for almost free or for just a few pennies right now. Watch this video till the end, so you don't miss anything.
Now, let's get started.
 PoolSea is a new project that will be built on the PulseChain blockchain. It includes a DEX, Staking Pool, NFT Marketplace, and Stablecoin all in one place.
The DEX on PoolSea is a decentralized exchange that will have lower fees than PulseX. They also will offer better prices than PulseX due an innovative algorithm called Pathfinder that allows users to trade through the most efficient paths and at the lowest fees splitting your order into multiple paths finding the best prices on the entire Pulsechain Network.
Thanks to PoolSea Swap, liquidity providers (LPs) can maximize their gains by providing liquidity in specific price ranges. LPs who provide more liquidity in areas with more trading activity will earn more rewards.
Deposit fees on PoolSea Swap are free, but withdrawal fees can vary from 25% to 0.01%. This fee system is designed to discourage short-term farming and selling pressure, but still, be reasonable for those who wish to farm for shorter periods.
In summary, PoolSea's DEX offers low trading fees and efficient trading paths, while its PoolSea Swap feature allows LPs to earn higher returns by providing liquidity in specific price ranges.
Providing concentrated liquidity, or focusing on specific price ranges, allows liquidity providers (LPs) to earn higher returns on investment. This is because they can use up to 4000 times more capital efficiently than with standard AMMs.
With concentrated liquidity, LPs can also use their capital more effectively, with utilization rates surpassing 100%, which is much higher than the 5-10% found on many DEXs.
This efficient use of capital also leads to trades with very low slippage, which is better than what is offered by centralized exchanges and stable AMMs.
In addition, concentrated liquidity allows LPs to reduce their risk by increasing their exposure to safer assets.
LPs can easily exchange one asset for another by adding liquidity to a price range that is above or below the market price and by using a fee-earning limit order that executes along a smooth curve.
By using concentrated liquidity, LPs can greatly increase their return on investment and reduce the amount of PoolSea emissions. This also allows for a faster progression toward maximizing token holder value.
PoolSea also has a staking pool called AquaPool.
AquaPool is a liquid staking solution for PulseChain backed by industry-leading staking providers. AquaPool lets users stake their PLS - without locking assets or maintaining infrastructure - whilst participating in on-chain activities, e.g. borrowing GOL against your liquid staked PLS (stPLS). GOL is their Stablecoin but we'll get back to that a little later in this video.
Earliest adopters of stPLS can earn nearly 20-30% APY, just like earliest ETH adopters. 
When staking with AquaPool, users receive stPLS tokens which are issued 1:1 to their initial stake. stPLS balances can be used like regular PLS to earn and lending rewards, and are updated on a daily basis to reflect your PLS staking rewards. Note that there are no lock-ups or minimum deposits when staking with PoolSea staking pool.
When using AquaPool, users receive staking rewards in real-time, and they also could use staked tokens across the DeFi ecosystem to compound rewards.
Now let's talk about their stablecoin. As we mentioned before, it's called GOL, which is pegged to the value of the US dollar. This means that GOL is not affected by the volatility that affects regular cryptocurrencies. GOL is created through a process of over-collateralized lending and repayment. You can borrow GOL using Hex, stPLS, and PLS as collateral.
This process is managed by PoolSea DAO's smart contracts through a decentralized application. Getting GOL is easy, users just need to deposit PulseChain, Hex, stPLS, or pHex in a smart contract and borrow against the value of their deposit and receive newly generated GOL. For every unit amount of GOL a user wants to borrow, they have to deposit at least 150% of collateral denominated in PulseChain.
When a user repays the loan amount plus interest, they can access and withdraw the collateral they deposited, but the GOL they borrowed is destroyed. This means that the value of GOL is backed by the value of the collateral held in PoolSeaDAO's smart contracts.
PoolSeaDAO regulates the amount of GOL in circulation and its value by determining the acceptable types of collateral, minimum collateral ratios, and interest rates for borrowing or storing GOL.
POOL is the main token of PoolSea, it's the native token of the platform. The interest charged on borrowing GOL is paid in POOL tokens. To keep POOL a fully deflationary token, these tokens are then burned.
PoolSea also has a daily POOL buy & burn program that burns up to 31.5% of each commission earned from their DEX.
All in all, investors can also earn daily rewards in Hex, PLS, PLSX, and stPLS when tokens are withdrawn from the liquidity pool, and stakers will earn yields on their staked POOL.
When investors unstake their tokens, a fee of up to 3.1618% will be charged. The fee is based on how long you have staked your POOL. The longer you stake, the lower the fee will be.
POOL token holders will have a very low commission fee of 0.01% on the DEX.
All the tokens mentioned in this video have a 10,000X tokenomics and the project is still in the sacrifice phase, which means that early investors can expect a high return.
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