In today's video, we're going to introduce you to the 7 best upcoming crypto IDOs in June 2022. With a brief overview of the best upcoming crypto projects, you will be able to make incredible gains. You should know that all the projects we are going to cover have an incredible potential of 10X to 100X. For each project, we will give you the date of the IDO.
So, watch this video all the way through because the last project is the most promising on our list and you don't want to miss this, guys.
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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
#1: LunaFi
Your first crypto project is going to be LunaFi.
The IDO starts on June 1st and ends on June 2nd at 17:00 UTC.
The price per token will be $0.03, and it will have a market cap of $1,650,000.
So, LunaFi is the world's first decentralized and unrivaled sportsbook.
It is a leading decentralized, peerless DeFi betting protocol, providing users with a secure, trustless environment in which to bet and invest.
By harnessing the power of decentralized technologies, community governance, and autonomous smart contracts, LunaFi allows users to securely place peerless bets on a trustless, custody-free betting platform that is poised to revolutionize the global sports betting industry by allowing the player to invest and become the house.
To facilitate this, LunaFi has provided a comprehensive DeFi platform designed to enable the integration of sports betting and prediction markets, powered by a community-owned protocol and cash pool known as the House Pool.
This suite can be integrated by developers looking to add unparalleled betting functionality to their dApps - the first of which will be LunaFi's own dApp, Lunabets, a decentralized sports betting app.
Lunabets is non-custodial utilizing LunaFi’s smart contracts and liquidity pools to ensure trustless payouts, meaning there is an immediate settlement made by the smart contract to the winning party, removing all counterparty risk.
Users can use Lunabets to place bets knowing that their wager is not only guaranteed to be paid by LunaFi's liquidity pools and smart contracts, but that it is optimized by the odds and confirmed by the oracle, should they win.
And just for that, you must add it to your wallet. Of course, this is not an investment advice. We are not financial advisors; you should always do your research before you decide.
The IDO will be done on lithium ventures and on Starter. And for more information, take a look at their website.
#2: Mirror World
Then, we have Mirror World.
We don't have much information about this crypto project, but its IDO is scheduled for June 02 at 00:00 UTC on enjinstarter.
So, Mirror World is a game matrix with AI-powered virtual beings, the Mirror, fighting along with the players in the game universe. Mirrors are fully interoperable across all the Play-To-Earn games in our matrix. This means that anyone with a pass can use it to access any of them.
Among the existing game world designs, Mirror World includes “Mirrama”, an ARPG that combines Roguelike gameplay, “Brawl of Mirror”, a casual PVP-based arena dueling game, and “Beacon”, a SLG-based game.
After publishing 3 different types of games, Mirror World will open its standard economic framework for more content producers to connect to our game ecosystem. Mirror World will be an AI-powered virtual carnival that yields crypto returns of the people, by the people, for the people.
Another very cool thing about this project is that they have their own NFT Marketplace. So, there is a lot of potential with this crypto project. That's why we believe in the potential of this project.
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The next project will blow your mind.
#3: SharkRace Club
Our next crypto project is SharkRace Club, and its IDO is scheduled for June 3 at 10:30 UTC on ProStarter,, synapse network and oxbull.
It will launch with an incredible market cap of $329,460. So, all you need is for that market cap to go up to $32,946,000 and your 100X goal will be reached. And that market cap in crypto is ridiculous. 32 million is a matter of a few days for that to be reached.
So, to understand the project, SharkRace Club is a project with a scarcity upgrade and a 3D Play-to-earn metaverse game.
The developers of the SharkRace Club project have implemented the latest technologies to provide maximum value and an incredible experience for SharkRace Club members. The platform includes high quality NFTs and a 3D metaverse game to win, offering so much fun to the players.
If you want to know more about this project, you should visit their website.
#4: Acadex Network
Your last crypto project will be Acadex Network.
The IDO is scheduled for June 6, 2022 on, and it will launch with a market cap of $354,000.
Acadex Network is the World’s Pioneering Decentralized Education Network, Introducing blockchain's first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) Consensus protocol.
The credible study fulfillment based and tenable ACDX token, is a multi-chain deployed token for all educational fulfillment and study extra-curricular processes. Equipped with holders’ usage like trade, swap, stake, liquidity provision and rewards acquisition.
This is a really interesting project. The project rewards learners. PoK, a first for DeFi platforms, implies that study hours spent and excellence in study completion, reinvest the ACDX token for the learner who holds the ACDX for the duration of the study. These rewards come from Academa's study pool or a third party and its amazing crypto-cashback system.
There will also be a student payment and loan plan, in fact, holders who guarantee the ACDX for student loans or payment plans, can enjoy a reduction in interest or fees.
In addition, the ACDX is fully equipped to perform quick transactions at a reduced rate, if the user has a Learners ID given by Academa. And for integrated fee payments and metaverse, the transaction fees will be the lowest available.
After the launch of AcadChain, learners and creatives can facilitate NFT coinage using the ACDX token, at the lowest fees in the industry.
Another really cool thing about this project is that there will be a blockchain and launchpad.
Entrepreneurs and communities who wish to collaborate with AcadLabs to launch their projects, will need to hold a certain number of ACDX tokens, in order to make fee deductions. More importantly, the token will be deflationary.
Indeed, there would be a quarterly burn rate of 0.5%. This is in order to increase prices by exploiting scarcity. And just for the reasons we just mentioned, this project will literally blow your wallets away. Don't forget also the fact that it will be launched with a low market cap. So, the upside is assured.
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