Finding the next crypto to explode can be challenging, especially now that there are thousands of projects to choose from. To help streamline the decision-making process, we’ve conducted the research and narrowed down the selection to some most promising cryptocurrency projects, and in today's video, we're going to share some updates on these projects.
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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
Now, let's talk a little bit about Pulse and PulseX.
These two chips have a lot of potentials. That's why we're talking about them a lot on this channel, to make as many people as possible aware of them because this project is going to be explosive. 
And this is where you will be able to make a lot of money. And the most interesting thing about these two projects is that if you take these chips, and put them into play, you can earn a passive income.
In fact, right now it's 7100% APY.
We don't know what it will be when it launches. But anyway, that's the most exciting thing because it's still a crazy percentage. And that's great news for all the investors. It's really fantastic. But on the other hand, if that percentage goes down after the launch, that's okay too. Because one thing is for sure, PulseChain and PulseX are going to do a lot of X, and you're going to want to benefit from that before you think about APY.
So now the sacrifice phases are over.
And if you check out, you will see that this website only tracks Ethereum finance and Polygon sacrifices. And this is where you can see how much money has been sacrificed for these new cryptocurrency projects.
The reason we are so excited about this project is that over a billion dollars have been sacrificed for this project.
If you don't realize what that feels like, or how you've already earned a lot of X with these projects by sacrificing, well, for those of you who have participated in the sacrifice, know that you came in at the right time. This way, at the very beginning of the launch, you will have already earned at least 10X.
We talked about this in one of our videos on the price predictions of the Pulse token. We said that those who participated in this sacrifice bought the tokens at $0.001, and those who will buy them at launch will do so at $0.01. Of course, these numbers are not real, it's just a guess as to what might happen, but if it does happen, you can see that everyone who sacrificed will have already earned 10X. That's absolutely crazy.
So, if you got in early, congratulations, you did it.
Well, it could be very beneficial in the future. But, if you didn't get in early, that's okay. When it's listed, you can see that they'll do as well as you can imagine. 
Now, since the sacrifices are over, you can't have those chips. If you still participate in the sacrifice, you will lose your money for nothing. You must necessarily wait until they are listed before you can buy them. 
At that time, to buy the Pulse chip, it looks like USDC and Pulse will be a pair. All you will have to do is connect your wallet and make the exchange as soon as it becomes available. Right now, when will it be available? We don't know that yet. There was speculation that it was going to come in May. That has been delayed. That's why the price of Hex has gone down and up a lot. Because of this, people have been anticipating its launch and selling all their HEX. This made the price of the HEX token drop.
This cryptocurrency market is very volatile. However, it is those that stand the test of time despite all this volatility that succeed. So this is not the time to give up.
This is exactly what happened with bitcoin and many of these other charts. There were huge drops, everyone panicked and sold those chips at a loss. But the ones who have held up are the winners today. They are the whales.  Do you want to be a whale too? Well, all you have to do is subscribe to this channel and turn on notifications to receive our teachings on crypto investing. Many of you have contacted us to thank us for helping you invest in profitable projects. And you might be next if you keep receiving our crypto news, we mostly share crypto with huge potential on this channel, so always stay tuned by activating the notification bell. Also, don't forget to share this video if you haven't done so yet. Now, let's move on.
When we take a look at the chart of hex right now, we can see that it has dropped quite a bit from its all-time high to where it is currently trading. And if we go ahead and look at the chart, you'll be able to see that yes, the all-time high was right around 50 cents and that it was right around there when it happened.
Which is absolutely insane when you think about it. After that, it went all the way down to 12 cents, which is where it started. A full return to the previous price of 34 cents was made for the PulseX sacrifice phase in February. And has recently followed the general downward trend of the market as a whole.
A lot of people try to time these markets, that's what allows them to anticipate their investment. Anyone who anticipated PulseChain's launch when the rumors said it was going to launch in mid-May, probably lost a lot today. These people are responsible for the fall of Hex. But it doesn't matter, because, it represents a good opportunity to buy it now. And if you can do that, it can certainly be very lucrative.
And so, the reason why we have so much conviction in this project is because the Hex cryptocurrency coin is incredibly volatile. However, over the past few years, it's still alive and kicking. In fact, it has risen over X10,000 since its all-time low, showing that the crypto-currency didn't just go up and then down and back to $0.05.
Hex has produced very good results for those who were able to get in early in fact.
Of course, this is not investment advice. In fact, this video is just meant to educate you so that you can make a better investment decision.
If you want to know more about the pusechain, and whole pulse ecosystem, we have created an exclusive playlist for you, called pulsicans ultimate playlist, it has over 100 videos dedecated to pulse. You can go through these to learn more about Richard hearts pulsechain, pulse x and hex
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