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In this video, we're going to introduce you to one of the best upcoming web3 projects called Metacade. This isn't another questionable team coming in to crash their token. This is a project based on the idea of creating a meeting place, a hub for players, created by players.
In this video, we'll tell you everything you need to know about it, including why it could surpass the best metaverse projects of 2023. And the best part is that they are currently in the pre-sale phase and this is the best time for people to buy the token. And they're planning to give away $125,000 at the end of the pre-sale, as a lump sum, just for the Metacade token holders. This is the jackpot you don't want to miss. So, watch this video till the end if you don't want to miss this.
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Now, let's get started.
Finding the best 2023 metaverse projects could be the key to getting rich when the market picks up again. Companies are already trying to figure out how to best integrate Web3 games into their Web 2.0 strategy, and there are 3.25 billion gamers on the planet.
Metacade is an imminent Web3 GameFi project that has the potential to rival the best existing metaverse game projects.
Metacade is the premier destination for gaming in the metaverse. As Web3's first community arcade that allows gamers to hang out, chat, and play exclusive P2E games, the platform helps users build careers in gaming while financing potential P2E projects with Metagrants to bring them to life.
Metacade will be the one-stop destination for users to play, earn, and network with other passionate gamers worldwide. Once the project reaches the end of its road map, Metacade will be handed over to the community as a full-fledged DAO. After all, Metacade wants you to have a hand in shaping the GameFi world of tomorrow.
For that, it aims to give people the opportunity to Play established play-to-earn projects, Try out new community-developed Web3 games, Connect with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs, Find out about the most interesting job opportunities in Web3 games, Earn money by dominating high-stakes gaming competitions, and vote on new games to be funded by the platform.
All this is powered by the project's native token - $MCADE. This is what turns an attractive Web3 community into a space that has the potential to become the best metaverse project in 2023.
They have partnered with some of the top influencers in the video game industry. Look for example at this tiktoker name vivaciouspear with over 317k followers on TikTok. There are also gaimster1clips,
xenossll, and ryanstoker who are also brand ambassadors of the project.  They plan to partner with many more influencers in the future.  The founder is Russell Bennett, a giant in Fintech and many Gaming projects.
They are currently in the pre-sale stage and are looking to raise $20 million in total. They are holding many contests and giveaways throughout the pre-sale. And they are giving away $100,000 in batches of $1,000 and $2,000. There will be a giveaway almost every day. They are also giving away 100 Metacade brand desktop arcade machines that contain over 3,000 classic arcade games (Pacman, Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, etc).
Winners will be drawn from a prize pool and people can participate through non-financial means, such as following them on Twitter, retweeting, winning meme contests, etc. MCADE token holders will receive 10 raffle tickets without doing anything (if they participate).
Feel free to visit their social media pages for more information.
There are rumors that the verification of smart contracts will be done by Ceritk.
And the next influencers they plan to partner with are KSI, Logan Paul, and Mr. Beast. Also, the games they could partner with are Call of Duty, Fifa, and many others.
They plan to list the Metacade token on big exchanges like Binance, OKX, Coinbase, and many others.
We've looked at the roadmap for this project and it's really impressive.
Actually, if you want to become a solid metaverse project, you'll need a solid roadmap to get there. Metacade's has the potential to outperform the best existing metaverse projects.
The team started by implementing its create-to-earn system, which encourages the community to contribute alpha data, write reviews, and even create games with token-based rewards.
The team is also working on more advanced systems for play-to-earn, compete-to-earn, and even work-to-earn. Once launched, these systems will give community members the ability to earn income regardless of how they choose to engage with the best metaverse gaming options in the Metacade ecosystem.
Once the project has been developed and the team considers it stable, they also plan to move to a DAO-style governance model. This will give the community definitive control over one of the best metaverse game proposals.
Metacade has the potential to become one of the most popular Web3 projects for several reasons.  First, Metacade is community-centric.
Most of the best metaverse projects today are designed to satisfy investors outside the project, not the community that plays it.
Metacade reverses this model. It allows the community to participate from the beginning through its token presale. Most of the best metaverse games and GameFi projects are heavily influenced by venture capital. Furthermore, Metacade's plan of action has always been to turn it into a fully DAO-managed project by the end of 2024. Ultimately, this project is being developed by the community, for the community.
The second reason Metacade has the potential to become one of the most popular Web3 projects is that it is More Than Just a Game.
When you think of the best metaverse game, you usually imagine a single game. But Metacade is not a game at all. It's a community platform where dozens of different games exist. That's what makes its potential so high.
With Metacade, players will be able to chat with their friends, check out the latest Web3 and GameFi jobs, and even earn money by participating in tournaments for different games.
Other metaverse projects have the potential to reach consumers in a single vertical segment. Metacade has the potential to reach them on several.
Another reason, Metacade is designed for all types of players.
Players will also be able to engage with Metacade in any way they choose. Whether they are hardcore competitive players who want to participate in tense competitions or casual players who just want to hang out online with their friends, Metacade offers a place for everyone. And it's the only project that does that. When you look at it all together, we can say that Metacade is the only project that has provided all these features. This makes it unique and gives it a potential that few projects in the Web3 gaming field can achieve.
It remains to be seen whether Metacade will become the most popular project or not, but the potential of this project is already extremely high for each of the reasons mentioned above.
You can compare it to other Web3 gaming platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland, whose valuations reached several billion dollars at their peak.
Metacade is still in its infancy. But the team behind this project is creating a Web3 project unlike any other in existence, with more development potential than most. That makes this upcoming Web3 GameFi project one of the best to own in 2023 and beyond.
Now, do you think this project can make 100X? As usual, share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.
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