The NFT market has grown massively over the past couple of years. However, finding the best cheap NFT projects that have a good dev team, offer real utility, and have plans for the future is a difficult task. Luckily, we’ve got a solution.
In today's video, we’ll be taking a look at the best cheap NFTs to buy now. All of the collections we’ve reviewed are great in their own right but a few like Awesome Possums and Lucky Block really stand out from the crowd.
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#1: Battle Infinity
The first collection is Battle Infinity.
NFT enthusiasts wanting to invest in the sector can often be put off by the massive price premiums on secondary markets as some collections trade for hundreds of times their initial release price.
However, Battle Infinity (IBAT), a revolutionary NFT-based Metaverse play-to-earn game is providing investors with the chance to get in early on what could well be the project of the year. Split into six different platforms, each of which has its own unique features, Battle Infinity really has something for everyone. Furthermore, the project has already been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, giving investors the green light to get involved with the project.
Powering the Battle Infinity universe is the BEP-20 $IBAT token. Limited to a supply of just 10 billion (28% of which is allocated to presale investors), the $IBAT tokens are used to reward players for their gameplay, as staking rewards, and to facilitate the purchase of virtual advertising space.
While Battle Infinity was only recently released, it’s already showing immense promise.
The project is stuffed to the brim with utility and can offer you a wide range of ways to earn.
The presale has already attracted plenty of investment so it’s worth checking out the Battle Infinity website and joining the project’s Telegram group.
We will put the link in the description.
#2: Awesome Possums
And the next collection is Awesome Possums.
Awesome Possums is an upcoming best utility NFT project with big goals. With a focus on assisting mental health and recovery addiction, not only is it a collection of cheap NFTs to flip, but it also promotes a positive message. The collection of 12,000 NFTs can be minted for just 0.08 ETH.
Utility is one of the driving forces behind the success of an NFT project. Without utility, hype is the only factor bolstering price and this is seldom sustainable. However, Awesome Possums is packed full of both present and future utility. During the minting process, Awesome Possums will be giving out free ETH and NFTs, then early adopters will also be eligible for a series of giveaways. On top of supporting its holders, Awesome Possums will also be beginning a series of donations to a charity focused on either mental health or addiction recovery.
The collections plans for the future are equally as impressive. Awesome Possums is working on launching a charity, a platform that blends art and recovery, an animated series, and even a VR game titled – Awesome Possums: The Road. This is certainly a cheap NFT with the potential to dominate the market.
It’s safe to say, Awesome Possums is a collection of cheap NFTs that will explode. It’s stuffed full of utility, has a clear vision for the future, and it’s promoting a positive cause. Because of all this, Awesome Possums has far more value than even the cheapest Bored Ape NFT.
#3: Souls of Nature
Another great collection is the Souls of Nature.
Souls of Nature is another upcoming series of cheap NFTs with potential in spades. It’s also one of the best metaverse NFT projects to hit the markets in 2022. Created by Metazooie, the collection will consist of 9,271 unique ‘nature souls’ NFTs that provide the holder with exclusive metaverse experiences. It’s still early days for the project so a few details like the mint price and the exact release date are yet to be announced.
Despite Souls of Nature still being a fairly young project, it’s got a clear vision for the future and is actively working to achieve its goals. Each NFT will grant the holder alpha access to the new Souls of Nature play-to-earn experience. Each NFT will act as an avatar within the game and the user will be able to slowly unlock a ‘fraction of their soul’ as they progress through the experience. As the collection is focused on nature, the team has pledged to give 5% of the funds generated by the project to a charity dedicated to protecting endangered ecosystems.
Following the initial release of the project, Metazooie will focus on optimizing the experience and creating a dedicated Souls of Nature marketplace which will be a part of the budding $ZOOIE economy. Once the team is happy with these features, the full game will be rolled out to the public, helping to make this series of cheap NFTs explode.
Souls of nature is one of the best cheap NFTs to buy. It’s got a dedicated team, solid plans for the future, and a clear roadmap of how it’s going to get there. While it’s still early for this NFT collection, the road ahead looks bright.
#4: Lucky Block
And the next up is Lucky Block.
While Lucky Block isn’t the cheapest NFT to buy on our list, when you consider the immense value it offers, the price-to-potential ratio goes through the roof. The project dubbed the ‘Platinum High Rollers Club’ is a collection of 10,000 uniquely numbered NFTs that provide the holder with several bonuses linked to its prize draws.
Holders of the Platinum High Rollers collection are entitled to some phenomenal benefits. Each NFT grants the owner free lifetime entry to the Lucky Block daily prize draw which has a jackpot with an average value of $10,000. However, 25 Platinum High Roller NFTs are considered ‘Rare Editions’ which entitle the owner to double the jackpot if their number is selected. In addition to free access to daily prize draws, one lucky NFT holder will also win a Lamborghini Aventador worth $300,000.
Each NFT can be purchased for 3.75 BNB and with crypto prices so low following the market crash, it’s perhaps the best time to snag one up. There are already 2000 holders enjoying free daily prize draws but thankfully there are still some Platinum High Roller NFTs up for grabs at retail price.
Considering the massive success of Lucky Block’s native cryptocurrency, LBLOCK, which went on to do a 70x following its pancake swap listing, it seems likely the platform’s cheap NFTs will explode. However, owning a Platinum High Rollers NFT isn’t a prerequisite to taking part in Lucky Block raffles. Using the Lucky Block app anyone can take part in the Prize Draws for just $5 meaning they’re accessible to pretty much anybody.
As the Platinum High Roller Club collection is already available it's a great cheap NFT to buy now. It provides real value and rewards, for long-term holders. This cheap NFT will blow up eventually, so it's worth getting in early.
#5: AlphaBot Society
And the last collection is the AlphaBot Society.
AlphaBot Society is a community-driven collection of 10,000 NFTs.
The collection is exclusive to, sold out in 19 minutes, and currently has over $6.6 million in sales volume. Despite these impressive statistics, the floor price for AlphaBot is just $135, making a one of the best cheap NFTs to buy.
With exemplary, unique, 3d designs the AlphaBot Society is the perfect collection for any investor looking to snag some cheap NFT art. However, the detailed models aren’t the only draw to this project. AlphaBot Society is creating a detailed story to go with the collection and holders get to vote on the direction they want it to go. This is a great way to get the community actively involved with the project and considering having a bustling community is key to an NFT project’s success, AlphaBots seems very promising.
As the project’s development continues and the world gets expanded, the team is set to release a range of physical tokenized gifts, distribute a series of airdrops and even host a variety of VR events for the community.
With this, we are sure that this collection will be a huge success.
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