Looking for the next project that will do 100X, 200X, or more? This video is for you.
We have started a series of videos in which we feature promising projects that have not yet launched and have a small market cap. We've already made several other such videos and today we're going to tell you about 4 projects that we think will explode and multiply your portfolio exponentially.
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss any details.
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Before we get into that, you should be warned, that investing in crypto is risky, and you should not consider this video as investment advice. You should always do your own research before jumping into crypto investment.
#1: Sharkrace club
The SharkRace Club is a first-of-its-kind collectible game with an innovative play-to-earn model. Each member will be granted a unique meta-Shark and a few SHRK to participate in the play-to-earn race. You can earn more tokens by playing against other members by winning races or completing challenges. Club members can earn some SHRK tokens just by playing the race.
SharkRace Club is the first-ever play-to-earn blockchain racing game with the NFT shark collection. It allows users to buy, sell or trade their NFT sharks while having fun playing the racing game. All the NFT collection is produced by Disney collaborative artists, who are known for their high-quality artwork. The collection also comprises hundreds of fantastic accessories to tune sharks with play-to-earn.
The team behind SharkRace Club wants to engage their users and make them aware that they can win real money prizes through this play2earn game. Their goal is to increase the player retention rate by making each race meaningful. Players will have fun while being rewarded for their time spent. They have designed a play-to-earn ecosystem where members can collect, trade, and race their NFT sharks. These are unique digital assets with real value which can be traded on exchanges.
The good thing about this project is that SharkRace Club's exclusive 20,001 pieces generative NFT Sharks collection is created by high-profile Cannes Lions awarded artists who have worked with top illustration brands including Disney and created key visuals for the Olympics.
SharkRace Club has its native token $SHRK to be used for all platform transactions such as: buying an NFT, rarity upgrade, game transactions, marketplace, and can also be staked. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens, and the listing date is currently being re-reviewed with an estimated initial market cap of $328,480. His IDO is scheduled for May 17 on Seedify.fund and another launchpad like prosarter.
With its low market cap, this crypto will certainly make a lot of X from its launch. All it takes is for that market cap to go from $328,480 to $32,848,000 for the token to do 100X. So, we have to be optimistic about this project.
#2: Fota
Another one of the most hyped projects of the GameFi Sector is FOTA.
FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game project with a fantasy universe inhabited by many races throughout the universe. In the world of FOTA, NFT Technology is optimized so that users can feel the possibility of owning valuable digital assets during the journey.
FOTA is more than just a MOBA game platform, the development team has also introduced economic mechanisms and democracies through the DAO with the vision of turning this Metaverse platform into an ever-more realistic universe by integrating Microsoft Mesh.
FOTA chooses to issue only one Token to manage the circulation of money easily as well as to ensure low inflation through the metrics shown on the Blockchain network.
The project has a reward mechanism to encourage the contribution of ideas and important positive community feedback.
A private sale has already happened on March 9, with an IDO. But another one is planned for May 19 on NFTLaunch, Polypad, and others.
The token price at these events will be $0.15. And it will launch afterward with a market cap of $269,000.
#3: Epic war
Then we have Epic war.
Epic War is a blockchain-powered, open-world survival game that blends elements of RPG, PvE, PvP, and PvPvE to create a unique MMO experience. The game uses the Build platform, allowing players to design, trade, rent, and own valuable gaming items such as unique characters, weapons, gears, and battle maps.
Epic War offers gamers the thrill of first-person shooter action in a cutting-edge gaming environment. Scavenging settings, hundreds of mutant monsters, and a frantic in-game economy are among the game’s highlights.
Epic War is being built by a world-leading team formed to deliver the best gameplay experience. With game studios and blockchain labs located in Vietnam and Japan, the team joins experts in in-game and blockchain development, marketing, international business development, and operations.
The Epic War economy is a decentralized and collaborative universe where the tokens have a story of themselves. $EWAR is a utility token with up to many different use cases: Exchange, Staking, Collateral, Governance, In-Game Purchase, and Bet.
IDO is scheduled to run from May 11, 2022, to May 12, 2022, on GameFi, and at this point, we don't know its market cap yet. We expect it to be as small as the other projects we've talked about. Because that's the best way to get the token price up.
#4: Metaxseed
Our latest project is Metaxseed.
MetaXSeed focuses on combining AAA, Indie games as well as gaming wearables and infrastructure for mass adoption.  The project will use two currencies, $XSEED, and $METAX. 
MetaXSeed has a partnership with the prestigious Polygon Studios and is a member of the Blockchain Gaming Association (BGA) which is led by the founder of Sandbox ($SAND).
A sophisticated factory system for quality games will be developed where incubated games can choose a level of incubation to suit their needs.  Game developers will have access to games infrastructure modules for scalability, security, and performance.  Additionally, a team of game developers and 2D/3D artists will be at hand to make the vision turn into reality.  In exchange for incubation, $XSEED token holders will benefit from receiving free airdrops of the new games in proportion to their holdings.
There are three games currently under development with many more in the pipeline.
Age of Dragons is a medieval third-person game inspired by Game of Thrones, in which the player is transported to a world ruled by dragons.
The second game is Block Football Manager, which is a soccer management game similar to the very popular Football Manager.
And the third is ChainSki, which will be a ski resort based in NetVrk within the frozen entertainment.
All three games are very interesting, and for that alone we think this project will last a long time. You should definitely own its token.
His IDO is scheduled for May 24 on GAMES PAD, and he has an initial market cap of $531,000. As for its official launch, we think it will take place between July and August.
Now guys, if you want to have other projects like the ones we presented in this video, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments.
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