From collaboration with luxury brands like Bvlgari and versachi to proliferating the message, “Do something with love, and money will follow”, This new cryptocurrency on pulsechain is truly one of its kind in all aspects!
For the people who are unaware, the blockchain technology infrastructure for LOVE is built on PulseChain. Established by Richard heart, Pulsechain is the latest Ethereum fork with a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm providing fast and cheap transactions.
Every now and then, we consistently share the latest updates and advancements in the protocol and the cryptocurrency on our channel. In this video we would share the recent developments in, explain how the massive adoption would affect the crypto community and how does prove to be an advantageous investment to skyrocket your profits!
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Before we share the latest news about and its massive adoption, let's discuss the platform and its working mechanism. is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with primary focus on monetizing social interactions on social media, eCommerce, and gaming.
It is a cryptocurrency designed for censorship resistance, and worldwide adoption and made for the highest possible value appreciation. LOVE has the perfect product-market-fit in sending peer-to-peer monetary value when connecting, incentivizing and micro tipping. Together, this creates a model of not only monetary transference, but of “positive energy” and “LOVE.”
In comparison to many other modern cryptocurrencies and payment gateways, the LOVE cryptocurrency is developed with various strategic technological benefits which distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies and makes it an ideal component for a perfect portfolio! is an opportunity not to be missed as, similar to Bitcoin, it is here to stay, thanks to it’s massive adoption.
Moreover, not only the team behind has been all over the world in the last 7 months at over 20 crypto conventions, but also, the project has been featured on many exchanges like in Asia,, and many more.
PulseChain and Hex community shall prove to be immensely beneficial for LOVE. Currently, over 800,000 traders from around the world are eagerly awaiting the launch of, no wonder why is it the talk of the town! has been invited to be listed on many exchanges. To gain LOVE, you have to sacrifice.
Currently, the sacrifice is underway and will only end after the launch of PulseChain. The launch of Pulsechain is another highly awaited event!
Participation in the sacrifice for LOVE is voluntary as participants can use BTC, ETH, HEX, USDT, and many other digital assets to sacrifice for LOVE.
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Coming back to our Love launch! LOVE will be launched as an ERC-20 token during the sacrifice steps and each LOVE ERC-20 will be duplicated as a LOVE PRC-20 when the PulseChain mainnet is launched. In simple terms, you will have LOVE tokens that can be used and traded on Ethereum and PulseChain both, after the sacrifice. Love will be launched on the Pulse blockchain, with low fees and almost instantaneous transactions between users. Users would be able to send the token directly between users' apps, wallet addresses, and QR codes.
The amazing thing about Love is that it gives crypto-currencies real-world use cases.
Let us look at a few of them!
What is the medium to show affection on social media platforms like Instagram, tiktok and twitter? The like button right? But here, no real value is associated with it. Love crypto-currency, on the other hand, helps users interact with love as the emotion and at the same time spend real money. The Love has real use cases and is likely to grow in the same way as other networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and PayPal. Let's take Facebook as an example. A user sends friend requests to ten people. Those ten people send friend requests to ten more, then to ten more,and the cycle goes on and on, multiplying love and the application downloads exponentially!
Love network users will bring in new users in the same way. When you receive a person's love, you know you just have to download the App to make all your transactions.
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Another distinctive feature about Love is that it's not a centralized platform that takes massive commission on your hard-earned money, lik other platforms. Instead, Love is decentralized
Money can be received and sent directly via peer-to-peer networks, without the presence of intermediaries, implying that no money is lost in between.
Love can be sent in private messages or through love QR codes that can be posted on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Or streaming on YouTube or Twitch.
As for influencers. It's pretty hard for them to make a living, right? They have to promote a lot of things that they don't like. Promoting products is one of their main sources of income and they can't ask their followers to send them money. But with the Love crypto-currency, they can do it through likes and love.
When the Love crypto-currency is received, it has a real value that can be exchanged for almost any currency within minutes in your wallet.
With love, the products we love can be promoted quite conveniently. Brands or companies can buy love to promote their products. That sounds quite cool, isn’t it? Love even has a marketplace app on where brands can list products they want to sell and businesses can buy love on different exchanges.
Apart from the luxury brands aiming for promotion, the gamers can utilize love for receiving donations via social media platforms!
Even gamers are taking advantage of it massively, as they can use love directly to receive donations.
The gamers can publish their wallet address and they can receive donations directly from their fans around the world on YouTube or Twitch.
Players usually use bitcoin, but the transaction fees are immense. On the other hand, with love, the transaction fees will be quite low, increasing the profits.
After receiving Love, they can use the wallet's exchange function and instantly convert it to USD.
Everyone can benefit from this distinctive cryptocurrency!
For instance, online reviews are highly important to any small business these days as all customers search online for reviews of restaurants, stores, etc. Unfortunately, it is more common for a customer to leave a negative review after a bad experience than a good review after a positive experience. It's tough to get customers to write good reviews on Google and most of the people tend to judge the business via the feedback.
Here, Love comes into play! Using love, the businesses can just send the customers money and ask them to write a good review. Love has real value for customers, it enhances the user base in the download network every time Love is sent to new customers. This shall increase the demand for the cryptocurrency! Well, Love will definitely revolutionize crypto space.
Now we will reveal an interesting fact about the Love Foundation!
The recent update about love reveals that the foundation has set aside over a billion Love tokens for charity. Each year, the community can decide on a charity to donate to and donors will receive Love in return after sending their donations to the charity.
Currently, the Love token has a value of $0.01. When Love is received,it can be exchanged  to any currency in the wallet with an automatic swap.
 Love has a high potential and the value can increase massively. will issue a limited amount of Love, without inflation. This implies more users and the price increases due to higher demand for Love.
The growth is anticipated to be quite similar to Bitcoin, which started at $0.01 when it was launched in 2009. As the network grows, so does the price. If you bought Bitcoins for $100 in 2009, you would have over $100 million today. Would history be repeated? Are you ready to become a millionaire?
Let us know in the comment section below!
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