The negative in the markets continues, and, unfortunately, there has been no recovery after the FOMC protocol. Cryptocurrencies are always risky, and there is no guarantee that we will not go deeper from here. However, some altcoins can bring a good profit to the investor in the scenario when the cryptocurrency markets return.
This is what Polypad will do. Indeed, this cryptocurrency will make your wallet explode exponentially. This is another BlueZilla project and as you know, BlueZilla projects always launch with a low initial market cap, which explains the fact that they easily make 100X and more.
In today’s video, we take a look at everything you need to know for PolyPad, BlueZilla's new Launchpad. So, we will talk about the different possibilities we have with this Launchpad, we will talk about how to buy these tokens, and what it means for those who already own the KCCPad and TronPad.
So, as usual, watch this video to the end, so you don't miss any details. 
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KCCPad provides stability, security, and great opportunities for the new and long-awaited KuCoin community network. We recently learned that KCCPAD and TRONPAD have merged into PolyPad. It was another launch pad with a similar multi-level system. KCCPAD tokens in Binance Smart Chain can be moved to Polygon using a custom bridge. Once you arrive at Polygon, you will be able to exchange your KCCPAD tokens for POLYPAD tokens.
PolyPad is the first BlueZilla launchpad without fundraising.
So, you'll have understood it, Holders of KCCPAD and TRONPAD tokens will be able to exchange their tokens for POLYPAD at a given date.
PolyPad is here to break down the barriers of access for new startup blockchain projects based on promising DLTs.
This exchange system will allow KCCPAD and TRONPAD token holders to migrate their tokens to Polygon and exchange their respective holdings for POLYPAD tokens at a fixed rate. Users will be able to link their tokens to Polygon at any time to claim their POLYPAD tokens. The exact ratio will depend on the average price of KCCPAD and TRONPAD at the time the exchange platform goes live, ensuring that both groups of users receive an equivalent reward based on the size of their holdings.
With this system, KCCPAD and TRONPAD holders will have direct access to the new PolyPad platform and will be able to benefit immediately from our range of leading Polygon projects.
Launchpads are very interesting, but first, you have to choose the right Launchpad. Some Launchpads launch themselves and go bankrupt, others are hacked or the team disappears with the token. But not every Pad! No! What we want you to understand is just to warn you that this can happen. So, it's important to research a Launchpad carefully before investing.
And that's why it's very important to choose Launchpads that have been around for a long time, that have shown through their ICOs, through their projects, that they are reliable and that they choose equally reliable projects. Today, we are talking about Polypad. Polypad is a subsidiary of the big and beautiful BlueZilla. We have already made a video explaining how Polypad works, and we mentioned that it would be a fair launch. But, what does that mean? Well, a fair launch is not through an ICO. It's only the tokens that are made available on an AMM (Automatic Market Maker), and you can connect your Wallets and buy them. That's what a Fair Launch means.
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So, folks, Polypad seems to be a merger between TronPad and KCCPad and officially becomes PolyPad, a Launchpad for projects launching on Matic Polygon. Before we get into the details of the Polypad, you need to understand some variables about how launchpads work which are very interesting and will allow you to make better decisions to maximize the power of your Wallets. Folks, why is a launchpad interesting? Because projects are launched on the launchpad and when they are launched, they usually cost very little. It's quite interesting to buy tokens and then stake them on the platforms. It allows us not only to participate in the ICO that launches on the platform in question but also, and above all friends when you stake these tokens, you have an annual return which is a very interesting APR that will allow you to have passive income.
This means that if you deposit 20,000, 30,000, or 50,000 depending on the third you want to have, and if the market is high one day or another, this APR will give you back a daily token. And you're going to be able to change them into stablecoin or other currency and do whatever you want with them. In fact, a working launchpad is a kind of investment where you win twice. Not only again, but you also win because you get to participate in ICOs.
But you also have an annual APR as you deposit your tokens to stake them. And that's where we say launchpads are interesting and that's why we focus largely on Launchpad from the Big BlueZilla family. It's mainly because they work quite well in this respect. And like today folks, we're in a low market and we know that when the market is low, it's time to position yourself because sooner or later the market will go up. This is the essence of parabolic systems; this is the essence of cryptocurrency. It's completely normal and it's legitimate.
It's up to you, but it would seem interesting to position yourself because eventually, the market will go up. Polypad as we said before, is for Polygon Matic projects. Polygon Matic is bound to grow. The main reason is that Polygon Matic has very interesting costs. Quite a few Play-to-Earn projects like NFT Champion want to be launched on Polygon Matic. Friends these projects will have to launch themselves and usually launch under Launchpads. And this is where PolyPad comes through BlueZilla to offer us this opportunity.
As we mentioned in the previous video, if you want to buy Polypad tokens, you can either buy Tronpad or KCCPad tokens now and exchange them for Polypad, or you can buy PolyPad tokens directly on their platform.
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