How to make a passive income in the crypto space?
If you would like to create passive income streams from your investments, you are not alone! Masternodes are trending in the crypto community and several projects are becoming very popular for their passive income potential. Some of them can generate a passive income of up to $200 per day.
In this video, we're going to reveal three top masternode projects for passive income in 2022 that are set to grow over the next few years, so you can start generating passive income with them. And if you're new to cryptocurrencies, we'll also give you an overview of masternodes and how they work.
So, as usual, watch this video to the end, so you don't miss any details.
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Before we start, please know that this is not financial advice, please do your research and only put in the amount you are willing to lose.
So, if you're looking forward to earning insane passive income, keep watching this video.
Masternodes or nodes, as most call them, are starting to get tons of attention in the crypto space.
A masternode is a type of complete node that is responsible for performing a series of certain tasks or services on the blockchain of the network it is connected to. These nodes can be run by anyone, but to do so, you need to own a certain amount of cryptocurrency and keep them in some kind of contract.
In this way, these coins are used as a guarantee of the operations performed by the node. At the same time, setting up a master node usually allows the person to be part of the governance or other important functions of the blockchain.
To create a node, you must purchase a predefined amount of tokens for a given project which is then burned to secure your node. This means that unlike something like staking where you retain ownership of those tokens while they earn you revenue, the burned tokens used to create your node are now gone and serve as an initial investment to keep a project running. These costs can be substantial upfront, but the advantage is that you also start earning immediately and once you have recouped your investment, it is essentially a profit. Most projects seem to take about 100 days to pay back that initial investment.
If you are curious about what kind of Masternodes can generate this kind of income in such a short time, then, as we said at the beginning, we have selected the best one for you.
The first of them is STRONBLOCK.
At the moment, more than 482,282 knots have been awarded.
Strong is currently the OG of the Nodes space and has been going "strong" for almost two years, which is ancient for projects of this type.
Currently, STRONGBLOCK offers the ability to build both Ethereum and Matic nodes. Despite the high gas charges associated with Ethereum, we started with this type because it seems to offer better long-term gains.
The current STRONG price is about $36 on most exchanges, and you'll need 10 STRONGs or about $360 to start a Strong Node and earn 0.093 STRONGs each day. That means it takes about 110 days to recoup your initial investment. At its current price, you would earn about $368.28 per month for each Ethereum Strong Node. However, prices can go up and down and a higher price ensures a faster return on investment. Remember that on October 10, 2021, the price had touched $1200, so you probably needed more money to get started. And since then, the price has dropped to $36 which is its current value on April 15, 2022.
Anyway, this is the best time to invest because, imagine if you do it now, and the price goes back to its ATH, you will make a lot of money.
You should also know that Strongblock charges a monthly maintenance fee of $14.95 for each node you run.

Our second Masternode is THOR FINANCIAL.
Thor Financial is the shiny new project on the node market right now. When it launched, it offered some of the most lucrative rewards available, many of which questioned its sustainability.
However, last month the team defined a simplified reward system that is still generous but also gives the team a more realistic chance at long-term sustainability.
Thor features four levels of nodes like Heimdall, Freya, Thor, and Odin. As you can see, if you choose Thor and Odin within 3 months, you will get your investment back and after that a pure profit.
To create an Odin node at current prices, it takes 78.125 THOR at $17 per token for an approximate total cost of $1328.125.
So, it's a good thing for you if you start now because last January the price was $223, which was more expensive than now.
As you can see, the earnings can add up quickly once a project is up and running and generating returns.

The last Masternode on our today's list is VAPORNODES.
VaporNodes is another newcomer to the node world and has a reputable team and a much more palatable entry point. We love that they are starting with a solid model that emphasizes durability and extreme tokenization. Creating a Vapor Node requires a minimum of 1,000 VPND tokens.
The advantage here is that you can build multiple nodes at a relatively low cost and turn that passive income into a more substantial figure. In addition, the token still has the capacity for 10X or more in price, which would mean that your monthly profits would multiply as well.
To create a VaporNode, you need a minimum of 15,000 tokens, which at their current price of 0.012 cents would cost you about $180. A node of this size would pay a daily reward of about $1.8 or $54 for the month. The advantage here is that you can build multiple nodes at a relatively low cost and turn that passive income into a more substantial figure.
If you do this for 10 nodes, it will cost you about $1800, and generate $18 per day, or $540 per month.
In addition, the token still has the capacity to 10X or more in price, which would mean that your monthly profits would multiply as well. With some of the improvements the VaporNodes team is working on, this could be even more interesting soon. It bears repeating, that there is a significant risk when it comes to node projects. Some people, with good reason, believe that they are nothing more than glorified Ponzi schemes seeking to lure new victims with rewards that are too good to be true. We certainly cannot dispute the fact that many shady schemes have choked off unwitting investors by suddenly shutting down operations and cutting off access to funds or drastically adjusting promised rewards after substantial investments. There have been high-profile failures and they have essentially stolen a lot of money. That's why we implore you to do your due diligence and never invest more than you can afford to lose if you choose to venture into this territory.

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