Looking for a way to multiply your money in crypto? The best way is to find a successful project and invest in it before it is listed on the exchanges. However, finding the perfect project is not an easy task and that's why in this video, we are going to share with you the best upcoming crypto projects that you should definitely invest in.
All of these projects that we are going to talk about in this video have massive earning potential and the best part is that they are about to start their IDOs and ICOs.
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The first upcoming project we are going to see in this video is Cryptoffer.
The pre-sale started on November 21st and will end on December 5th, 2022.  There will of course be another pre-sale from December 12, 2022, to December 26, 2022.
So, what does this project consist of? Well, Cryptoffer is a simple, transparent, and secure DeFi platform that offers crypto users an easy time comparing players associated with DeFi loans, saving, and swapping.
They are dedicated to making crypto dealing affordable, simple, and favorable for everyone. DeFi swapping, saving, and borrowing are the main crypto activities that an everyday user is likely to require at some point. Their platform will ensure that the users see all the available players and their offers to make an informed decision.
They are seeking to be an online mall - a one-stop shop for crypto users needing to borrow, save, or swap crypto by bringing all these services and their players under one platform. This is to allow millions of crypto users globally to access credible DeFi loans, saving, and swapping services by being exposed to all the available offers in the market instantly.
So, basically, their platform offers A Crypto loans comparison solution, a Crypto-saving comparison solution, and a Crypto swap comparison solution.
What is interesting about this project is that they offer 20% dividends on profits for COF investors.
After the Cryptoffer platform starts its operations, all COF token holders will receive a commission–profit dividend of 20% of net fees paid to Cryptoffer by its partners monthly.
For example, if Cryptoffer’s users take loans from Cryptoffer partners’ $ 10M by cryptocurrencies in a month and partners’ average net fee to Cryptoffer is 2.5%, allocated net earnings to COF holder will be 0,5%, i.e., token holders will be allocated $ 50 000 of commission earnings during that month. Allocated commissions will be distributed via a smart contract to holders of COF tokens. That's crazy!
Currently, they are offering up to 50% bonus for investors in the B round of the private sale (until December 5): So, feel free to check out their website to learn more about this project.
We will put the link to their site in the description of this video.
The next project is called Dolz.
The presale started on November 23, 2022, and will end on December 7, 2022. There will definitely be an IDO phase from December 7 to January 4 according to their website.
Dolz is a unique arousing metaverse developed by Totem Media, a pioneer in relation to large-scale and continuous distribution of high-quality erotic content. Dolz possesses traits that are beneficial for gamers as well as NFT collectors.
The project benefits from the Steam community of VR Paradise and iStripper, which has been a viral internet adult software since 1999.
The Dolz metaverse is a huge opportunity to play, watch, earn, and collect NFTs according to the team. The entire ecosystem has the $DOLZ token at its core. The DOLZ token is the beating heart of the entire Dolz ecosystem and can be used by members of the platform in a variety of ways. These tokens are equally beneficial to the NFT collectors as well as the gamers in the ecosystem. They have a great team behind the project and a fast-growing community. They have a lot of engagement on their various social media channels, and also have a YouTube channel where they post updates on the progress of the project.
The total bid for this project is 1 billion, and they have decided to allocate 400 million tokens for pre-sale.
Their roadmap focuses on technology development, operational infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.
They plan to launch a marketplace for NFTs, and a staking platform that is currently in the beta phase. According to the roadmap, the listing on the exchanges will happen in the first quarter of 2023. Probably between January and April. And the first NFT card filing will take place around the same time.
The most interesting thing about this project is how they are going about attracting more people. Indeed, they have implemented a referral system that allows you to earn 5% of the amount invested by each friend you invite to participate in the PRESALE. Now, what makes us even more optimistic about this project is that they have been audited by Solidproof. And there is a rumor that this project will be listed on Binance. Either way, this project has a great chance of success and you will benefit from investing in it.
Another very interesting upcoming project is called Sola-X. The IDO will run from March 24, 2023 to March 31, 2023 on Lithium Launchpad.
Sola-X is changing the way AMMs are designed within the Solana ecosystem.
Sola-X has developed flexible and dynamic liquidity pools that enable multiple assets within a pool or features such as unilateral liquidity provisioning, intra-protocol yield optimization, and intelligent liquidity management. This project is truly amazing, and the team is very resourceful.
Their smart liquidity routing feature means that a liquidity provider can directly stake his asset in one of their staking pools, from where the protocol itself automatically distributes liquidity there, where the highest APY is generated. By enabling that, they ensure that the illiquid markets receive more liquidity and their protocol has an overall linear distribution of the liquidity. Thus, projects have the benefit that they can initialize a pool without using too much of their own liquidity reserves, and instead, they can bootstrap liquidity. Swap users on their protocol also benefit from their linear liquidity distribution within the AMMs, which results in very low slippage.
What does this mean in concrete terms?
Users can instantly swap their tokens against native tokens or other wrapped tokens with deep liquidity and low slippage. This is for traders. And for liquidity providers, this offers them an APY high.
Inner platform yield optimization and their smart liquidity routing feature ensure the most efficient use of the provided liquidity and eliminate the risks of impermanent loss due to single and multi-asset liquidity pools. Also, $SAX token holders can stake their tokens and earn staking rewards or trade with discounts. In the future, governance will be added as a utility to $SAX.
Thanks to their technology, projects can easily bootstrap liquidity thanks to the flexible liquidity pools and smart liquidity routing.
That was the last project on our list. If you want us to feature more projects like this, let us know in the comments section below. And remember, absolutely everything said in this video should not be taken as investment advice. So do your own research before investing in these projects.
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