PoolSea is changing the game for crypto enthusiasts everywhere. With its all-in-one platform for staking, DEX, NFT, and DeFi needs, it's the ultimate destination for those looking to take their crypto game to the next level. The staking pool allows users to earn rewards without having to lock up their PLS, while the DEX's pathfinder algorithm searches over 10,000 pairs to find the best prices with low fees. But the real draw is the NFT marketplace, where users can burn POOL to obtain the exclusive Hpx NFT, starting at a 0 supply. Don't miss out on this chance to be a part of the future of crypto. Stay tuned until the end of this video to learn more about how PoolSea is revolutionizing the industry.
So let's move straight to their website.
As we just mentioned, PoolSea is an ambitious new project that will be built on the PulseChain blockchain. It includes a DEX, Staking Pool, NFT Marketplace, and Stablecoin all in one place. Let's start with the DEX.
According to the website, Users of this decentralized exchange will enjoy the most affordable rates for exchanging assets in the market courtesy of their routing algorithm.
With Pathfinder, users will swap tokens through the most efficient paths. They will also be able to spread between various protocols and market depths all within one protocol, at the lowest commission rates, and in the least time possible.
With PoolSea Swap, liquidity also known as LPs will have the opportunity to maximize capital efficiency for better gains. That is because LPs will be able to concentrate their liquidity in specific price ranges.
Now let’s talk about the Staking pool:
Due to the Pulsechain  consensus change the minimum required to stake your Pulsechain will be in hundreds of millions or even billions of PLS. This is were PoolSea staking pool comes in. You will be able to stake your PLS without any amount required. By staking pulse chain PoolSea you’ll be rewarded every 24h directly to your wallet without having locking your Pulsechain. on top of that you can participate in defi activities such us borrowing their stablecoin pegged to the gold ounce called GOL against your stPLS! And on top of that Evertyhing will be decetralized !
Now let's talk about their Stablecoin. It will be called GOL, and its value is pegged to the Goldounce.
As such, GOL is insulated from the volatility that affects regular cryptocurrencies. GOL is created through an over-collateralized lending and repayment process.  You can borrow GOL against Hex, stPLS & PLS.
This entire process is facilitated by PoolSea DAO's smart contracts in the form of a decentralized application. Acquiring GOL is a fairly simple process. All a user has to do is deposit Pulsechain, Hex, stPLS, or pHex in a smart contract.
They can then borrow against the value of their deposits and receive newly generated GOL. For every unit amount of GOL a user wants to borrow, they have to deposit at least 150% of collateral denominated in Pulsechain.
Once a user repays the principal loan amount along with the interest charged, they can access and withdraw the collateral amount they deposited. On the other hand, the amount of GOL returned is destroyed immediately.
Hence, the dollar value of GOL is backed by the dollar value of the underlying collateral held in PoolSeaDAO's smart contracts. Determining the acceptable types of collateral, minimum collateral ratios, and the interest rates for borrowing or storing GOL allows PoolSeaDAO to regulate the amount of GOL in circulation and ultimately its value.
POOL is the Most Utility-Driven token of PoolSea. it's the native token.
The interest charged on loaning out GOL is paid in POOL tokens. These tokens are then all burnt to ensure POOL remains a fully deflationary token.
There are  Daily POOL buy & burns up to 31.5% from each commission earned from their Dex.
To generate their second native token called Hpx which is an NFT token (which serves as a transaction facilitator to benefit 0% commission fees), one must first burn a specific amount of POOL tokens equivalent to the amount of Hpx they want. For each POOL token burned, a user will receive one Hpx.
Investors will enjoy daily rewards in Hex, PLS, PLSX, and stPLS as each time crypto tokens are withdrawn from the liquidity pool, stakers will receive yields on their staked POOL.
A fee of up to 3.1618% will be taxed whenever investors unstake their tokens. The Intelligent Selling tax fee will be proportional to the length of time one stake their POOL. The longer you stake your POOL, the less the tax percentage will be.
POOL token holders will enjoy a very low commission fee of 0.01% on their DEX.
Each of the tokens mentioned in this video is designed with 10 000X tokenomics. And the project is still in the sacrifice phase, which guarantees you a high return as an early investor.
Now, do you think this project can achieve the expected success? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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