What are the most promising projects coming to PulseChain? As we all know, the PulseChain MAINNET is now online, and numerous projects are set to launch on this blockchain in the near future. Today, we will be diving into one of these upcoming projects called PoolSea, which has the potential to revolutionize the industry and elevate your crypto experience to new heights. The exciting part is that PoolSea has introduced tokens with a staggering potential of 10,000X, and you can acquire them at incredibly low prices during the ongoing sacrifice phase. So, let's see how PoolSea is poised to make waves in the crypto world and discover how you can become a part of this groundbreaking opportunity.
PoolSea represents a revolutionary protocol that unifies three distinct products into one $POOL token. The versatility of PoolSea arises from its various functionalities, including the implementation of buy & burn mechanisms, provision of staking rewards in HEX, PLS & PLSX, and the introduction of additional features. These valuable attributes are made possible through the exceptional contributions of the PLS staking pool, the PulseX DEX aggregator, and the innovative stablecoin.
The PLS staking pool developed by PoolSea aims to establish itself as the world's pioneering decentralized staking pool. This groundbreaking platform operates seamlessly without the need for administrative keys, ensuring a governance-free system founded upon immutable code. The primary objective of this pool is to simplify the process of earning rewards. By offering a single-click option, PoolSea allows users to become Pulsechain validators effortlessly. Advanced software knowledge or a minimum PLS requirement is no longer a barrier to stake PLS and generate substantial yields. When individuals stake with PoolSea, they receive stPLS tokens, which hold an equivalent value to their initial PLS stake. These tokens can be easily unstaked at any time without incurring additional charges.
This is an incredible opportunity and you have no idea. Let us explain in depth how it works.
Lido, a highly successful project on the Ethereum network, has set the benchmark for staking pools, with over $8 billion in staked assets. With impressive returns of 6 to 8% APY, they have demonstrated the popularity and importance of staking pools in the crypto ecosystem.
Pulsechain, a promising blockchain network with a smaller number of validators, is in need of a staking pool to maximize returns and secure the network effectively. PoolSea aims to fulfill this need and potentially triple the earnings from the PulseChain network. The PoolSea team is tirelessly working towards fully decentralizing the staking pool, removing admin keys, and ensuring immutable code, making it the world's first truly decentralized staking pool. PoolSea offers a unique concept similar to joining a game with friends to earn rewards together. It's a staking pool, where individuals combine their cryptocurrency tokens to form a more powerful participant. In this analogy, the PulseChain network represents the game, and the Pls tokens symbolize the contributions from you and your friends. By pooling these tokens together, you create a formidable team that can efficiently secure the network and reap rewards. The beauty of it is that you don't need to worry about complex equipment or setting up as a validator, as the staking pool handles everything for you. It's like a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal and share the benefits, simplifying the process for all involved.
Now, let's delve into the PoolSea PLS Staking Pool. Traditionally, earning yields on your Pls would require becoming a validator on the PulseChain network, necessitating 32 million Pls, programming skills, and an always-connected node. PoolSea offers a solution to this challenge. With PoolSea, you can stake as little as one Pls and start earning up to 18% APY.
When you stake your Pls with PoolSea, you receive stPLS tokens representing a one-to-one representation of your stake. These tokens combine with other users' Pls to validate and secure the network. Your initial Pls stake remains solely accessible to you, with no direct access by any Dao, Validator, or other entity. Flexibility is a key advantage, as your staked Pls tokens aren't time-locked, and there are no penalties apart from additional fees on top of the yield generated. Unstaking is as simple as presenting your stPLS tokens proportional to the desired amount. PoolSea ensures that your original Pls stake remains untouched and imposes no fee for starting Pls Staking. Instead, they deduct a 12.5% fee from the yields generated for you, allocating 5% to the Validators, 5% to native Pool coin stakers, and 2.5% to cover costs.
But that's not all. Your staked Pls tokens or stPLS can function like a regular PRC 20 token, adding to their versatility. Moreover, these staked Pls tokens can serve as collateral for borrowing PoolSea's stablecoin, unlocking even more possibilities for you. And there's an exciting strategy devised by PoolSea that has the potential to amplify your earnings by 124% each time Pls doubles in value. This means that with more than 100x increase in Pls value, utilizing the PoolSea strategy could result in an astonishing 224x return.
PoolSea offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to staking pools, empowering users to earn substantial yields while participating in securing the PulseChain network. The platform's flexibility, low entry barrier, and groundbreaking strategies make it a compelling choice for individuals seeking to maximize their cryptocurrency investments.
As we said earlier, PoolSea represents a revolutionary protocol that unifies three distinct products into one $POOL token. The first product is the staking pool, and the second is their Stablecoin.
Transitioning to PoolSea's stablecoin, they introduce the world's first fully decentralized stablecoin. This remarkable digital currency is pegged to the value of an ounce of gold and is exclusively over-collateralized by PLS, stPLS, PLSX, and Hex on the Pulsechain network. The stability and reliability of PoolSea's stablecoin set it apart from traditional centralized stablecoins that often experience devaluation over time. By anchoring their stablecoin to the value of gold, PoolSea ensures the preservation of its worth, offering a formidable alternative to fiat currencies like the USD.
Another significant component of PoolSea is their DEX, the PulseX aggregator. By simply clicking a button, users gain access to an extensive range of trading pairs, allowing them to explore and secure the most favorable deals available. In the event that the direct PulseX price cannot be surpassed, PoolSea's DEX imposes no fee for its utilization.
Complementing their impressive offerings, PoolSea extends its services with the provision of a PulseX DEX aggregator, in addition to the staking pool and stablecoin. It is crucial to note that all fees generated across these platforms directly benefit $POOL holders and stakers. These fees are either distributed among the participants or used for the buy & burn mechanism of PoolSea's native token. PoolSea transcends the realm of a conventional protocol; it represents a profound revolution for the Pulsechain ecosystem, embodying the future of true decentralization.
They are currently in the sacrifice phase. And since the PulseChain bridge has launched, that means POOLSEA will also go live very soon. So, this is your last chance to participate as an early investor.
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