Would you like to make explosive gains in crypto? The best way is to find a project early before it is launched, review it, then participate in the IDO. Finding the best IDO cryptos can be a great way to get into projects with explosive growth potential early. However, this is much easier said than done. But luckily, we've done the research and reviewed the 5 best crypto IDO projects to make the selection process much easier. Throughout our crypto IDO list, we’ll be looking at what each project brings to the table and exploring the ins and outs of what makes the best IDO cryptocurrency. As usual, watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything.
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#1: Tamadoge
The very first crypto IDO is going to be Tamadoge.
Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new crypto IDO that’s just gone on pre-sale before a planned launch on centralized exchanges later this year. Tamadoge is the native cryptocurrency of a play-to-earn crypto game by the same name.
The goal of the Tamadoge game is for players to purchase, grow, and battle NFT pets.
Importantly, the supply of TAMA is limited and the coin is designed to be deflationary. 5% of every TAMA transaction in the game’s marketplace is burned, meaning that the supply of TAMA decreases over time. That bodes well for early investors, especially if Tamadoge turns out to be a popular game.
Another notable feature of TAMA is that there’s no tax when buying or selling this coin. That’s unusual among new crypto projects, which typically charge royalties to pay the project’s developers. Tamadoge only makes money when TAMA is spent at the in-game marketplace to buy NFTs or digital accessories.
Overall, Tamadoge is a promising IDO that could gain value thanks to its deflationary tokenomics. The beta sale ends on September 2, 2022. For the pre-sale, it ends in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Yet another promising IDO is going to be GIGCO.
GIGCO ($GIG) is the latest project trying to capitalize on the music industry. It aims to blend cryptocurrency and the world of music to create a one-stop platform for booking tickets, artists, venues, and even streaming music. It’s built on the Solana network meaning transactions will be fast and cheap. The initial DEX offering will take place between August 26th and the 28th. There will be 9,466,667 tokens up for grabs at a price of $0.075 each.
The blending of the music and cryptocurrency industries seems destined to happen. The blockchain makes the ticketing system for concerts far more secure, reduces resellers, and puts more money in the pocket of the artist. For this reason, GIGCO's goal of creating an all-in-one platform seems like a solid idea. It will allow business owners to find musicians to perform at their venue, aiding small musicians and businesses alike.
The platform will be a mobile app built on Solana, meaning it’ll be easy to use and fast enough to deal with a large amount of simultaneous transactions. The project has already raised over $950,000 in funding with the target being $1,694,800.
Overall, GIGCO shows a lot of promise. While the project will be depended on large artists joining if it wants to see massive growth, a good pool of smaller artists will be more than enough to get the GIG economy busting.
#3: EYWA
EYWA ($EYWA) is another new IDO crypto for 2022. It is a protocol designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability, a big issue in the crypto space. The official date for the IDO is yet to be released but it'll be taking place on GAGARIN and will consist of 150,000 tokens for $0.20 each.
Interoperability is a major narrative within the crypto space. Currently, it’s impossible for a project created on one network to communicate with a project created on a different, non-compatible network. However, EYWA aims to solve this issue by acting as a middle layer between chains. There are a multitude of reasons why interoperability is crucial for the furtherment of the crypto industry, so if successful, EYWA could open a lot of doors for developers and users alike. Things like staking platforms and dApps could be revolutionized if full interoperability is achieved so it’s worth keeping an eye on EYWA.
There are already some established competitors that could make it difficult for EYWA to get a foothold in the sector. Quant ($QNT) for example, did over a 10x last year and focuses on solving the same interoperability issue as EYWA. However, if EYWA can outcompete the established players, it could become a mainstream name shortly, making it one of the best IDO cryptos currently available
#4: Colexion
Colexion ($CLXN) is an upcoming cryptocurrency IDO looking to further the relationship between digital artists and their fans by offering a more lucrative platform for artists’ NFT art. CLXN is an ERC-20 token based on the Polygon network. The IDO date is yet to be announced but we do know it’ll be taking place on the FireStarter platform and there will be a total of 1.5 million tokens for sale at a price of $0.10.
The Colexion platform aims to add some accountability to the NFT space by requiring each asset to be licensed before it can be sold. Colexion owns the rights to each NFT sold on its marketplace, then when one is purchased, the rights are immediately transferred to the buyer. This guarantees each NFT sold on the platform is 100% authentic, helping to decrease the prevalence of scams within the sector.
Although the CLXN token IDO is yet to be announced, the Colexion NFT marketplace is already up and running. Currently, the main draw to the platform is its collection of Top Trump-style memorable cricket moments. Colexion aims to work with celebrities to create licensed NFT collections which will then be sold on the platform's NFT marketplace. With the rate at which the NFT sector is expanding, any platform that offers licensed, 100% authentic NFTs is likely to flourish.
#5: Skill Labs
And the last one on our IDO list is Skill Labs.
Skill Labs (SGK) is an analytic platform created to improve the cooperation between key stakeholders within the play-to-earn sector. With the P2E sector booming, Skill Labs is one of the best IDO crypto projects on the market.
Like the previous project, the official date of the IDO has not been announced, but we know that it will take place on TrustPad and 2,500,000 coins will be offered for $0.008.
The project aims to connect gamers and NFT investors in order to grow the Skill Labs ecosystem. The main draw to the platform is its analytical features. Users can track key metrics like ROI, payback time, and inflation from gamefi projects making it far easier to select a solid project. This is big. It means games won’t be able to hide behind flashy marketing and skewed statistics everything will be easily viewable making gamefi far more viable for the average person.
On top of simply providing analytics, Skill Labs also plans to offer yield farming optimization for its users by automatically lending to the best-performing games. With the gamefi sector growing rapidly, anything that can make it fairer on users is worth mentioning. While this might be the best crypto IDO for 2022, it’s up there and therefore is worth keeping track of to see how things progress.
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