What's up everyone? In this video, we will reveal the top staking platform that we have discovered: The platform is called, Harvest Keeper. With this platform, you can earn a fixed daily reward of 4.81% and receive up to 101% of your investment within just 21 days. Additionally, you can get up to an 8% reward for referring others to the platform. We will not only introduce you to this platform, but we will also provide a live demonstration of investing $500 and showcase the earnings we have already accumulated within the past two hours. However, please keep in mind that this video is not investment advice, and we strongly encourage you to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.
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Now, let's get started.
Before we go to the dashboard for the demonstration, let us talk to you about an essential element for this type of platform: Security. If you scroll down to the bottom of their website, you will see that they have undergone a security audit as well as a KYC check, which is very rare among staking platforms, especially for platforms that guarantee you a certain percentage every day. Therefore, Harvest Keeper has been audited by the leading auditing company ContractWolf, which confirms the complete security of the smart contract, as well as the absence of technical flaws in the platform's operation. There have been press articles about them, and they have received many press releases. We'll get to that a little later in this video. They even have a calculator that allows you to see what you can potentially earn using this platform. So, feel free to come and simulate your amount to see how much you can earn.
For our demonstration, we will be investing $500. As we mentioned at the beginning, we will show you what we have earned two hours later. Furthermore, in exactly seven days, we will make another video to show you what we have earned after a week of use. So, please subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification so you don't miss that video.
Now, let's go back to the top of their website. As you can see here, you can increase your capital with literally 21 days of 101% with artificial intelligence or AI for short. Now, obviously, this is huge. The technology of AI has been massive lately, especially in the last two months of 2023. And in our opinion, it will explode even more.
You can also see here that you get a fixed daily reward of 4.81% every day for any user of Harvest Keeper. You also get an 8% reward for referrals, which is 5% for first-level referrals and 3% for second-level referrals.
This is huge, guys. And they've had a lot of press releases for their project.
They've made a list of the main people who have talked about them. As you can see at the bottom, there's Coin Edition, Daily Crypto Post, ZyCrypto, The Capital, Benzinga, and even Bloomberg has talked about them in a press release.
All the information is here if you want to take a look as well as the others here. After watching this video, you can check each press release to see what they think of Harvest Keeper. But know that overall, everyone is optimistic about this project. So if big newspapers like Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance are optimistic about this project, why wouldn't you be? They have great financial experts. They certainly took time to analyze this project, otherwise they wouldn't have published it.
They also have a founder video here. Welcome to Harvest Keeper. We recommend you watch it on their current website. That way, you can get your own idea of Harvest Keeper and the project itself.
This project simplifies staking by removing the need for human involvement in the staking process. Instead, an algorithm performs all the necessary tasks including analyzing patterns, trading, assessing risks, analyzing algorithms and calculating profits every 24 hours. This results in maximum protection of user funds which is the project's top priority and a key reason why it's widely regarded as a promising project, including by us.
The Harvest Keeper protocol comes with an automatic trading profit retention algorithm that includes an insurance fund to guarantee complete coverage of every user's investment. Each portfolio is allocated a specific amount of insurance fund, ensuring the total security of your investments. This proves that user asset control and security are linked in some way. The platform provides a detailed explanation of how it operates, including the referral program and other features.
Now, let's take a closer look at their app.
This is what their dashboard looks like - simple and comprehensive. No need for further explanation here. The widget at the bottom right of the page provides round-the-clock support to assist you with any queries.
Now, the first step when on this page is to connect your wallet. You can use any wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and others. For our demonstration, we will be using MetaMask. Click on "Connect Wallet" and select the wallet.
That's it - we are now connected to MetaMask. The next step is to deposit the investment amount in USDT BEP20. And why is this important? Well, let's face it, the fees are low. There are no fees on the Binance Smart Chain. We all know this now, guys.
Let's now deposit 500 USDT.
So, everyone, all you need to do to invest is enter the USDT amount to get started and use their platform. The minimum deposit on this platform is 50 USDT, and we invested 500 USDT. We got $485 on the left here, which means they took $15 as a fee.
As you can see here, we haven't earned anything yet since we just deposited the money. But we'll show you how much we've earned two hours later. Keep watching this video to see the progress of our investment.
Once you click on "Harvest" you can claim your earnings, and all you have to do is confirm. However, we're going to let the platform do the work for us. You can also see the referral program, where you can share and earn too. If you're interested in affiliate marketing, you can make a lot of money doing it. So, why not do it if you're interested? A lot of people like this kind of thing.
If you need to reach out to the team, you can do so through their website. For any queries, we suggest reading their white paper for a better understanding of the platform. The white paper also features the latest audits conducted by ContractWolf, so check it out if you're interested.
Here, you can find information about the Refferal program, the roadmap, and other interesting updates. The roadmap is quite extensive and goes on till the end of the year with a lot of exciting projects coming up.
Although they have multiple ongoing projects in development, the platform can already be utilized for staking and other purposes, and the plan is to further expand its features. They are currently in the process of developing a credit card payment system, their own iOS application, and are also seeking to increase their team size and acquire listings on platforms such as Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. They are also working on building version 2 of their Dapp. This is just a glimpse of what's in store on their roadmap.
This platform provides convenience and ease for investors as they can entrust the platform to handle all trading without emotional interference. Human emotions such as fear of loss, desire for profit, or even overconfidence can lead to poor investment decisions and loss of capital. This is why the use of AI by the Harvest Keeper protocol is an admirable feature.
By showcasing their team members on the website, the Harvest Keeper platform is emphasizing the importance of trust in their project. The team is also very active on various social media platforms and promptly responds to user queries while sharing updates regularly. They have a strong and growing community, with over 35,000 Twitter followers, along with other social networks. Additionally, they have two telegram groups where they interact with their community and also share announcements.
Let's now return to the app and check the profits accumulated after 2 hours since we invested. As you can see, we have already earned 2.41 USDT. Remember, this is due to the 4.81% daily interest rate, and the effect of compounding will give us a total of 101% after 21 days. We are eager to see the status of our 500 USDT investment after 7 days. So, in exactly 7 days, we will release another video to update you on our profits. To ensure you don't miss this video, please subscribe and turn on notifications if you haven't already.
And if you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comment section below and we will come back with another video.
Thanks for watching, guys. See you in the next one.