As a result of the many NFT videos online, more and more people are becoming creative with NFTs. After watching lots of Gary Vee NFT videos, JVT, creator of the comedy brand JVT Entertainment, has decided to do something out of the ordinary. They will be hosting the first-ever NFT wedding. It might sound ridiculous but wait till you hear all of it. In today's video, we will be taking you through how you can be a part of this record-breaking event and all that you stand to gain by participating. Stay tuned as we unveil how the Princeton University graduate-turned Comedian plans to turn his JVT wedding stuff into NFTs!!
 Over the years, there has been lots of creativity with NFTs. With lots of people trying to do something new with it. JVT has been thinking of the most ridiculous thing to sell as an NFT. Then it hit him! His forthcoming wedding with Kari Jorgensen. So they hired digital artists from Fiverr and also got a team of consultants together to help them create the first ever NFT wedding.
How is this going to be possible? We are sure that this question must have crossed your mind. It's very simple, they will be turning all the regular stuff of a wedding into an NFT. Their goal is to revolutionize what you can sell as NFTs and make you laugh at the same time. 
Before we take a look at what NFTs are and what you stand to gain by being a part of this epoch-making event, let us introduce the couple! 
The Groom is none other than the Comedian and creator of the comedy brand, JVT entertainment. While the Bride is Kari Jorgensen. Jimmy's big break in comedy came in 2018 when he went viral for meeting George W. Bush while putting on a tank top with Dubya's face on it and holding a sign reading, “Life Goal: Meet Dubya While Wearing Dubya Tank.”The picture went viral all over the internet and it was shown on Fox News, Barstool Sports, and the front page of Reddit. That was not all as the picture was also retweeted by conservative personalities like Ben Shapiro and Sarah Palin, and “Fox and Friends” had a debate on whether grown men should wear tank tops (unfortunately all the pretty Fox News anchors expressed that they did not like the look). Finally, Von Thron received a signed copy of the photo from President George W Bush himself arriving at my doorstep a few months later.
Most stars have their signature look and Jimmy the comedian is not left out either. As he is well known for wearing attention-seeking suits and outfits with obnoxious patterns that you can easily spot from a block away.
Now, what are NFTs, and what makes them different from cryptocurrencies? NFTs are cryptographic tokens that cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency. Every NFT that has ever been created is unique in its own way. 
Before now, NFTs have been used by people for a different purposes. Some of which include representation of real-world items such as artwork and real estate. This has helped to effectively reduce fraud. NFTs can also be used to represent individuals' identities and property rights. There are also records of NFTs being used by artists to connect with their audiences. NFTs can go a long way to remove intermediaries, simplify transactions, and create new markets.
How Can you Buy NFTs?
You can be a part of this NFT wedding by purchasing one of the NFTs with Ether. So the first step you need to take is to own some of this Ether in your digital wallet. You can then purchase any of the wedding NFT from the official JVT wedding website.
What do you stand to gain by participating in the world's number one NFT wedding? We will be taking a look at the different NFTs that are available for you to purchase from the JVT website.
  1. Party Ilama
There will be lots of Party Ilama going on to spice up the party. You can get access to where they rented the Ilama, all you have to do is buy this NFT.
  1. Loss of virginity
 How about the "loss of virginity" NFT? Owning this NFT will give you exclusive online rights to JVT's virginity. Don't you just love that?
  1. Flower Bro Matty NFT
On the official JVTE website, you will also find the Flower Bro Matty NFT. This is a shorter version of the Flower Bros Ty. Owning this token 
will earn you a shout-out on his 1.2 million follower TikTok page (@the.kelly.fam). However, this is only available to the first-time buyer. So what are you still waiting for?
  1. Reese's pyramid
We all know that no wedding will be complete without a wedding cake. And because everyone prefers Reese's cups to wedding cakes, they also added an NFT cake which is the Reese's pyramid. Buying this NFT gets you one gigantic Reese's Cup. This is only available to the first-time buyer.
  1. Beer burro NFT
Did you know that in Texas, marriages are not legally considered valid unless you have a miniature donkey present? This beer burro NFT represents all the fun in Texas weddings. Buying this NFT gets you access to where they rented the beer burro + a free 6 pack of Corona!
Buying the beer burro 2 NFT will get you access to where they rented the llama + a free pack of ranch waters!
  1. Groom's BAC Level
Next is the Groom's BAC Level. Although the main goal for this wedding is to not drink too much. This NFT represents the blood alcohol content of the Groom by the end of the night and if he ends up drunk in a hot tub. Buying this NFT gets you one free bottle of Fireball.
  1. Embarrassing toast
Here's another chance to get a free shoutout on Ty's 1.2 million follower TikTok account (@the.kelly.fam). All you have to do is buy this Embarrassing toast.
  1. Margarita bike
They also have a margarita bike which will also be available at this wedding. It is a stationary bike that blends a margarita when you pedal, so you have to earn your drink. Buying this NFT gets you a free spin class at the Bride's spin studio Full Psycle Dallas!
  1. JVT Old Bachelorette Audition Video
This is one NFT that has a history behind it. Believe it or not, the Groom-to-be met his Bride-to-be after she shared his Bachelorette Audition video on social media. Thron made an audition video as a joke and it ended up going viral, and she shared it on Twitter and Facebook. The Groom ended up DMing her and the rest is history. Buying this NFT gives you the link to the extremely embarrassing Bachelorette Audition Video that the Groom tried to scrub from the internet.
  1. Ranger the RingDog
Ranger is a very good boy who will be walking the rings down the aisle. His mom is the bride, and he is very nervous about adding a stepdad to his life. Buying this gets you free dog treats! Only available to the first buyer
  1. Modern groom custom suit
Buying this gets you a free custom suit courtesy of The Modern Groom! This is only available to the initial buyer of this NFT. In the meantime, you can also head down to the official JVTE website to get the link to the discount page if you happen to be a secondary buyer but still desire to have this awesome suit.
  1. Actual invitation to the wedding
Buying this NFT gets you an invitation to the actual wedding! Come down to Texas and have a great time with us! After buying this NFT, send a DM on Instagram at JVT Entertainment so we can do a background check and confirm details.
  1. Wedding drinks
They will also be doing a giveaway on the wedding drinks. They have 9 wedding drinks NFTs, and if all 9 sell we will randomly select one to receive 1 ETH. To be a part of this raffle draw, all you have to do is buy us a drink and you will stand a chance of winning 1 ETH. They have a variety of drinks available for you to pick from. These drinks include summer beer, ranch water, and champagne toast. 
  1. Overly expensive wedding bouquets
Lastly, they have overly expensive bouquets. Why do wedding flowers cost so damn much? This represents how insanely overpriced flowers are for weddings. If you buy this NFT, you will be given a shoutout on my 110K follower TikTok page about how you also think flowers cost too damn much.
You can join them to make this wedding a memorable one by buying these NFTs. By so doing, you will be becoming part of a revolution in history. As they take a step to incorporate NFTs in their wedding. 
You can follow them on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for some laughs and the latest updates on these NFTs. Here is the official Twitter for the JVT wedding NFT. Check out this link to see how they are selling this wedding as an NFT. 
And that wraps it up for today's video, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments. Do let us know in the comments section below. See you in the next video. Bye!