Would you like to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary cryptocurrency project? If so, you're in the right place! Today, we're diving into SatoshiDEX, the world’s first DEX on Bitcoin, a platform that's not just innovating but also redefining how we think about decentralized finance on the Bitcoin blockchain. Why stick around until the end? Not only will you gain a thorough understanding of what makes SatoshiDEX a potentially game-changing investment, but you'll also get a step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase SatoshiDEX tokens. We'll walk you through the process of buying $200 worth of tokens, showing you the ins and outs to ensure you can participate with confidence. So, whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the crypto space, this video will equip you with all the insights you need. Let’s get started and uncover why SatoshiDEX might just be the opportunity of the year!
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SatoshiDEX operates as a decentralized exchange on the Stacks blockchain, a layer-2 blockchain linked to Bitcoin via Proof-of-Transfer consensus. Taking cues from Uniswap, SatoshiDEX enables peer-to-peer trading of digital assets, boasting distinct benefits stemming from its integration with Stacks.
Up to date, SatoshiDEX has already raised $11,600,000 at a $250,4M valuation.
SatoshiDEX is emerging as a top contender in the crypto market, and for good reason. It's already gaining traction in mainstream media, with coverage from Yahoo Finance, Finbold, Business Insider, and others.
What sets SatoshiDEX apart is its innovative approach to decentralized exchange on the Bitcoin blockchain. By enabling on-chain trading of Bitcoin-based assets, SatoshiDEX ensures transparent, trustless transactions without the need for intermediaries or expensive fees.
Additionally, SatoshiDEX utilizes liquidity pools, similar to Uniswap, for efficient asset exchange and price discovery. Users can contribute assets and earn rewards, enhancing liquidity provision.
With its use of the Stacks L2 chain, SatoshiDEX tackles scalability issues on the Bitcoin mainnet, offering faster and cheaper transactions while maintaining security and decentralization.
SatoshiDEX offers users a comprehensive range of features:
Users can seamlessly trade Bitcoin-based assets directly on the blockchain, ensuring trustless and transparent transactions.
Similar to Uniswap, SatoshiDEX utilizes liquidity pools to facilitate efficient asset exchange and price discovery.
SatoshiDEX provides a platform for launching new tokens and projects, fostering innovation and growth within the decentralized finance ecosystem.
SatoshiDEX prioritizes transparency in all its operations, providing users with visibility into transaction histories, liquidity pools, and project launches.
With these features, SatoshiDEX empowers users to participate in decentralized trading and finance, offering a user-friendly and transparent platform for the crypto community.
Moreover, SatoshiDEX will provide passive rewards to all holders who stake their $SATX tokens in thier smart contract.
SatoshiDEX supports a variety of leather wallets by Trust Machines, Xverse, Ryder, Boom Wallet, D'CENT, and OKX Wallet. These partnerships ensure users have a seamless and secure experience when accessing their assets on the platform.
In just a few moments, we'll show you step by step how to buy tokens. But first, let us share with you the Satoshinomics, essentially detailing how the tokens will be distributed.
Introducing Satoshinomics, the economic model driving the SatoshiDEX ecosystem. With a total token supply of 10,000,000,000 $SATX, the distribution is carefully designed to foster growth and sustainability. During the presale phase, 30% of the total token supply is allocated, offering early supporters and investors the chance to acquire $SATX tokens at an initial stage. Another 25% is dedicated to liquidity provision, ensuring ample liquidity for seamless asset trading on the SatoshiDEX platform. Additionally, 15% of the token supply goes towards the team and advisors, incentivizing their continuous dedication to SatoshiDEX's development. A further 15% is earmarked for the ecosystem fund, fueling projects and partnerships within the ecosystem, driving innovation and expansion. Lastly, 15% is allocated for staking, empowering token holders to participate in the network and earn rewards. This balanced distribution model ensures the sustainability and growth of SatoshiDEX across various facets of its ecosystem.
But there's a crucial detail I'd like to highlight. According to their white paper, the Vesting schedule consists of 35% available at TGE (Token Generation Event), with the remaining 65% vested over three months via daily linear releases. As of now, we're in the midst of round 19 of the pre-sales phase, and based on my projections, pre-sales are expected to conclude in June, just a few weeks from the time of this recording. So, on the day of the TGE, you'll be able to claim 35% of your tokens, while the remaining 65% can be claimed gradually over the following 90 days, translating to just over 0.7% released daily.
Alright, let’s dive right into how you can buy SatoshiDEX tokens, step by step. You've got two options: using a credit card or crypto. However, due to banking restrictions in some countries, I recommend using crypto. And that’s exactly what we’ll do in this tutorial.
First things first, make sure you're logged into your Metamask wallet, and double-check that you're on the correct network. I'll be choosing ETH since that's where I hold my USDT tokens.
Next, I’m going to enter the purchase amount. The minimum you can buy is $85, but for this example, I'm putting in $200, which gets us a little over 6570 SATX. Once you hit enter, Metamask will pop up asking for confirmation. Just open it up and confirm your transaction. Remember, you'll also have to cover the gas fees.
Now, let me just validate and confirm this on Metamask... and voilà! I’ve just bought 6570 SATX. Let’s quickly check the history to make sure everything’s recorded correctly. Perfect, it’s all there! You can also peek at etherscan if you want to see the transaction details.
So, what’s next? Well, we wait for TGE day when I can claim 35% of my tokens—that’s almost 2300 SATX right off the bat. For the remaining 65%, it’ll trickle into my wallet daily, about 0.7% each day for the next 90 days. Easy, right? Just follow these steps, and you’ll be all set!
Now, here are a few reasons why you should own $SATX tokens.
$SATX isn't just another token; it’s the backbone of the SatoshiDEX ecosystem.
If you're holding $SATX, you've got a say in the big decisions. Your vote counts when it comes to shaping the future and policies of SatoshiDEX, making sure it moves in the right direction.
By pitching in liquidity to the platform’s pools, you earn $SATX tokens as a thank you. This keeps our trading smooth and efficient, which is essential for a top-notch trading experience.
Keep more of your money when swapping because holding $SATX could score you some sweet discounts on those fees. It’s all about making trading more rewarding for you.
Got $SATX? Then you might just get a VIP pass to the coolest new features and pools. It’s like getting backstage access in the world of crypto, where you can farm yields or trade before anyone else.
Staking your $SATX isn’t only about helping the platform run smoother. It’s also about getting a piece of the action through staking rewards, boosting the token's value for everyone who holds it. So yeah, holding $SATX is pretty much a win-win all around.
And don't forget that this is a revolutionary new project with enormous growth potential. But before you decide to buy, make sure you do your research. And hey, just a heads-up: this is a groundbreaking new project with huge potential for growth. But, before you jump in to buy, be sure to do your own research. Make sure you really dig in and get a feel for what the market has to offer.
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