AI is huge, but what if I told you there's another sector primed for explosive growth?
Thats right, the gaming crypto space is heating up! We're talking play-to-earn models, virtual worlds, and in-game economies that could revolutionize the way we play. Imagine earning real rewards while battling monsters or crafting epic items. Intrigued?
In today's video, we're diving deep into the top gaming crypto coins you NEED to be on the lookout for in 2024. These coins have the potential to deliver massive returns, so buckle up and get ready.
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The first coin we would be talking of is seedify. Seedify is a Web3 gaming-focused Incubator and Launchpad. By staking $SFUND, you gain eligibility to purchase game  tokens ahead of others, giving you a strategic advantage in the Web3 gaming landscape.
As the gaming crypto sector explodes, Seedify, as a leading launchpad for such projects, could become a major player. Successful projects incubated by Seedify would reflect well on the platform, attracting more investors and projects
If Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs) become the go-to method for funding gaming projects, Seedify, being a prominent IFO platform, would see a surge in activity and potentially its token's value.
Seedify likely charges fees for the services it provides. As more projects utilize their platform , Seedify's revenue and potentially the value of its token could rise.
The second coin on this list is heroes of mavia, some of you guys must have heard of it. Set in the fantasy realm of Mavia, players engage in base-building and strategic battles to acquire in-game resources like Gold, Oil, and Ruby.
If you have a passion for Mavia, you can earn exclusive rewards  through their Creator Program for making content on YouTube, X, TikTok and more. It is fast and easy to apply. So if there is anyone of you watch and is a content creator, you can try this out.
Token holders will be able to vote on key decisions which will direct the development of the Mavia ecosystem, including current and future games.
Heroes of Mavia has garnered over 500,000 downloads  on Android and received numerous positive reviews on iOS, indicating its potential for growth.
Speculators said that Heroes of Mavia would reach $17.79 this year.  thought the token would trade at $14.08. FXCryptoNews  argued MAVIA would be valued at $20 by  the end of the year. All in all, this crypto gaming token has a potential of giving up to 50x so get ready for that.
Now we would be moving to the third coin and this one is akso part of the big projects which i don't want you guys to miss. A blockchain-based game called Pixels gives players a distinctive gaming experience by letting  them make their own games using digital assets. - Every pixel in Pixels has potential, and players can unleash their creativity by harnessing the energy of the environment.
Pixels is building a platform where users can build games that natively integrate digital collectibles . Create fun, memorable experiences where your users truly own their progress.
In other news, this weekend, as at the time of this recording,  has seen significant increases for both the Ethereum scaler Ronin and the  popular cryptocurrency farming game Pixels. Within weeks after the token's launch, the price of the PIXEL token skyrocketed to a new all-time high of more than $0.94 in an instant. It's currently up 63% for the week at $0.88.
With a new peak of over 500,000 daily active users, data suggests that interest in the game is expanding, which is consistent with PIXEL's increase. Additionally, the price of the RON token on the Ronin network reached a two-year high of $4.05 last night. This is a good project to tap into and its not too late to do that.
The forth crypto gaming coin is Gaimin.
GAIMIN is creating the world’s largest GPU-based DePIN to address the increasing worldwide demand for data processing power. GAIMIN’s DePIN, called, currently focuses on delivering data processing services for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Video Rendering (VR) and the powering of blockchain computations.
GAIMIN focuses on gamers as users primarily due to gamers having the higher performance devices they need for gaming. However, gamers only typically use the ir PC’s for gaming for 4 hours a day, leaving the PC switched on, and therefore unused for around 20 hours per day.
There is also a huge announcement on this one. GAIMIN announces the world’s first L2 gaming blockchain on BNB Chain. BNB Chain is one of the most popular, well established,  leading global blockchains. Incorporated into the design of BNB Chain is an L2 solution delivered through opBNB, which delivers the traditional L2 features and functionality to BNB Chain.
Building the gaming L2 blockchain on BNB Chain, with opBNB, MOVEMENT Labs technology and GAIMIN’s DePIN will deliver the paradigm shift for the gaming industry to move to Web3.
Let me know what you guys think in the comments before we talk about the next crypto project. Coming up next is superverse. SuperVerse aims to be a major player in the crypto gaming space, potentially reaching a market cap of over $1 billion.
The SuperVerse native blockchain is custom-tailored for gaming with lightning-fast, low-cost transactions. By being a Super holder, members can govern over existing  on-chain product fees, unlock exclusive events, and earn custom gaming rewards across their gaming partner ecosystem.
The project is shifting its focus from DeFi to gaming, with a strong emphasis on partnerships with other crypto projects.
SuperVerse plans to create an Omni chain for crypto gaming, providing a single platform for various games. The project has established a strong network effect and partnerships with key players in the industry.
SuperVerse's goal is to unify the top projects in the gaming industry under one chain, creating a coordinated movement.
SuperVerse’s potential growth sees it reaching an average price of $24.3 and a high of $34.7.
This growth can be attributed to several likely scenarios, including  commercial partnerships, increased user base, and improved trading volumes in general.
Lastly we have bloodloop. As one of the newest incubated project, BloodLoop stands out as a top 5v5 MMO First Person Hero Shooter game!
With its unique combination of Web3 technology and top-notch gaming, BloodLoop provides a gaming experience that transcends conventional limits. BloodLoop, powered by a unique blockchain, is more than just a game; it's a dynamic adventure  designed to improve everyone's gaming experience, regardless of background knowledge in cryptocurrency.
Making unique skins for heroes and weapons is the main focus of BloodLoop's NFT technology. Make distinctive skins by gathering items with matches to convey a sense of exclusivity and scarcity.
The studio behind BloodLoop has officially opened registrations for their play-to-airdrop closed beta event, through which participants will have a chance to earn $BLS tokens as well as test out the tactical Web3 title.
There are various social media-related daily quests that you can complete in order to earn credits that help you climb higher on an airdrop leaderboard, said to have a prize pool of 200k $BLS tokens. There is also a 20k $BLS Registration Pool that is awarded to referrers who invite friends that successfully claim their on-chain username. So guys, if you are interested in this make sure to participate in the airdrop.
That's it for our top gaming crypto coins for 2024! We covered a variety of projects with exciting potential, from launchpad platforms like Seedify to unique gaming experiences like BloodLoop.
The gaming crypto space is exploding, and these are just a few of the coins that could be poised for massive growth. But remember, this is not financial advice – always do your own research before investing in any crypto project.
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