The most dynamic and the most awaited cryptocurrency projects, popular for its unique characteristics is certainly the project which shall be introduced on the Pulsechain blockchain.
Well,we are absolutely sure that our beloved Cryptopreneurs are definitely awaiting this project! So here, in this video, we have some interesting updates and the highly appreciable use cases of the project that you all, being our audience, shall love!
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 Let us commence by explaining what LOVE is for all those who have discovered this project through this video.
In simple terms, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that monetizes social interactions on social media, eCommerce, and gaming.
The LOVE cryptocurrency is designed with numerous strategic technological advantages as opposed to many other contemporary cryptocurrency and payment gateways. The blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is built on PulseChain, an hard fork built on Ethereum. The code is stress tested and upgraded to a proof of stake consensus algorithm providing fast and ultra-cheap transactions. LOVE will have 3 second block times and cost less than a penny per transaction. It will be environmentally friendly with 99% less energy consumption.
The Twitter handle of the project depicts that the users can purchase the products in lovefy platform and earn cashback in cryptocurrency.
LOVE tokens are exchangeable to various crypto or VISA/MasterCard. Over 100,000 products with brands such as Burberry Calvin klein Dior GiorgioArmani Givenchy Gucci and more can be exchanged on the platform and the years can gaun huge benefits!
Another interesting update is that the platform is immensely proud to have the head of AllStarsWomen DAO, Rita as the new Ambassador! This is amazing news for adoption and for pulseChain launch!
One of the important aspects which would result in proliferation of love would be the blitzscaling of love.
In the book “Blitzscaling” by linkedin founder Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh how to “blitz scale” a network successfully 3 examples were described, Linkedin, Facebook and Paypal.
LOVE, as a name for a cryptocurrency, has the same built-in network increase mechanism. The network will blitzscale similarly to LinkedIn, Facebook and Paypal. Users in the network who receive LOVE from people they know will most likely not decline the LOVE and automatically follow by downloading the wallet, which will in turn make the network grow. They will then bring new users through using new peer to peer LOVE interactions to other people in their extended network.
With LOVE interactions between users, the network will blitzscale in the same way as Linkedin, Facebook, and PayPal. Users in the network will bring new users in by using peer-to-peer LOVE interactions.
More users mean an increased value for everyone in the network allowing everyone who holds and "spreads" LOVE to benefit from its growth in equal proportion to their contribution in an increased token price.
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One of the primary feature of love is sending money!
Sending monetary energy or "money alone", is not appreciated especially in western cultures. Gifts are more appreciated with some thought as we say. In the past, we have solved this by giving Gift Vouchers, etc which in reality is "locking" in the receiver to spend the monetary energy on one specific business. Sending LOVE changes this.
With love, you can send love to any person you wish to as it has not only monetary but also the emotional benefits associated with the same.
The lovefy marketplace is another interesting mechanism used by the project for networks and marketing.
Lovefy has created a global influencer search engine with target audience data and monitoring for brands and businesses interested in selling through social networks. Lovefy currently has a database of over 1 million influencers in 89 countries. The world's first global social shopping network – Connecting you with 1 million+ influencers with the world's famous brands powered by LOVE Cryptocurrency.
The tokenomics of a cryptocurrency plays a vital role in determining its scope in the market. On this note, let us discuss lovenomics.
The LOVE blockchain protocol brings real value to its users. It helps users to interact in various ways – sending LOVE with monetary amounts in private messages, posting LOVE QR codes to receive LOVE from followers, etc. LOVE allows users to send monetary value peer-to-peer on social apps, plugins, and official cryptocurrency wallets.
Utilizing the speed of transactions through our technology creates a peer-to-peer value exchangeability across social media platforms but also takes away crypto volatility since LOVE can be immediately exchanged into any fiat currency via AMM SWAP functionality in the Lovefy app.
At its core, LOVE is used for incentivization, engagement, micro payments, cross-promotion, partnerships, referral commissions, and more. The value of LOVE will reflect the network growth.
Now, do you want to know How will LOVE cryptocurrency increase in value?
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The price of LOVE will essentially increase as the network grows. You need to understand how it works. The more users there are, the higher the price of LOVE will be. This brings us to the next point.
LOVE will offer the opportunity to stake with a very attractive APY. At the moment we don't have enough details about this, but we will update you as soon as possible.
Then LOVE will offer Micro tipping and donations to influencers and streamers through QR codes and peer-to-peer wallet addresses.
LOVE will also offer Micro tipping to artists and content creators - LOVE can be stored or minted to support your favorite NFT artists and content creators. 
LOVE will offer cashback and loyalty rewards. This means that users will receive LOVE in cashback and loyalty rewards for purchasing products on the Lovefy marketplace. This is a global influencer and social shopping search engine that currently has a database of over 1 million influencers in 89 countries.
As you can see, there are several use cases for LOVE. And some of them have not even been mentioned in this video. 
LOVE is definitely a project not to be missed. And you have the opportunity to participate from the very beginning. The sacrifice phase is still going on. The people interested should hurry up!!
LOVE can be seen as the universal energy that is ubiquitous amongst all human cultures, which in turn has the potential to create the largest and most valuable network in the world. Not only does the word "LOVE" entice users to utilize the currency, but there are many other advantages to sending monetary value with the LOVE cryptocurrency. Receiving a monetary amount in LOVE through QR codes makes Tipping and donations more genuine.
Another example using monetary energy alone is harder for a business to incentivize good reviews through micro tipping for example. Sending LOVE cryptocurrency between business and customer can be communicated even without the monetary amount. It is the “thought” that counts first of all.
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