Empire VC is a venture capital group that everyone should be in. Mainly because EmpireVC members have the opportunity to participate in private sales of exceptional and powerful cryptocurrency projects at an early stage. They are seasoned cryptocurrency investors who trust in the future of blockchain technology and a new Web 3.0. They also believe that the opportunity to achieve financial goals and equal access to high-quality investment opportunities should be available to all people without discrimination. And for a fact, we are certain that you have been looking for the appropriate community to guide you through your investment projects while also providing you with exact data based on facts and in-depth research to assist you in making the best investment decisions. Well, Empire VC takes care of all of that and more, including coordinating private sales, which is something we'd all like to participate more in. So, let's have a look at this amazing venture capital group and see what it has to offer in terms of investment opportunities. Also, be sure to watch the video through to the end because we have some great news to share with you at the end. So, let's get started.
Empire's cryptocurrency-based venture capital is focused on investing in and growing new and creative enterprises. Additionally, it gives its members the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency projects that are in their early stages. The Empire cryptocurrency exchange also offers a learning site and online training to assist individuals who are new to the bitcoin world. Empire VC thinks that everyone should have the opportunity to invest when it comes to financial opportunities. Why? Because of the decentralization movement, NFTs, WEB3, Metaverse, and Gaming are building game-changing business models in the cryptocurrency sphere, and they want to promote them.
In your capacity as a member, you will have the opportunity to engage in private sales and make investments in cryptocurrency projects before they are listed on exchanges. They also trade, and they urge any members who desire to enter the cryptocurrency world to do so and they help by using their collective skills, financial resources, and community connections. In addition, they assist with educational endeavours. Both new and experienced crypto aficionados may profit from their discord server and other channels, which serve as a fantastic teaching tool for both groups of people. They also make a positive contribution to the community. As well as people who are excited about bitcoin, they value those who have strong and profitable ideas. They believe that by working together, they will be able to achieve their objectives more quickly and efficiently. The exposure of a project on social media is a key factor in determining its success. So, they communicate these activities to their members and pre-list them on their social media platforms in order to assist them in meeting their marketing objectives, as well. Finally, they guarantee you one thing: that you will receive high-quality service. It is their mission to identify the most promising ideas and make them available to all of their members so that they may all participate in them. They do a thorough analysis of each project by their research team, which looks at it from a number of angles. When we say "depth analysis," we are referring to the fact that they used a SWOT matrix to arrive at their choice. So, what is the procedure for making an investment with EmpireVC? What exactly is a private sale, and how can you participate?
The project-specific allocation is negotiated by Empire VC and distributed to all Empire members in the case of a private sale. Each member is given the chance to deposit a minimum of 500 USDT and a maximum of 3000 USDT into the project. Typically, this type of finance is reserved for private equity and seed-stage venture capital investments. This indicates that you will be able to purchase tokens at a far lower cost than you would on an exchange or a startup platform. The first step on their Discord channel is usually to announce the launch of the new initiative. This will be found in the Deals section of the Negotiations section. Consequently, anyone may have a look at the content and perform their own research using the information. They then make a vow to exhibit their support for the program by showing how excited they are about it. The date of the private sale is then announced on the announcement channel by the company. And then, members are entitled to participate in the private sale, which is open to all of them. Following this last round of bidding, the final allocation list is made public and may be reviewed by any member interested in participating in it. Also available to its clients and members are strategic advisers in the fields of Tokenomics and IDO, as well as discord aid in the languages of German, Spanish, and Romanian. Aside from that, they provide software support services in a number of other programming languages.
One of the default roles assigned to all new channel members is the Apprentice. Another role is that of a broker, advisor, or investor, which are all higher positions respectively. Each has a unique set of advantages and requirements to secure the position. For instance, benefits for the Advisor role include participating in private sales with a 20 minutes head start in the sale. You will also gain access to special deals only for Advisors and Investors with a limit to a maximum of 2k. You will also get some privileges like access to OTC deals. The buy and Sell and special timer with 4h before the private sale starts are only available for advisor role and above. Now, what if you want to skip directly to the highest role there is, the investor role. Well, the condition for such a jump will be to make a 3BNB payment to Empire VC. And what are the benefits you might ask? Well, it’s all of the said advantages of all the other roles plus, you will have a guaranteed reserved allocation from $5,000 to $10,000. Also, for each investment larger than 5k, the Empire commission will be reduced to 8%. Additionally, you will gain access to special deals before they are promoted to all Empire members. And lastly, you will have the privilege of having special chats between yourself an Investor and the Empire VC team. 
And now to the great and amazing news that we were holding, Empire VC wants to offer the first 100 members of our community who join their discord server, the broker role. The benefit that comes along with this role is that you will get early access into the private sales which is precisely 10 minutes earlier. You will also get access to their learning platform on discord. There is also an organized AMA about how to invest through Empire and also a 34% discount for investor role (normal price is 3 BNB, the new price is 2 BNB) The discord invite link is in the video description below. And in order to join you will have to fill out a google form and the link to the form is in the description below. 
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